Est. 1870

Earlington Reservoir & Park Earlington Reservoir and park
The Reservoir
Another view
J W Million School J W Million school, 1905-1965
Welcome to Earlington Downtown Earlington, looking north.
Building to the left is the police department. To the right is the parking lot and beyond that the railroad tracks that run thru Earlington. Standing in front of sign and looking west.
Earlington Site of the railroad depot, no longer here.
Standing in front of the Earlington sign above, this is to my right, behind me and across the tracks.
Want to see?
 Standing in front of the historical marker above and looking south on Hwy 41. About 2 miles north on Hwy 41 is the city limit for Madisonville. South is Barnsley, Mortons Gap, Nortonville and on into Christian County.
Further south
 Earlington Post Office
 Oakwood Cemetery
This cemetery is huge. . . approximately 4 city blocks long and 2 blocks wide in places. I've taken numerous photos from various positions. It was cold and windy the day I took them so most of the photos were taken from inside my car.
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[ Immaculate Conception photo 2]
Assembly of God: [Photo 1 ~ Photo 2]
First Baptist: [Photo 1 ~ Photo 2]
General Baptist: [Photo 1]
First Christian: [Photo 1 ~ Photo 2]
Trinity Chapel CME: [Photo 1 ~ Photo 2]