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Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Classmates attend 50th reunion

Madisonville High School graduates of May, 1948, had their fifty year reunion on May 30, 1998, at Pennyrile Forest State Park. Of a class enrollment of sixty-one, thirty-three graduates and their spouses attended the fun-filled evening.

Planning committee included: Price Barton, Elynor and Horace Boggess, Mary Jewel Pirozzoli, Rita Owen, D h 'Hector' Day, Margaret Ray, Mary Ann Crary, Elaine Beshear, Bill Tweddell, Rudolph Cates, and Calvin Walker.

Master of ceremonies was Neil Orange, class president. Other class officer in attendance were Mr Bobby Cates, Wellington, Fl, Vice-president and Barbara Crouch, Louisville, secretary.

Guests included: Miss Hart Finley, Miss Sissy Finley, Frank Ramsey, and Bill workman, all from Madisonville; Martha Rodgers Brown from Cynthiana, Ky; Mrs and Mrs Rumsey Graham from Geneva, NY; and Dr and Mrs Bill West from Newburg, In. Fred Nichols and Tom Spain dropped in for a visit during the evening.

Mary Ann Crary conducted a memorial service for the deceased classmates: Brooks Morton, James Combs, Martha Bassett, Betty Ann Stone, Dewey Cartwright, Roger Larkin, Carolyn Rice, Leonard Whitmer, Billy Sutton, Preben Haagensen and Tommy Hodgson.

Covers were laid for: Mr and Mrs Paul Lyons, Jr (Betty Farmer), Murray, Ky; Mrs Barbara Edwards Crouch, Louisville, Ky; Mr and Mrs Glen Gould (Emma Mildred Nisbet), Chambersburg, Pa; Mr and Mrs D h 'Hector' Day, Hanson, Ky; Mr and Mrs Henry Cartwright, Hopkinsville, Ky; Mr and Mrs Marion Cox, Catlettsburg, Ky; Mr and Mrs John Baldwin, Gainesville, Fl; Mr and Mrs Bobby Cates, Wellington, Fl; Mr and Mrs Jim McNeal (Mary Ruth Jones); Mr Chesley Holloman, Peoria, Az; Mr and Mrs Neil Orange, Black Mountain, NC; Mr and Mrs James F Durham, Coral Gables, Fl; Mr Ernest Scott, Chambersburg, Pa; Dr Jack Pash, Fairfax Station, Va; Mr and Mrs Fred Edwards, Flippin, Ak; Dr and Mrs Edward W Moore, Midlothian, Va; Mr and Mrs James W Walls, Pensacola, Fl; Mr and Mrs Price Barton, Mr and Mrs Rudolph Owen (Rite Pidcock), Mr and Mrs Welby Ray (Margaret Crawford), Mr and Mrs Bill Tweddell, Mr and Mrs William E Vaughan (Ann Bates), Mr and Mrs Eddie Beshear (Elaine Nichols), Mr and Mrs Charles Pirozzoli (Mary Jewel Downey), Mr and Mrs Horace Boggess (Elynor Brown), Mr and Mrs Chesley Riddle (Mary Jo Buie), Mr and Mrs James Blackwell, Mr and Mrs Rudolph Cates, Mr and Mrs Calvin Walker, Mrs Pattee Dunville Hibbs, Mrs Mary Ann Arnold Crary, Mr Emmett D Anderson, all of Madisonville.

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Harris family reunites in Madisonville

Four generations of one of the oldest families in Madisonville gathered recently to celebrate history and to look ahead to the future.

Nearly 50 members of the Harris clan laughed and joked as they spent the weekend reminiscing, viewing long-forgotten photos and telling and re-telling stories from the recent and not-so-recent past.

James Harris, 85, the sole surviving child of Lee and Jesse Harris, dedicated the weekend of July 24-26 to his parents.

His brothers and sisters, Opal, William J (Pete), Bertha, Queenie and Richard, were all represented at the reunion as family traveled to Kentucky from the east and west coasts of the United States as well as the midwest. Family members came from as far away as North Carolina, California, Nevada, Virginia and Ohio.

Highlights included dinner, a gold tournament at Lakeshore country Club, a driving tour of Madisonville hosted by James (aka Henry), a picnic barbecue hosted by Richard and Carolien Harris, a group photo and a farewell breakfast at Day's Inn. The tour included stops at the sites of the previous family homes, including one in downtown Madisonville where a bank now stands, and at the gravesites of family members dating back to the early and mid 1800s.

Family members present included Dean, Donica and Deana Davidson; Tom and Jane Davidson; Otis, Ann and Joy Dinning; Dana and Ethan Duncan; Jan and Vince Gonzales; bill and Phyllis Harris; Lee, Lisa, Ashley and Lindsay Harris; Lucille Harris, Margaret Harris; Richard, Carolyn, Casey and Brittany Harris; Robert and Patricia, Julie, Nathan and Ashley Harris; Tom, Kay, Matt and Jake Harris; Tony and Jim Harris; Jim, Lisa and Peter Krajewski; Dave, Mary Ann, John and Chris Rodahoffer, Pam, Brandon, Vanessa and Zachary Shovar.

Madisonville residents included Margaret Harris; Richard, Carolyn, Casey, Brittany Harris; Julia and Nathan Harris; Dana and Ethan Duncan; Lee, Lisa, Ashley and Lindsay Harris; Tony and Jim Harris.
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