Yesterday's Tuckaways

Vol. 1 Issue 2, 1969

John Woodruff Ancestry

Copied from a book written by John Woodruff in Liverpool, Texas 1915.

He wrote it to send to all his old friends.  It was found in an old

trunk recently by a cousin of Mrs. Geather Fox.  Mrs. Fox sent this 

information to Mrs. Cheri L Davis Milliron, who sent it to us.

John Woodruff wrote:

My father, Hiram Patwiller Woodruff, b Dec. 10, 1825 - d April 12, 1861.

My grandfather, John Woodruff, b August 4, 1793 - d September 15, 1864.

My great grandfather, Joel Woodruff, b 1776 - d 1830.

My great great grandfather, Nathaniel Woodruff, b 1740 - d 1822.

My grandmother Woodruff was Francis Davis, b Oct 31, 1799 - d July 21, 1870.

Her brothers and sisters were:

John Davis, b July 16, 1796  

Elizabeth Tolbert Davis, b January 19, 1798  

Benjamin Davis, b April 10, 1801  

Thomas Davis, b January 13, 1803  

Thanie Davis, b December 22, 1804  

Nancy Davis, b June 6, 1805 (?)  

Sallie Davis, b February 6, 1807  

Lewis Davis, b September 30, 1809  

Pricilla Davis, b July 14, 1811  

Susie Davis, b June 24, 1814  

My father's brothers and sisters were:  

Nancy Elizabeth Tolbert Woodruff, Charles D., Sarah D., Benjamin B.,

Dixie D., and Willis W Woodruff.

My father Hiram P Woodruff and my mother, Lunicy Crabtree were married

February 22, 1851.

My brothers: James B and L. Y.  Our step-mother was Mary Wright. Our

half-sisters were Elizabeth Wills, Lenora Ann and Francis Patiller, all


My mother's brothers and sisters were: Jinice, York, Thomas, James,

Webber, Peggy and Polly.  Their father was Isaiah Crabtree.

Mrs. Milliron writes that Benjamin Davis m Rachie Ligon, Thomas Davis

m Elviria Fox, John Davis m/1 Sarah Metcalf, m/2 Sarah Hardwick

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