Earlington High School Alumni

1913 - 1935

YEAR BOOK of Earlington, Ky Graded and High Schools, 1934-5

"The Year Book of the Earlington graded and high schools is made possible by the courtesy of the advertisers, and we bespeak for them a liberal patronage by all who are in any way interested in the welware of out schools, which, due to the careful selections of the faculty by the Board of Education, and the harmonious cooperation of all connected with the school system, has placed our high school far on up in scale of accredited schools, and our graded school is second to none.

To those who have labored so faithfully to make this year book a success and place in the hands of the scholars and alumni a record of their Alma Mater, a book that will be cherished as a dear memento in the years to come, we wish to give our most heartfelt thanks and assure you of our deep appreciation.

In this spirit we present to you this volume.
Yours for the schools, EARLINGTON P.T.A.

Copies of the Year Book may be obtained of the merchants whose ads appear in it. They will gladly give you one if you have none."

Class of 1935 Juniors Sophmores Freshmen
Adkins, Herman
Bullock, Floria
Bullock, Zoria
Cothran, Wm.
Donahue, Marie
Egbert, Frank
Fowler, Clara
Francis, Martha
Long, Marvin
Smith, Catherine
Trover, Faull Sanders
Webb, Allen
Yarbrough, Georgia
Cardwell, R.S.
Cothran, Liggett
Davis, Wm. Pershing
Day, Sibyl
Forrester, James
Hardin, J.W. Jr
Hibbs, Ishmael
Howell, Frank
Lamb, Juanita
Long, Lila
Lutz, Nevaline
McCulley, Perry
Offutt, Lucille
Overton, Geneva
Ratliffe, Joe
Ray, Juanita
Trunnell, Helen
Vaughn, C.W.
Vickers, Agnes
Wilkerson, Aretta B.
Wilkerson, Kearney Lee
Adkins, Elmer
Clark, Jimmie
Cobb, Spillman
Conyers, Evelyn
Donahue, Dorothy
East, Odosca Lee
Edwards, Helen
Fox, Clara Beth
Fox, Herman
Francis, Charlie
Gamble, Lawrence
Gill, Nelda
Goodloe, Nellie
Hammers, Denzil
Hardy, Mary
Hill, Omer
Kistner, Lawrence
Lamb, Louise
Long, Garvey
Long, Mildred
Miller, Hugh
Mitchell, Lucille
Newbold, Elfreda
Noffsinger, Joe
Perry, Mary Elizabeth
Price, Charles
Robinson, Robbie Joe
Smith, Charles
Stewart, Ross
Tinsley, Edna
Todd, Woodrow
Utley, Ollie
Vannoy, Nedra Bayne
Wyatt, Billie
Adcock, Louise
Allen, Rosa Lee
Armstrong, George Jr
Baker, Johnnie
Brown, Homer
Bullock, Exie
Bunch, Leitha
Cloern, James B.
Cook, Robert
Duncan, Geraldine
Egbert, Maurice (Buddy)
Fowler, Clyde
Fraelich, James
Gamblin, Dorothy Jean
Grace, Alfred
Hicks, Bill
Laffoon, Lucian
Lamb, Louise D.
Leasure, Geneva
Long, Imogene
Long, John Douglas
Maloney, John
McCormick, Thomas
McGregor, Will L.
Oldham, Christine
Oldham, Larue
Pearce, Kathleen
Plunkett, Annie Mae
Ray, Joe
Slater, Barbara
Smith, Kathryn
Southall, Pauline
Thomasson, Hobert
Thompson, Thomas
Todd, Twyman
Vaughn, Norman
Wyatt, Hudson
Wyatt, Kenneth

Class of 1934
Baker, Daphne
Blair, Pat
Byrum, Anna Laura
Coleman, Chas.
Devault, Rosa
Elam, Elizabeth
Freeman, Mary Essie
Gamblin, Durwood
Gamblin, Cecil
Gibbons, Minnie
Gill, Kenneth
Goodloe, Wm.
Hammonds, Garrett
Henify, Helen
Hurley, Bill
Ivy, Helen
Larmouth, Jno.
Metcalfe, Royce
McClaren, Lennie
Pyle, Lawycerner
Todd, Lee Trover
Todd, Kenneth
Sadler, Willie
Class of 1933
Beard, Elsie
Bohan, Mike
Bowell, Bob
Bowles, Paul
Byrum, Martha
Cloern, Lawrence
Conyers, Annie Laurie
Davis, Woodrow
Donahue, Dan
Fox, Irene (Mrs Walter Adams)
Gamblin, Douglas
Hicks, Thomas
Long, Agnes
McGregor, Woodrow
Mitchell, Opal
Newbold, Hazel
Newton, Ernest Jr
O'Bannon, James K
Offutt, Sam Jr
Oldham, Louise (Mrs Jimmie Phalan)
Randolph, Margaret
Reid, Kathrine
Robinson, Frances (Mrs Bill Smith)
Shaver, Nat
Smith, Hazel
Thomas, James
Todd, Helen (Mrs George Walker)
Todd, James
Trover, Loman
Class of 1932
Anderson, Ruth
Blue, Lila Mae
Conyers, Martha
Fox, Iva
Gribble, Charles
Harris, Ellwood
Harris, Hazel (Mrs Gene Gamble)
Harris, Jack
Ivy, Virgil
Keown, Edward
Lamb, Flynn
Larmouth, Raymond
Long, Hylda
Sadler, Kathleen
Tilford, Virginia
Trover, Vera
Woodruff, Farris
Class of 1931
Ambrose, Neva
Browder, Geneva
Cothran, Manor
Coyle, John Jr
Dexter, Maggie
Donahue, Ann
Durham, Carlyn (Mrs Ansel Long)
Fox, Harold
Freeman, Duke
Graham, Rozelle
Hammers, Ernest
High, Ola (Mrs Wm. Bullock)
Jones, Edward
Lynn, Allie (Mrs Houston Tucker)
Lynn, Cammye (Mrs Dallas Bowles)
Mahan, John
Martin, Gladys
Martin, Mattie
Miller, Helen
Owen, Leslie
Price, Opal
Price, Paul
Scott, Ella Mae (Mrs Harold Williams)
Teague, Artie
Veasey, Wm.
Woodis, Ruby (Mrs Rozelle Graham)
Class of 1930
Brewster, Elane (Mrs Ewing Flatt)
Campbell, Helen
Cloern, Annie Laurie (Mrs Bryan Martin)
Davis, Jesse
Devault, Carmen (Mrs C R Greer)
Fox, Fannie (Deceased 1933)
Hibbs, Thelma
Lacey, Jerold
Lacey, Johnnie Ruth
Lantrip, Minnie May (Mrs Fred Downey)
Lynn, Virginia (Mrs Paul Whitfield)
Magenheimer, Curtis
Oates, Virginia (Mrs Harlo Neathery)
Oldham, John
Priest, Hilda
Shaver, Julia
Stewart, Keathern
Trover, Kathleen (Mrs Harry Davis)
Whitsell, John Jr
Class of 1929
Coleman, James
Day, Ruby
Eberlee, W.R.
Hight, Dicie (Mrs Gaston Crowley)
Martin, Laura (Mrs Vernon Adcock)
Meyers, Grace
Miles, Charlie
Nelson, Helen (Mrs Carl O Shride)
Pryor, Laura Ellen
Randolph, Gene
Shaver, Frances (Mrs Geo. Adkins)
Stearsman, Artie
Class of 1928
Adams, Mabel (Mrs James Dagley)
Barnett, Marie (Mrs Chas M Johnson)
Carrigan, Leitha
Cothran, Ruth
Coyle, Martha (Mrs Q. Thompson)
Farmer, Willie
Gamble, Eugene
Ivy, Eugene
Phillips, Elizabeth (Mrs Herbert B Walters)
Ray, Robert
Shaw, Lucy (Mrs Ervin Rhodes)
Vannoy, Frederick
Walker, Horace
Whitfield, Eva
Wyatt, Frances (Mrs Frank Stokes)
Class of 1927

Fox, Virginia (Mrs Cecil Barnett)
Hight, Nola
Long, Raymond
Price, Vera
Randolph, Mary Moore
Sadler, Helen
Salmon, Wm. D.
Sisk, Eugene
Stearsman, Lucy (Mrs Earl Ockerman)
Utterback, Naomi (Mrs Frank Kitezke)
Class of 1926
Bowles, Carl
Browning, Helen
Day, Delmer
Durham, Marguerite (Mrs Hugh Lane)
Martin, Lora (Deceased 1932)
Nichols, Opal (Mrs Russell Piles)
Shaver, Werdna (Mrs J B Patterson)
Stearsman, Ruby
Thomas, Maud (Mrs Carroll Simons)
Class of 1925
Adams, Ollie Lee
Bowles, Clarice (Mrs Paul Martin)
Day, Ruth (Mrs Earl Hamby)
Fox, Lena H (Mrs Albert C Hofrichter Jr)
Price, Edith (Mrs Hubert Reid)
Price, Ruby (Mrs Dick Crafton)
Smith, George
Stodghill, Mabel
Woodard, John
Class of 1924
Miles, Harold
Newton, Virginia
Walker, Geo.
Class of 1923
Lovan, Marguerite (Mrs Geo. Craig)
Lynn, Vergie
Magenheimer, Edward
Mitchell, Marion (Mrs J R Mitchell)
Stearsman, Hazel (Mrs Jasper Wilkerson)
Veazey, Mary (Mrs Jas A Maxwell)
Webb, Buford
Class of 1922
Ashby, Mary Lou (Mrs Ed Marye)
Brown, Florence (Mrs Chas Wallis)
Higgins, Aubin
Howell, Edith (Mrs Robert Davenport)
Long, Carrie
Long, Cecil
Mothershead, Sara Beth (Mrs Mansfield Martin)
Newton, Louise
Nichols, Jimmie (Mrs Carl Huff)
Shaver, Elmo (Dec)
Thomas, Pauline
Tresh, Guy
Veazey, Virgie Lee (Mrs Jim Burton, Dec)
Class of 1921
Barnett, Cecil
Hamby, Adrian
Long, Beatrice (Mrs Clarence Collins)
O'Bryant, Edna (Mrs Wallace Jones)
Offutt, Dorothy
Rash, Elizabeth (Mrs Elizabeth Willis)
Class of 1920
Scarbrough, Flora J
Class of 1919
Adams, Bertha (Mrs C W McKinsey)
Blackwell, Bessie
Campbell, Lillian Opal (Mrs Lewis Teague)
Corbett, Dorothy (Mrs M D Kelly)
Crenshaw, Hattie Polk (Mrs W Giannini)
Fenwick, John
Fugate, Fannie (Mrs Everett Marshall)
McCord, Daphna (Mrs Ray O'Bannon)
Tilford, C.P.
Vaughn, Dennis
Walker, Dewey (Deceased 1934)
West, Anna (Mrs John Hanna)
West, Thelma (Mrs Chas. Young)
Whitford, Gladys (Mrs Kenneth Nisbet)
Class of 1918
Ashby, Hazel (Mrs Robert Dixon)
Crutchfield, Sara
Parker, Laura (Mrs Carter Seward)
Shaver, Mildred (Mrs Harry Millen)
Class of 1917
Hamby, Rex
Jones, Paul
Jones, Wallace
Lipscomb, Flora (Mrs Cliff Lynn)
Umstead, Karl
Walker, Gladys (Mrs Earl O'Bannon)
Wilson, Irene (Mrs Harry E Hart)
Wilson, Myrtle (Mrs V B Pallardy)
Class of 1916
Clark, Wallace
Craig, Monroe
Featherstone, Tommie
Hodge, Annie (Mrs Lavan Sullivan)
Ray, Lionel
Shaver, Doris
Whitford, Jack
Class of 1915
Long, Elizabeth (Deceased 1930)
Sisk, Villa (Mrs Basil Ramsey)
Stokes, Fern
Class of 1914
Arnold, Edgar
Dudley, Margaret
Oldham, Ethel (Mrs Hardy Wyatt)
Sisk, Ida Lee (Mrs Garnett G Stringer)
Class of 1913
Fenwick, Connie (Mrs Hansbrough Foard)
Kemp, Margaret (Mrs Thomas Ryan)
Lynn, Agnes (Mrs Hal Thompson)
Sisk, Kress