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West Hopkins 1967-68 Rebels Basketball Team

Kneeling: Gary Rogers, Charles Tapp, John Thorpe, Bob Helm, John Tapp, Mgr. Wallace Wood.

Standing: Coach Gary Morgan, Kenneth Kirkwood, Rick Thorpe, Jim Beshear, Donald Mitchell, Sam Kirkwood, Mike Barron, Asst. Coach Larry Hallum.

Jim Beshear was elected to the 1968 All-7th District Tournament Team, and was also named to the 1967-68 All-County Basketball Team, HM. He was a four year starter for the Rebels. He would later become boys head coach at West Hopkins High School, and at present [Aug 2005] is a Vice-Principal at Hopkins County Central High School.


Submitted by: Rick Thorpe
Registry: #0000262

1967-68 Rebels