World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing
Army and Army Air Force - Hopkins County, KY

This file is probably full of errors but maybe it will give you a clue if you're researching World War II.

This information was taken from a digital image found at the NAIL site. The print on the image was so small that these tired eyes could hardly make out any of the information. I printed the image, then took that page to the library and enlarged it in order to try to read the information. I'm afraid that it didn't help much.

There are 4 columns of information for each individual on the original. The first column gives the name. The second column contained what I assume is the military serial number, but the numbers were so blurred that I did not attempt to list them. The third column gave the rank of the individual. There was only a couple of these that I was not sure of. The fourth column gave the individuals status. The ONLY status that I can say for sure has been transcribed correctly is KIA.

Some of the problems I encountered were: C, D, O, B, E, P all looked the same. Other problems were A, M, N, W, H, etc.

I think I can safely say that all of the full names are correct. Any problems will be with the initials. If you can offer any corrections, please let me know.


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Alexander, James C PvtKIA
Allinder, David E PFC DND
Babb, John P Pvt KIA
Barnett, Glenn PVT DON
Bennett, Thurman L Pvt KIA
Bishop, Lawrence H Pvt POW
Blanchard, Euria L A Pvt POW
Blenn, Harold L Sgt KIA
Brantley, Perry E Pvt KIA
Brown, Frank J PFC KIA
Brown, Homer A PFC DNB
Browning, Shirley Sgt KIA
Buchanan, Robert P Pvt KIA
Cairel, Ance N Pvt KIA
Calvert, Lonnie L Pvt KIA
Capps, Oma C AV C DNB
Cavanaugh, Luther C TecS KIA
Choate, James L Pvt KIA
Clayton, Ollie W Pvt KIA
Cooper, Archie B Pfc KIA
Cranor, Reuben Pvt KIA
Crick, Jewell F P fc KIA
Crowe, Gwen N Pfc KIA
DeBow, Herschel P Pfc KIA
Dillbeck, Marvin Pvt DNS
Dunbar Cecil W Pfc KIA
Dunning, David I 1 Lt DND
Dunning, Walter B Pvt KIA
Ellis, Hayden M Pfc DNB
Fairbrother, Henry A Pvt DOW
Farmer, Glenn W Pfc NDB
Faughender, Anthony E Pfc KIA
Fraswer, Ernest L Pvt KIA
Frederick, Thomas B 1 Lt DNB
Fugate, Thomas R Sgt KIA
Gilkey, Noon S Sgt Kia
Gish, Robert W Jr SSgt DNB
Gunther, James T Pfc KIA
Hall, William O 2 Lt KIA
Handy, James T Pvt DMD
Harper, Norman W Pfc KIA
Harris, Carl Cpl KIA
Harvey, Alfred N TecS DNB
Hedern, Frank R 2 Lt KIA
Herndon, Charlie L Cpl DNB
Hewlett, Owen N Tec4 DNS
Hinkle, Ishmael R Pfc KIA
Jackson, William M 2 Lt DNB
Johnson, James E Pfc KIA
Johnston, Thomas D 2 Lt DNB
Kirkwood, James C Pfc KIA
Kistner, Lawrence E Sgt DNS
Latham, J G Pvt KIA
Leasure, Carl D Pvt FOD
Long, Leland J Pfc KIA
Lynn, Burnie N Sgt DNS
McConnell, Omar K Sgt DNS
McCenek, Rolland C Pfc KIA
McLeod, William C TecS DMB
McNary, Cecil Pfc DNS
Miller, James D Pfc KIA
Mills, William M SSg POW
Mitchell, Perry Cpl KIA
Moore, Basil L Sgt KIA
Moore, Hardin Pfc KIA
Myers, David C Pfc KIA
Noel, John D Pfc KIA
Offutt, Virgil L Pvt DNB
Parke, Cyrus C 2 Lt KIA
Perkins, James M Pfc KIA
Perkins, Shelby E Pfc KIA
Phillips, Robert S Pfc POW
Plunket, Leonard M Pfc DNE
Poe, John W L Pvt KIA
Rheh, William Jr Pvt DNB
Richards, William P SSg DNS
Richmond, James R Pfc KIA
Sharp William E Sgt KIA
Sisk, Hopewell C Pfc KIA
Slaton, James E Pvt KIA
Stevens, Lee N TecS KIA
Stewart, Martin L Pvt DNS
Travis, Hoyt L Pfc KIA
Utley, James R Pfc KIA
Walker, Robert L Pfc KIA
Webster, Douglas B Pvt DND
Whitescarver, Ivan TecS KIA
Whitfield, Basil N Pvt DOW
William, F Oran 2 Lt PDOI
Winter, John Pvt KIA
Woods, William F Pfc KIA
Workman, John W Sgt KIA
Young, James L Pvt KIA