NEBO, Oct. 18.-Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nance celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding here on October 11, when their children gave them a handsome radio and many friends brought gifts commemorating the occasion. Thirteen guests at the wedding were present also at the golden anniversary.

Mr. Nance appeared in his wedding coat and Mrs. Nance wore her hair as she did when she was married---she has never changed the style of her hair-do. Among the relatives and friends who called during the day were:

Mr. and Mrs. Claud Joyner and children, Letcher, Mildred, Mamie Lieu; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jones and son, John R.; Mrs. Bob Wicks and children, Wanda, Earl, Gean, Mary Sue; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Forker; Mr. Charlie Forker and children, Betty Sue and Charles Malcolm; Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Nance; Mr. and Mrs. Leamon Nance, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sizemore, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson and daughter, Vaneda, Mrs. Carima Veazey and daughter, Dot;

Mrs. Yancie Pate and daughter, Lena; Mrs. Cevis Vanvactor; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tompkins; Mr. Jack Dames, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Winstead, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nance; Mrs. Lacy Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oakley and children, Allen Ray, Kenneth Wayne; Mrs. Carroll Winstead and daughter, Hilda Jean; Mrs. Jennie Jones and daughter, Iola; Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Eastwood, Mr. and Mrs. Finis Trice and son, Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Audry Morrow and son, David; Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nance, Mrs. Harvey Taylor; Mrs. Edna Nance; Mrs. T. H. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Sallie Polley;

John Trice, Rev. and Mrs. C.J.Carroll and grandson, Wayne Carroll; Mr. and Mrs. L.O.Nance; Mrs. Florence Cates, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Parish; Mrs. L. H. Jones; Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shelton; Mr. and Mrs. W.T.Winstead; Mr. Rollie Winstead; Mrs. Cleatus Wilson; Mr. and Mrs Lee Vanvactor and son, Cleatus Ray;

Misses Camilla Brown, Alice Hobgood, Queen Hobgood, Annie, Susie Trice, Mattie Trice, Annie Nance, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Nance and son, Eugene; Mrs Flora Perkins, Mrs. Thelma Jones; Jim Trice, Bill Trice and Mrs. D. W. Brown.

The following were present on their wedding day and also on the golden anniversary: John Trice, Bill Trice, Jim Trice, Susie Trice, Mattie Trice, Sallie Pate, Camilla Brown, L.O. Nance, Hattie Shelton, Florence Cates, Delloria Parish.

The Daily Messenger Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1938


Twenty-two relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chalie Nance, Weldon Avenue, at noon on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of Mr. Nance. A delicious buffet supper was served.

Mr. Nance was born at Durham, N.C. , on November 24, 1865, and came to Kentucky with his parents in 1869 in a covered wagon. The family settled near Nebo, and Mr. Nance has been a resident of Hopkins County ever since. He followed the occupation of farming until his retirement several years ago.

At the age of 22 years he married Miss Elnora Trice, whose death occurred in 1943. In 1948 he was married to Mrs. Essie Curneal, who took an active part in planning for the celebration.

Of six living children, the following four were present at the birthday celebration: Mrs. Ella Jones, Slaughters, Mrs. Gertie Vice of Providence, Mrs.Bertha Forker of Nebo, and Mr. Leamon Nance of Manitou.

Other guests included Larry Jones, Ed Carlisle and Malcolm Forker, Mrs. Marie Nance and daughters, Zadie and Darline, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vaughn, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Barrett, Mrs. Randy McCulley and son Steve, and Rodney Simms.

The afternoon was spent taking pictures and recalling old times.

Madisonville Messenger, 1955

Obituaries for many of the people mentioned here will be found in Mattie's Obituary Scrapbook.

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