School Census 1895-97, White Schoolhouse, Hopkins Co, Ky

From Yesterdays Tuckaways, Vol 2, Issue 3

Contributed by Mr A J Slaton, South Gate, California

"My father, Robert P Slaton, taught school between 1895-97 at the old

White Schoolhouse which was some place in the vicinity of the Pleasant 

View Church, out Princeton Road.

Since there is no such record available anywhere, you might find the list 

of his pupils of interest, taken from his original school record:

Lester Osburn              Ernest Stark

John Meyer                 Ben Stark

Kate Sisk                  Joel Stark

Army Curtwright            Callie Bone

Percie Roland              Charlie Stark

Leander Bone               Charlie Collins *

Oscar Adcock               Jimmie Gregory

Lena Howard                Royal Utley

Clarence Smith             Eddie Dawson

Ella Dawson                Tom McGregor

Eva Sisk (my mother)       Pat Jackson

Emma Adcock                Edd Adams

Shannon Graham             Hattie Parker

Myrtle Gibson              Effie Burchfield

Richard Graham             Ernie Adams

John Gibson                Millie Graham

Casper Bone                Holice Slaton

Cliff Stark                Cora McGuyer

Dexter Clark               Mattie Parker

Jasper Graham              Addie Roland

Oscar Kirkwood             Robert Meyer

David Sisk                 Rossie Utley

                           Homer Graham

                           Lena Slaton

                           Mary Graham

                           Claus Adams

                           Lizzie Meyers

                           Yodie Adcock

Names are listed in the order as shown on the record, there seems to be 

no particular reason.

* A relative who knew her says Charlie Collins was a girl.

This is from the attendance record and Kate Sisk, Hattie Parker, Mattie 

Parker, Charlie Collins and Royal Utley are listed as tardy on two 

occasions.  From this distance, considering the weather, distance 

they had to walk, chores to be done, this seems like a remarkable record 

for the school.

ancy C Sisk - born September 19, 1799 - died November 14, 1863 Hettie L Sisk - born June 29, 1819 - died January 22, 1867 Milan M Sisk - born July 4, 1820 - died July 23, 1864 Nancy L Sisk - born March 5, 1824 Louisa (Camsael or Cammel) Sisk - born December 4, 1827 Sarah P Sisk - born November 27, 1829 - died August 5, 1865 Mary A D Sisk born December 5, 1831 Martha W Sisk was borned December 1, 1834 Susan E Sisk was born September 6, 1837 Mary A Robertson died February 10, 1883 Pendleton Sisk died December 13th, 1875 Thomas R Cardwell was borned March 24, 1824 (Penciled in later) Sarah P Cardwell died August 5th, 1865 Thomas P Cardwell died February 22, 1864 Pennie Cardwell died August 10th, 1878 Mrs Laffoon's own addition: Milam M Sisk enlisted in Company I, Tenth Ky. Partison Rangers, 1862 and served as Orderly Sergeant of that Company. He was in fights at Madisonville, Hopkinsville, Clarksville, Uniontown, Owensboro, Panther Creek, Elizabethtown, Ashbyburg, Muldraugh's Hill, all in Kentucky, and was at Liberty and Snow Hill in Tennessee and was on Morgans Raids into Indiana and Ohio, where he was captured at Cheshire. Mr Sisk was sent to Camp Douglas where he died the twenty third day of July 1864. He left a family of seven children. (The above taken from "The Partison Rangers of the Confederate States of America" written by General Adam R Johnson). iam H
Moore, Bobby Gene
Moore, Clifton
Moore, Gene
Moore, J B
Moore, James
Morgan, Duncan
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