Hopkins County Memorial Quilt

During World War II, a group of ladies from a Hopkins County church presented a quilt for auction to promote the sale of war bonds. The quilt was auctioned on the court house steps in Madisonville on November 11, 1944. Successful bidder was Hopkins County Court Clerk Henry Watterson "Wattie" Rudd. The quilt was displayed in the court house and later stored in Wattie Rudd's bedroom closet on South Seminary Street.

Many years after the passing of Mr. Rudd, his widow, Grace Rudd, was preparing to sell their home when she discovered the quilt in the closet. Unfolding it, she saw the name of B.C. Bacon embroidered in one of the colorful squares. She called her close friend, Fan Bacon, and offered the quilt to Fan's son, B.C. Bacon, Jr.

In 2000 the quilt was returned to Madisonville and Hopkins County so that present and future generations may see this beautiful work of art and reflect on the patriotic sacrifices made by their loved ones many years ago. The quilt was displayed in the Regional Medical Center Lobby and a dedication ceremony in honor and memory of those who served during World War II was held there on Veteran's Day, Thursday, November 11, 1999.

While there are 270 names of Service men and women stitched in red and blue, this by no means represents all the men and women who served from Hopkins County.

If anyone can provide us the name of the church and of the ladies who stitched this quilt during World War II, or biographical information on any of these men, please let us know.

Adams, Billy
Adams, Lee
Adcock, George
Adcock, Jimmy
Adkins, Harold
Adkins, Herman
Allinder, J D
Almon, George
Anderson, Raymond
Anderson, Sam
Anderson, Tom
Angel, Buddy
Angel, John
Anthony, Kenneth
Arnett, Bill
Arnold, Bill
Arnold, Gene
Arnold, Horace
Arnold, J C
Arnold, Strother
Ashby, Warren
Averitt (Arivett), John
Bacon, B C Jr
Bard, J B
Beeny, James
Belt, Edwin
Bennett, Jack
Bennett, Kenneth
Berry, Frank
Berry, Johnnie
Blakely, Raymond
Boon, A C
Brown, Boston
Browning, Jewell
Bruce, J W
Bruce, Reuben
Buchanan, Guy
Burden, J C
Burden, William R
Burget (Burgett), Moody
Burget (Burgett), Talmige
Burris, Curtis
Burris, Johnnie
Burton, Strother
Callender, Jack
Carnal, Clifton
Carnal, Lester
Carneal, Clinton
Carneal, Marvin
Cartwright, Esther
Cates, Dock
Cates, Shelby
Cayce, Lushen
Clark, Demcer (Dencer)
Clark, Theodore
Clemons, George
Coffman, William
Coyle, George Jr
Crabtree, Homer
Crabtree, Morton
Crafton, James
Crowley, Charles
Crowley, James
Cunningham, Cecil
Dabes, Allen
Daniel, Robert
Davis, J B
Davis, Karl
Day, Beuford
Debow, Billy
Debow, Hershel
Dickerson, Conroy
Dowdy, Dean
Dozier, Rush
Duncan, Charlie
Duncan, Wallace
Eastin, Leonard
Farris, Willie
Ferrell, Leonard Jr
Ferrell, Shelby
Ford, Floyd
Ford, William
Foshee, Clyde, Dr.
Fraser, Ernest
Gaston, R W
Gatlin, Buddy
Gibson, Cleatis
Goad, Wallace Jr
Gower, Bill
Hancock, Bob
Hancock, Midnite (James Dennis)
Harris, Henry
Harris, Paul (Lacy)
Harris, Peaches (James C)
Harris, Pete
Harris, Richard
Harris, Shelby
Hatcher, John
Hatler, Frank
Hawkins, Sonny
Heise, Leroy
Heise, Paul
Henderson, Lawrence
Herrington, Red
Hibbs, Esthel (Estill)
Hibbs, Noble
Hibbs, Woodrow
Hicks, Bill (William James)
Hicks, Cloyce
Hinton, Douglas
Hoffman, Karl (Carl) Jr
Holloway, Starling
Holt, Jack
Hoover, L B Jr
Hopson, Tom
Howard, Beverly
Howard, James
Howard, William
Hunt, James
Hunt, John
Ivy, Furn (Edward Fern, Dr)
Ivy, Rolla
Jackson, Roscoe
Jarvis, Jasper
Jones, Marvin
Jones, Robert
Jones, Ruby (Wallace)
Kell, Charles
Kelly (Kelley), Elmer L Jr
Kelly (Kelley), James
King, Leonard
Lacy, Chas.
Laffoon, Leon
Lantiff, Alton
Larkin, Charles
Leasure, Carl
Leasure, Harold
Leasure, J C
Lee, Waverly
LeGrand, Leslie
Ligon, Arnold
Ligon, George
Lindsay, Harold
Littlepage, Harold
Locke, Harvey
Lovan, Johnnie
Love, James
Lutz, Clifton
Lutz, J P
Lutz, Paul
Lynn, Garland
Mabrey, Al
Mabry, Richard
Maloney, C W Jr
Mason, James
Masoncup, Sewell
Mathew (Matthews), William Ray
Maxwell, Joe
McCoy, Bill
McGary, H H
McGaw, David Jr
McGegor, R B
McLearen, Edwin
Merrill, Lindsey
Miles, Billy
Mitchell, William
Mock, Rice
Mock, William H
Moore, Bobby Gene
Moore, Clifton
Moore, Gene
Moore, J B
Moore, James
Morgan, Duncan
Morgan, Jack
Morgan, John
Morrow, David
Morse, Richard
Morton, John
Mullennix, Harry D
Hullennix, James
Murphy, J W
Myers, Billy (Bill)
Myers, Richard
Nichols, James
Oakley, B L
Oakley, Elvis
Offutt, Bootsie (Clifton)
Offutt, Everett ("Sarge")
Oglesby, Fred
Oldham, Hershel
Oliver, James
Olive,r Louis
Oliver, Robert
Owen, A W
Owen, R B
Parker, Houston
Parker, James
Parrish, Earl Davis
Pate, Karl
Patterson, Travis
Phillips, Harold
Plain, Lawrence
Poe, James
Prescott, Leonard
Prescott, Robert
Preston, Jimmy
Pritchett, W B
Qualls, Freeman
Qualls, Thomas
Qualls, Walter
Rector, Troy
Roberts, Basil
Rodgers, Jewel
Rudd, William
Salmon, (James) Dr
Scott, (Fred) Dr
Scott, Shirley
Simmons, Dan
Simmons, Kenachlowe
Simmons, Frank
Simms, Kincheloe
Simms, William
Siria, B
Siria, Curtis
Siria, Gilbert
Sisk, James
Slaton, Joseph
Smith, Calvin
Smith, James
Stewart, Martin
Stokes, Harvey
Stokes, Jewell
Stokes, Russell
Stone, Neville
Tapp, Bob
Taylor, Joe Hill
Teague, Charles
Thomas, Bill
Tipton, Reginald
Todd, Jessie L
Tomblinson, Bennie
Tompkins, B
Trathern, Freddie
Travis, Nathaniel
Troop, R T
Tucker, Winifred
Utley, Morse
Utley, William
Vandiver, Jessie
Vannoy, Marvin
Vanvactor, Cleatis
Veasey, Charles
Vinson, Robert
Waddell (Waddill), Beverly
Waddill, Clifton
Walker, James
Watson, Norman
Watts, Charles Jr
Weedman, Roy
Whitmer, Doyle
Wicks, William
Williams, Bonie
Wilson, Howard
Wilson, Robert
Wommack, Karl
Woodruff, James
Young, Hershel
___, Charles

Miller with Presley Ashby and Ambrose G Gordon, his securities. November 9, 1835. [pg 241] This day Samuel Alexander Steele orphan of Polly Steele