Madisonville, Hopkins Co, Ky May 1935

These genealogical gleanings are items that were found on the pages that I printed from the microfilm that contained obituaries. It is not a comprehensive list of all items in the paper of genealogical interest to you in your Hopkins County Ky research. All items have been copied verbatum, including mis-spelled words. When an item is blurred and cannot be read on the microfilm copy printout I will put (?) . The entire news article is included unless otherwise indicated.

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May 1, 1935

County Court Orders

Mrs Mattie Barron-Jones has been appointed and qualified as administratrix of the estate of the late Mrs Mattie Cox, executing $1,000 bond. Monty Harris, L J Morrow and Marlin Hobgood have been named appraisers of the estate.

Dora Woodson has qualified as administratrix of the estate of the late Eura Woodson, executing $100 bond.

Seeks Divorce

Bennie Love has filed suit seeking an absolute divorce from Blonnie Love. He charges abandonment. They were married in 1929 and separated December 28, 1932. Attorney Charles G Franklin filed the action


Joseph Delmar Herron, 28, soldier, Fort Knox, Ky., and Miss Luille Witherspoon, 24, Madisonville, were issued a marriage license here Monday.

May 4, 1935

Mrs Walter O Hanner of Chattanooga, Tenn., is visiting Mr and Mrs Ira Hanner.


Carl Chandler, 24, farmer, Slaughters, and Miss Jodie Mae Yarbrough, 17, Madisonville rural route 4, were married by County Judge Charles E Barnett in his office Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday Afternoon Club Meets With Miss Foster

The Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club met with Miss Clara Foster in her home on Waddill avenue. High score was won by Mrs J W McCoy. After the bridge games a delicious ice course was served.

The following were present: Mesdames J W McCoy, Geo. Coyle, Nora Young, Jack Bennett, John Mandeville, Geo. Brown, Rayburn Whitledge, Misses Minerva Clements, and Clara Foster.

Wedding Of Slaughters Couple Is Announced

Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Mary Coffman and James Qualls, both of Slaughters, which was solemnized at Evansville April 25.

The bride is the daughter of Mrs Mary Coffman and is active in church and club work. She has been a member of the Slaughters school faculty for several years and has been reemployed for the 1935-36 term. The groom is an employe of the Smith & Reynolds Company at Slaughters.

May 3, 1935

Stephen D Ramseur, the youngest major general of the Confederate army, was only 27 when he attained that rank.

May 6, 1935

Wife Seriously Ill As Husband Has Operation

Julian Littlepage, Mid-States Company employe, was operated on at the city hospital at (?) o'clock this morning for appendecitis after being conveyed from the home of his mother, Mrs Pearl Littlepage, whom he was visiting. He was stricken Saturday night. His wife is critically ill at the home of her mother Mrs Guy Pryor, at Daniel Boone and was not expected to survive the day. [ Note: obit of wife will be found here.]

May 7, 1935


Thomas Henry Fugate, unemployed, and Miss Katherine E McDonald, 15, both of White Plains rural route 3, obtained a marriage license here Saturday afternoon.

Frank Raymond Sisk, 33, painter, Dawson Springs, and Miss Lennie Pearl Murphey, 22, Princeton, Ky., were issued a marriage license here Saturday afternoon.

May 14, 1935

Louisville Man Named To Succeed James Sory

Louisville, May 14.-- The 1935 state convention of the Kentucky department, American Legion, will be held at Lexington July 21-24, the department's executive committe decided at a meeting here.

C N Florence, Louisville, was named state service officer to succeed James D Sory, jr., who died recently.

3 Indictments In Auto Crash

Circuit Court Clerk Carroll Morrow this afternoon issued bench warrants for the arrest of Clifford Hudgeons, Dawson Springs, and Charlie Smith, Earlinton, recently held by the county court on charges of murder, and officers were expected to bring them to Madisonville this afternoon.

Hudgeons was indicted on three counts for manslaughter in connection with the deaths of Dorothy Littlepage, Eudell Medlock and Lyman Dunlap following a headon automobile collision near Dawson Springs the last of March. Another indictment charges him with maintaining a "disorderly" house.

Hudgeons, himself in the Madisonville hospital several weeks recovering from injuries received in the wreck, waived examination before County Judge Charles E Barnett, who held court in the hospital the day Hudgeons was dismissed, and was held in $2,500 bail to await grand jury action.

Smith was indicted for murder for shooting to death Whit Ashby, his neighbor, during renewal of an argument over a drainage ditch between their properties. He has been at liberty in $2,500 bail.


Walter Eugene Williams, 40, farmer, Madisonville rural route 5, and Miss Delephine Powell, 21, Grove Center, deaf mutes, were issued a marriage license here Saturday.

Hubert Fricken, jr., 23, interior decorator, and Miss Alice Virginia Edwards, 21, both of Hopkinsville.

Frank Stanfield, 48, miller, Hopkins county, and Miss Myra Madaline Stanley, 30, near White Plains.

Varcel Obie Parkest, 24, farmer, Madisonville rural route 2, and Miss Ernestine Duncan, 22, Manitou rural route 1.

Rural Carriers Plan Meeting
District Gathering Here To Precede State Meet In Middlesboro

The Hopkins County Rural Letter Carriers Association has perfected plans for the district meeting to be held here May 30 and has elected officers and delegates to the state convention at Middlesboro July 4, 5, and 6.

Denny Teague, Hanson, was elected president; Frank Leeper, Madisonville, vice president, and J W Nisbet, Madisonville, re-elected secretary-treasurer. The delegates to the state convention are Denny Teague, M F Ashby, Hanson; J W Nisbet, Frank Leeper, city, and W E Siria, Madisonville rural route 2.

The association auxiliary has elected Mrs W E Siria, Madisonville rural route 2, president; Mrs Denny Teague, Hanson, vice-president, and Mrs M F Ashby, Hanson, secretary-treasurer.

Wives of the Madisonville rural carriers will be delegates to the district convention here.

Former Hopkins Girl Is Making Career In Music

Martha Moore, 19 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Harlan Franklin, Tucson, Ariz., formerly of Nortonville, taught music to two Tucson boys who recently won state and national certificates in Junior Clubs music contests. Don Morris, 11, who made a grade of 95 1-5, highest in piano solo in the state, and Ulysses Kay, 18, whose musical career is being sponsored by Mrs Frank L Hyde, of Philadelphia and Tucson.

Young Morris played from memory the entire 10-page C Minor Sonata by Mozart, To A Wild Rose, by McDowell, and The Storm, by Weller.

Miss Moore, the granddaughter of Mr and Mrs B U Fox, of Dalton, and niece of Homer G Moore, Madisonville, studied music with her mother until entering the College of Fine Arts in the University of Arizona at the age of 16 years. She majored in piano. She has the rare gift of absolute pitch, according to a news story appearing recently in a Tucson newspaper.

May 16, 1935

Mrs Adolph Freedman and daughter, of Nashville, are visiting Mr and Mrs Harry Schaffer.

May 17, 1935

Miss Lilah Atkinson, of Little Rock, Ark, is in the city during the illness of her brother, Vivian Atkinson, who underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Madisonville hospital and whose condition is improved.


Theodore Smith, 44, auto mechanic, Los Angeles, Calif, and Mrs. Chester Adell Bowman, divorcee, Evansville, were issued a marriage license here Thursday afternoon.

Roy McCarty, 31, farmer, divorced, and Mrs Hazel May Cissna, 32, divorcee, both of Slaughters, has obtained a marriage license here Thursday afternoon.

Bud Browning, 68, divorced, sawmill employe, Crofton, and Mrs. George Ella Hammond, 60, widow, were married Wednesday by County Judge Charles E Barnett.

May 22, 1935


Willie Bailey Putman, 21, farmer, and Miss Annie Lucille Littlepage, 18, both of White Plains, were married by County Judge Charles E Barnett in his office Tuesday afternoon.

Howard Hunter, 22, railroad employe, and Miss Katherine McGregor, 21, both of Dawson Springs, were issued a marriage license here Monday afternoon.

Artie Lee Compton, 18, farmer, and Miss Christie Gish, 18, both of Hanson.

Nathaniel Jasper Stearsman, 21, farmer, and Miss Margaret Eddie Davis, 18, both of Madisonville.

Milton Griffin, 21, farmer, and Miss Nancy Lucinda Hancock, 25, both of slaughters.

Former Mayor A R Blanks, West Noel, is out after being confined to his home for several weeks with an injured leg which he suffered in a fall at his home.

Louise Owen Wed Feb. 24 To Chicagoan
Former Earlington Girl Becomes The Bride Of Mr B F Broad

Earlington, May 22.-- Mrs Ella Forrester announces the marriage of her daughter, Louise Forrester Owen, to Mr B F Broad, of Chicago, on Sunday, February 24, 1935.

Mrs Broad has made her home in Chicago for the past six months while attending the E Burnham Scool of Beauty Culture, from which she will graduate the coming week.

Mr Broad, who is a cousin of William Barnett, of Madisonville, is employed in a hotel in Chicago.

They will reside at 5532 Kenwood avenue, Chicago.

Mr and Mrs Cecil Barnett returned Friday from a week's motor trip through eastern Kentucky. [edited]

Miss Dulin, Mr Parish Entertain Bridge Club

Miss Mary Dulin and Mr David Parish were hosts to their dinner-bridge club at the Country Club on last Friday evening. Mr John Casner was awarded a guest prize and club prizes were won by Miss Dulin and Mr Craig Riddle.

Those playing were Messers. and Mesdames John Casner, John Morton, Edwin Bartlett, William Shanks, Craig Riddle, James Dollar, Dr and Mrs David Salmon, Misses Dulin and Hazel Grant, Messr. Robt. Bowmer and David Parish.

The members of the Eastern Star will hold their annual spring rummage sale in the old Kentucky theatre bu8ilding on West Center street on Saturday, May 25. Mrs E L Peacock is in charge of arrangements.

Dr E A Matepka, of Russellville, visited friends in the city Sunday.


Mrs Garnett Good has as her guests for the weekend her mother, Mrs W A Nichols and little sister, Mary Carolyn, of Crofton.

Mrs Noble Chandler, of Hopkinsville, spent Thursday with her mother, Mrs Harriett Browning, Main street.

Chas. Barnett spent the weekend in Louisville with friends.

Mr and Mrs Orla M Connor, of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting Mr and mrs Paul Price and Miss Amelia Price in Madisonville for several weeks.

Mrs James Green, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs Joe Edwards, has returned home after several months visit with another daughter, Mrs Bennett Insko, in Central City.

Mrs Hubert Reid left Sunday to join Mr Reid in Owensboro to make her home, following the close of school.

May 24, 1935

Child Hit By Auto When He Darts Into Its Path

Kenneth Wilson, six-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Willie Wilson, 758 Hodge street, suffered a broken right leg and a facial laceration when he was struck by a car, operated by Phillip Jones, Morton Gap, in South Main street, near the city hospital, Friday night.

The child was admitted to the hospital, where, after examination, it was announced no internal injuries were inflicted.

Relatives of the child said this morning the accident was unavoidable, as the child ran into the path of the car.

Asks Divorce

Charging abandonment, Oscar Winstead has filed suit for divorce from Overa Winstead. They were married in September, 1928, at Eldorado, Ill., and separated in this county in January 1931. The action was filed by Attorney Thomas E Finley.

County Court

John Hammonds, child desertion charge, following his arrest by Deputy Sheriff F C Wilkey and John Sugg, quarterly court clerk, at Earlington Thursday afternoon, failed to execute bond and was committed to jail. Hearing is set for May 25.


Mr and Mrs L M White and Edgar White, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Mr and Mrs Frank M Leeper and baby, formerly of Madisonville, were recent guests of Mr and Mrs Lambert Howard

City Engineer Paul M Jones, Hall Arnold, municipal light and water plants superintendent, and Fire Chief B K Toombs have returned from Louisville where they conferred with officials of PWA projects for Madisonville.

Herschel Scott, of Guadalupe, Calif., is the guest of his siter, Mrs Wesley McGaw, and Mr McGaw, East Broadway. He will motor to Nashville Friday and return to California by plane.

Mrs Helen Ruckman, of Bowling Green, spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs C C Givens, West Center street.

Mr and Mrs C A Pike returned Monday from a two-weeks visit with Mr and Mrs Dewey Arnold in Birmingham, Ala.

Mr and Mrs Rayburn Whitlege are moving to Princeton, Ky., Friday to make their home for the summer.

Mrs H E Wylie is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs E Smith, in Granite City, Ill., for a few days.

Patrolman John Armstrong, Wells avenue, ill for ten days, is slightly improved.

Mrs Walter Clark, city, underwent a major operation at the city hospital Thursday.

Neal Parish, of Nebo, was here Thursday.

L N Blue, of Slaughters, was here Friday.

May 25, 1935

Bailey Wootton Spends Few Hours In the City

Attorney General Bailey P Wootton of Frankfort, democratic candidate for governor, and who is also chairman of the democratic state central committee, was in the city Friday night and Saturday in the interest of his candidacy.

Two injured When Car Overturns In Gravel

Bill Kirkwood, city, suffered a lacerated left wrist and Miss Ruth Coffman, Clay, his companion, a lacerated knee when their car skidded and overturned in loose gravel near Diamond mine, Webster county, last night. They were admitted to the Madisonville hospital.

May 26, 1935

Stepmother of Judge Wilson Seriously Ill

Mrs G M Wilson, 72, stepmother of Circuit Judge Charles H Wilson, suffered a paralytic stroke at her home in Smithland Sunday and she was not expected to survive the day, according to advices received here today. Her husband, G M Wilson, died in 1931.

May 27, 1935

Bill Kirkwood, city, and Miss Ruth Coffman, Clay, who suffered injuries in an automobile wreck near Diamond mine, Webster county, have been dismissed from the Madisonville hospital.

Jesse McCary and family, 530 Wells avenue, are visiting relatives at Aberdeen, Miss. several weeks.

Judge Dismisses Contest Over Nannie Wilson Will

Judge Charles H Wilson this morning dismissed the appeal from the lower court of J C Nisbet, Madisonville, against W J Nisbet, Providence, and others, in which the plaintiff was seeking to have the will of the late Mrs Nannie J Nisbet, mother of the plaintiff and principal defendant, set aside.

This ruling leaves the will intact as it was probated in county court shortly after the death of Mrs Nisbet February 13, 1933. More than $25,000 was involved in litigation.

The plaintiff claimed in the appeal that his mother was not of sound mind and that undue influence had been brought to bear on her when the will was executed.

Evansville, May 27.-- Kirby A Brown, 21 and Miss Edna Earl Riggs, 24, both of Dawson Springs, Ky., were issued a marriage license here.

Basil Owen Smith, 28, teacher, Dawson Springs, and Miss elizabeth Rone, 21, Richardsville, Ky., were married at the county clerk's office here Friday, Elder J D Shain officiating.

C (H?) Eastwood, of Old Salem, was in the city Saturday afternoon.

Washington, May 27.-- (AP) President Roosevelt today ordered the navy and coast guard to start search for William B Leeds, heir to tinplate millions, reported missing since yesterday in a twenty-six foot fishing launch en route from Miami to Bimini.

Mad Mate Sleeps Two Weeks With His Dead Wife

New York, May 27.--(AP)-- Screaming incoherently, Joseph Shipulo, 58 year old Brooklyn carriage maker, was taken to a psychophatic hospital last night after police discovered he had been sleeping with his dead wife for two weeks.

The discovery was made by police after Shipulo had reported to a nearby parish priest that he could not arouse his wife. The priest visited the Shipulo home and notified police.

Shipulo broke down when police convinced him his wife was dead. He had crawled in beside the body of his wife each night to sleep.

In the mattress of the bed police found $1,620 in cash, two %50 Liberty bonds, a bank book showing deposits of $550 and a dozen first and second mortgages.

May 28, 1935

Owen Littlepage, 21, farmer, and Miss Mattie Patterson, 20, both of Madisonville, were issued a marriage license here Saturday afternoon.

Mr and Mrs B H Osburn, Vandetta, are parents of a daughter, named Caroline Louise, born several days ago. The child weighed eight and a half pounds at birth. Mother and child are doing well.

Arthur Robinson, of St. Charles, was here Sunday.

May 29, 1935

Attend Bank Meet

L K Bell, cashier and vice president of the Kentucky Bank & Trust Company, and O A Ashby, cashier of the Farmers National Bank, were in Hopkinsville today attending a meeting of western Kentucky bankers.

May 31, 1935

Dorris Dutton Improves

Dorris Dutton, whose jaw was broken when a car he is accused of stealing from Neville Moore was wrecked at Deadman curve early Tuesday, was reported improved at the Madisonivlle hospital Tuesday.


Thomas Crandle McRoy, 55, farmer, divorced, Anton, and Miss Doshie Susan Bach, 24, Mannington, were issued a marriage license here Thursday afternoon.

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