Earlington High School
1942-43 Baseball Team

Front Row: Batboy on the left is Levon Dempsey, on the right is Morris Yates.

2nd Row L to R: Denzil Hammers, Duck Carlton (#7), Bob Edmonson, James McElroy (catcher's vest), Bill Stokes, Poochie Stokes (mgr)

3rd Row: (squatting) Bob Brooks (with arm showing between Nornie & unknown in 2nd row), James Larmouth (#7), Wesley Coffman (leaning toward 1st row), "Little Poochie" Carmon Stokes

Back rows: Walter Fitch ("E" cap),"Harpo" Hill (at back), ___ Ligon (#9), Jewell Larmouth #1, Kelly Miller (Dawson), James Larmouth (#7, squatting), Roe Lanman (#17, Dawson), John Larmouth (standing a bit back), Raymond Larmouth (#12), Scott Alexander (#10)