Yesterday's Tuckaways

Vol. 1 Issue 2, 1969


There were 1300 tithes (taxpayers) in the year 1833 in Muhlenberg County.

                        *  *  *  

Deaths: from Vital Statistics of Kentucky 1852-1862.

Thomas Howerton, age 54, male, married, born Muhlenberg Co.   

Died Muhlenberg Co, Ky, Feb 16, 1854, of consumption.  

Father: Edward Howerton.

Jane Short, age 72, female, married, born Va.  

Died Nov 30, 1857, heart disease.  

Father: Nathan Scott

Charles F Wing, age 82, male married, born Massachusetts.  

Died Sept 27, 1861, Greenville, Ky, of old age.  

Parents: Barnibas and Jane E Wing, both born Va.

                        *  *  *  

Abstracts from Order Book 3

On the motion of John Wells, for Administrator of the estate of

Elizabeth Wells, late Lewis and Jas McKinney objected thereto and

requested the privilege administering on said estate and was granted

to said McKinney.  Richard Thompson and Lew Dobyns executed bond.

Oct 1824. [pg 253]

                        *  *  *  

Abstracts from Order Book 4

John Hunt, late a Revolutionary pensioner of the United States, departed

this life on April 30, 1834.  A certificate No. 26701, on file, signed

by Lewis Crass, security, granting to John Hunt a pension of $20.00 and

that Charity Hunt was his widow and that she is now living.  Court record

was dated June 30, 1834. [pg 147]

Richard Hall, a Revolutionary soldier, departed this life July 14, 1834.

Pension certificate no. 19264. Nov. 24, 1834. [pg 164]

Elisha Alkerson, deceased, last will and testament was exhibited in Court

January 26, 1833. [pg 169]

Edward Jarvis, Revolutionary pensioner departed this life February 7, 1836.

Pension certificate No. 22215 dated Oct. 18, 1833.  Mary Jarvis, widow,

was living. John Jarvis made oath that deceased was the same one who

made certificate. [pg 235]

Edwin Davis, orphan of Wilaby Davis, deceased, late of Edgecomb County,

NC introduced his mother Christian Bates, formerly Christian Davis, in

Court and proved to the Court he was the only living heir of said Wilaby,

deceased, and that said Wilaby departed this life in state of NC intestate

29 years ago and that James Stanton was the administrator of said Wilsby.

[pg 240]

James Casebier, orphan of Jacob Casebier, former ward of William Casebier,

is bound to Rufus Linthycum until he is 21 years, he being 16 years old.

June 27, 1836. [pg 240]

Richard D Reynolds, deceased Revolutionary pensioner, certificate No. 7045,

dated February 27, 1833, died on August 21, 1836.  Mrs. Nancy Reynolds,

widow, is deceased.  George W Reynolds was executor of will. [pg 254]

Jesse McPherson exempted from paying taxes because of his age and

infirmity.  Nov. 28, 1837. [pg 264]

Wm. W Oates was appointed Gdn. to Margaret E SÓ„