Hopkins County Sports

1965-66 West Hopkins High School Rebels Basketball Team

1965-66 Rebels Basketball Front row: Mgr. Ricky Kingery, Kirby Bridges, Dickie Cates, Larry Towe, Jim Beshear, Larry Riggs, Mgr. Bill Tittsworth.

Back row: Coach Gary Morgan, Bob Helm, Jim Childers, John Thorpe, John Tapp, Rick Thorpe, Asst. Coach Larry Hallum.

Coach Gary Morgan was a star basketball player at Charleston High School, graduating in 1957. He once scored 44 points in a game for the Bearcats. He played basketball his freshman year for Murray State University. Coach Morgan began as a basketball coach at Charleston High School, then in 1963 at West Hopkins, where he coached for many years, eventually becoming Principal of West Hopkins High School.


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