Yesterday's Tuckaways

Vol. 1 Issue 1, January, February, March, 1969

                    HOPKINS COUNTY WILL BOOK 4

Will of John Givens of Hopkins County, Ky, dated November 20, 1836.

"To wife Martha and her children", unnamed.  Later he mentions "property 

is to be divided among my children". Witnesses: John Montgomery, Thomas 

Givens and Ro (Robert?) Robertson. 

Proven February County Court 1837. [pg 6]

Will of Timothy Sisk of Hopkins County, dated December 17, 1835.

To wife Mary E Sisk. to daughters Elizabeth, Alice and Polly. To son

Andrew, mentions unborn child, also that of Milton, (a son?) have no

part of estate.

Witnesses: Asa and Hiram Kirkwood

Proven: April County Court, 1837. [pg 29-31]

James Bailey, dec'd. His accounts settled by the administrators

Alexander and Needham Bailey.  Pamelia Bailey, the widow, december 16, 1837.

Approved February County Court 1838. [pg 60-61]

Hiram Parrish, administrator settlement for Mary Parrish, deceased,

December 24, 1838.  Cash paid to D Head, William Brooks, John H Martin,

Dr. A W Wake, A Calhoun, Abner Bruce, R D Smith, James Williams, Warham

Parish and N Brooks. 

Approved April County Court, 1839. [pg 156-157]