Birth Announcements
Madisonville Messenger
Madisonville, Hopkins County, Ky

June 1, 1997

Note: the last 1 or 2 letters of each line on some of these announcements was cut off during printing.
I have indicated them with a ?.
Bean, Shanice LaShae Apr 28, 1997
Parents: Bootsie and Pamela Bean; Siblings: Miranda Kristine Brady; Grandparents: Randy and Kathy Saddler; Helen Bean; Paul Bean; G-Grandparents: Harold and Willi Mercer
Brown, Tamara Jade May 29, 1997
Parents: Gena Brown; Grandparents: Berry Brown; Sharon Greenwell; G-Grandparents: Sharion McManus
Ford, Cailynn Nicole May 14, 1997
Parents: Larry and Terri Ford; Siblings: Chance Aaron; Grandparents: Ronnie and Beverly Reynolds; Ralph and Ella Ford; G-Grandparents: Curtis Dorris
Gatlin, Samantha Jude May 1, 1997
Parents: Kim and Gary Gatlin; Grandparents: John and Dorthea Gatlin; Edward and Peggy Tippett
McKinney, Tyler William May 24, 1997 Parents: Brent and Beth McKinney; Grandparents: Linda Frazier; William Edgar Frazier, Dick and Judith Hafner, Robert McKinney; G-Grandparents: Ann Winstead, Johnny Arnold, Helm McKinney, Robert McKinney Sr, Bud and Jean Cunningham
McNeily, Jessica Lauren May 5, 1997
Parents: Carolyn and John McNeily; Siblings: Caleb; Grandparents: Harold and Sue Jones; Harold Leatrice McNeily; G-Grandparents: Jean Galloway; Bura Brown
Martin, Benjamin David May 2?, 1997
Parents: Ronnie and Dana Martin; Siblings: Sarah; Grandparents: Daniel and Dorothy Daves, Raymond and Shelby Martin; G-Grandparents:
Morton, William Chenault III May 20, 1997
Parents: Mr and Mrs William Chenault Morton, II; Grandparents: Mr and Mrs Wm. Chenault Morton, Sr; Mr and Mrs Matt Smallwood; G-Grandparents: Mr and Mrs K E Gipson
Pennington, Kole Canler May 2?, 1997
Parents: Kevin and Shelby Pennington; Grandparents: Archie and Alice Pennington, Sheila and Ernie Canler; G-Grandparents: Carmon Bishop and Harry Bishop, Marlene Taliaferro and Wm S Taliaferro, Grace and Bill Daily, Walter and Lur? Smith, Dorothy Allan
Smith, Mikaila Ann May 16, 1997 Parents: Rodney and Janet Smith; Siblings: Anthony and Mandy; Grandparents: Hurrel McKay, donald and Mary Ann Smith; G-Grandparents: Gladys Clayton
Stoker, Whitney Alexandra May 7, 1997
Parents: Charles and April Stoker; Siblings: Avorie Nicole West; Grandparents: Roger Dale Miller; Melissa Miller; Cindy Demoss; Jerry Demoss; Gary and Katherine Stoker; G-Grandparents: Mary Alice Miller; Rufus Miller; Emery and Barbra Crowley; Julia Demoss; Marian Crowley; GG-Grandparents: Lelia Buie
Wall, Jacob Conner May 21, 1997
Parents: John and Tracy Wall; Grandparents: Sylvia Blank, Kay Wall, Lindsey Womack, Jr; G-Grandparents: Howard and Dorothy Conner
Williams, Rachael Lynlee May 19, 1997
Parents: Donald and Carolyn Williams; Siblings: David Harvey, Alex Williams, Melody Harvey; Grandparents: Glenda Cates; Fred Berry; Ann and Art Wells; George Williams; G-Grandparents: Rose Moore; Helen Berry; Emma Perrin