Yesterday's Tuckaways

Vol 2 issue 1, 1970

                        SISK FAMILY RECORD

The following was contributed by Mrs. Leon Laffoon.

Copied from papers found in the attic at Twin Maples Farm, originally

the home of William E and Amanda Cardwell, believed to have been built

in the 1840's.  This article is believed to have been written by Susan

E Sisk Cardwell, second wife of Thomas R Cardwell (sister to his first

wife). Thomas R Cardwell was the brother of Amanda Cardwell and a first

cousin to William E Cardwell.

Thomas R Cardwell and Sarah P Sisk was mared December 24th, 1860

Thomas R Cardwell and Susan E Sisk was mared October 17th, 1867

Sarah P Cardwell died August 5th, 1865

Thomas P Cardwell died February 22nd, 1864

Tennie Cardwell died August 10th, 1878

Mary A Robertson died February 10th, 1883

Martha W Fowler died August 6th, 1906

Nancy C Sisk died November 14th, 1863

Pendleton Sisk died December 13th, 1875

Susan E Sisk died January 19th, 1921 (later addition penciled in)

Thomas R Cardwell died January 9th, 1915

Charlie W Cardwell died March 29, 1912

Ada B Fugate died August 24, 1915

Walter Fugate died February 12, 1915

Adah B Cardwell was borned September 26th, 1861

Thomas P Cardwell was born March 28, 1863

Mattie W Cardwell was born November 12, 1864

Charles W Cardwell was born November 2, 1868

Pendleton Cardwell was born November 17, 1872

Barnaba Sisk was born May 15th, 1769 - died September 6th, 1841

Pendleton Sisk - born November 27, 1798

Nancy C Sisk - born September 19, 1799 - died November 14, 1863

Hettie L Sisk - born June 29, 1819 - died January 22, 1867

Milan M Sisk - born July 4, 1820 - died July 23, 1864 

Nancy L Sisk - born March 5, 1824

Louisa (Camsael or Cammel) Sisk - born December 4, 1827

Sarah P Sisk - born November 27, 1829 - died August 5, 1865

Mary A D Sisk born December 5, 1831

Martha W Sisk was borned December 1, 1834

Susan E Sisk was born September 6, 1837

Mary A Robertson died February 10, 1883

Pendleton Sisk died December 13th, 1875

Thomas R Cardwell was borned March 24, 1824

(Penciled in later)

Sarah P Cardwell died August 5th, 1865

Thomas P Cardwell died February 22, 1864

Pennie Cardwell died August 10th, 1878

Mrs Laffoon's own addition:

Milam M Sisk enlisted in Company I, Tenth Ky. Partison Rangers, 1862

and served as Orderly Sergeant of that Company.  He was in fights at

Madisonville, Hopkinsville, Clarksville, Uniontown, Owensboro, Panther

Creek, Elizabethtown, Ashbyburg, Muldraugh's Hill, all in Kentucky, 

and was at Liberty and Snow Hill in Tennessee and was on Morgans Raids 

into Indiana and Ohio, where he was captured at Cheshire. Mr Sisk was 

sent to Camp Douglas where he died the twenty third day of July 1864. 

He left a family of seven children.

(The above taken from "The Partison Rangers of the Confederate States 

of America" written by General Adam R Johnson).

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