Principal For White Plains May Be Chosen On June 10

The principal for the White Plains high school may be elected at the June 10 session of the county board of education, D S Edwards, jr., county school superintendent, announced today when he released the list of all other teachers elected for the 1935-36 term. They follow:

Emmett Ashby and Ola Mae Stum, Liberty.

Ragle E Peyton, Mrs Ragle B Peyton, Bradley Cox, Mrs Charles K Reed, Mrs Nina Stephens, Charleston.

Lucile Chambers, Huckleberry.

Mrs Virginia Neathery, Oglesby.

Mrs Newton Oates, Mt. Carmel.

Emory Seitz, Hawkins.

Elbert Brady, Oak Hill.

Opal Calvert, Howton.

Pauline Dillingham, Union Grove.

Pearl Major, Pritchetts.

Pauline Fowler, Providence.

Thomas C Arnold and Nora Lee Slaton, Todds.

Sarah Beasley, Shadrick.

Daphne Lee Carlisle, Old Salem.

Mrs. Bailey Maxwell, Mrs Lewis Good and Margaret Brown, Richland.

Vera Lillian Trover, Cavanaugh.

Marvin Cole, Mrs Fletcher Slaton and Dewey Chambliss, Anton.

Roy L Woods and Lizzie Ross Vannoy, Medlock.

Mary Crabtree Magenheimer and Nannie Mae Slaton, Wilsons.

Mabel Fagan and Audrey McCulley, Munns.

Alline Slaton, Pleasant View.

Geneva Woodruff, Hamby.

Clydia Terry, Oak Grove.

John R Thomas and Mildred Jackson, Moss Hill.

W Bailey Winstead, Mrs Bailey Winstead, Jimmie D Sisk, Robbie Townsend, Blanche Ray Porter and Grace Cox, Nebo.

D B Harralson, Greenwood.

Sarah Wallace Barron, Browns.

Madolyn Ryan, Concord.

Raymond Anderson, Baughs.

Sallie Woodard, Manitou.

John R Adams, Glenn D Morrow, Corine Dever, Thornton Dever and Retha Lovan, Dalton.

Hughston Peyton, Government.

Frank C Bell and Bonnie Lee Kirkwood, Silent Run.

Roselle Daniel, Columbia.

Robert Daniel, Pleasant Grove.

Ruth Gailor and Isabel Parker, Howell.

W E Calvert, Lewis Good, Blanche Logan Calvert and Mrs James Robinson, St. Charles.

Owen L Davis and Mary Lou Matney, Carbondale.

Logan Richards, Hubert Robinson, Nell Jean McGregor and Mabel Hudson, Ilsley.

Billy McGregor and Mrs O B Russell, Menser.

Margaret Elizabeth Skaggs, Good Hope.

Eberly Hammack, Compton Crowe, Lula Salmon, R O Edwards, Mary L Nisbet, S W Kington, E B Brown and Martha Gooch, Morton Gap.

Kelly Sutton and Florence Tomblinson, Ashbyburg.

Belle P Berry, Mable Gover.

Helen G Hoffman, Mrs Ruby Jackson, Eunice h Offutt, Nevaleen Arnett and Maude Wilkey, Grapevine.

Aurelia Daniel, Pleasant Ridge.

B D Nisbet, Wilbur Branson, Helen Lisman, James E Ashby, Mrs Willie Haywood and Mrs Fred Parker, Hanson.

Waurika Clayton Dame, Copperas Springs.

Alline Nance, Oakland

Walter F Troop, Blue Springs

Myrtle Utley, Gilliland

Mrs Carl N Terry, Cranor

Jessie F Arnold and Flora E Hicks, Stony Point

Bessie Louise Beshear and Woodrow Purdy, Walnut Grove

Glenn McGregor, Kirkwood Springs

Chessa Peyton, Jennings

Arnold Hicks, Beulah

A O Richards, Elam

Mrs Lillian Crick, Sisk Ridge

Helen Cates, Furgerson

Newton Oates, Whitfield

Edward Atkinson, Bailey

Ruby V Stearsman, Stanley

Mary Louise Ramsey, Browders

Mattye Lou Brooks, Utterback

Dimit Kington, Tuckers

Marjorie Crowe, Stevens

Mrs J E Ashby,m Ditney

Rupert Veazy, Buntin

Virgil Hyers, Cox's Store

Nimma Ayers, Ashley

Mrs Earnie B Todd, Fridays

Mrs Proctor Hampton, Suthards

Kenneth D Todd, Leech

Helen Campbell Perkins and Fairy Lovan, Barnsley

Eugene Tate, James Suthard, Jerrold Lacy, Mrs Lillian Fox and Wanna Dixon, White Plains

Agnes Goad, Dillingham

Mrs Luther Morse and Artie Teague, Daniel Boone

Oscar W Lovan, Trabue

Rachel Daves, Fiddlebow

George A Bone, Henson

Lela W Tate and Mrs Claude Morton, Oak Hill

C R Harralson, Charles Todd, Mrs Coil Putman, Mary Agnes Hatcher, Jack Suthard, Robert Cates, Eva Whitfield, Maudie Murphy, Dorothy Kern, Allie Campbell and Emily Sue Cavanah, Nortonville

Wilma Patterson, Jewel City

Kenton Slaton, Friendship

Colored Teachers

Mattie E Boyd, Nortonville

Grace Noel Smith, Morton Gap

Nettie Mae Cargile, Barnsley

Jessie Lee Cargile, Nebo

Virginia Mae Penick, Ilsley

Louise Black, White Plains

Ida Mae McLeod, St Charles

Agnes B Glore, Dawson Springs

The Daily Messenger, Madisonville, Ky, May 27, 1935
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