I have the following info on Daniel and Titus Fox:

Daniel Fox was born 12/1784 in Wilkes Co NC and died 12/13/1848 in Hopkins Co Ky.
   Married: Elizabeth Davis
    father: William Davis * b.6/8/1761 in Virginia,d.2/6/1838 in Hopkins Co. Ky.
    mother: Anna Loving * b.4/28/1766 in Powhaten Co Va,d.6/8/1838 in Anderson Co Va

Daniel's father: Titus Fox b.1760 in NC,d.6/22/1825 in Hopkins Co. Ky
  mother: Elizabeth Wright

Titus' father: James Fox b.4/23/1743 in Beaufort Co.SC,d.abt.1812 in Hopkins Co. Ky
  mother: unknown

James' father: David Fox b.abt.1730,d.unknown mother: unknown

David's father: Henry Fox 3rd b.1674,d.unknown
  mother: Mary Claiborne b.aft.1678,d.unknown

Henry 3rd's father: Henry Fox 2nd b.1650 in Virginia,d.1714
   mother: Anne West b. unknown, d. unknown

Henry 2nd's father: Henry Fox b.1624,d.unknown
  mother: unknown

Henry's father: John Fox b. unknown, d. unknown
  mother: unknown

John's father: Thomas Fox b. unknown, d. unknown
  mother: unknown

Thomas' father: John Foxe b.1516 in Boston,England,d.4/18/1587 in London, England
  mother: Agnes Randall b.1521 in Suffolk, England, d. unknown

* William Davis' parents: Jacob (Jack) Bonaparte Davis b.1725 in Virginia,d.6/25/1790
  Nancy Sisk b.abt.1739 in Virginia, d. unknown

*Anna Loving's parents: Gabriel Loving Sr. b.1725 in Powhaten Co.Va, d. unknown
  ? Bond b.1727 in Powhaten Co.Va,d.1779

Submitted by: pholle [pholle@sentco.net]