Yellow Jackets

1946-47 Season Team, Earlington High School

This photo was taken several years ago in a glass frame which could not be removed.
The photo was terribly dark and wouldn't display well online.
I have lightened it considerable and although you can now make
out the kids faces you also see the reflections, glass etc.
If anyone has another copy of this, not under glass, would you
scan it and send to either myself or Ann? Thanks much! -nt
 top row l to r: Denzil Hammers (Ass't coach), Kenneth Keown (Mgr), Bobby Lansden, Bill Taylor, Dewey Grant, Pat Weir (Coach), Charles Valentine (Mgr).

middle row: Bill Stokes, Ed Barnett, Fred Davis, Charles Beeny, Poochie Stokes.

front row: Tommy Buchanan, Joe Stokes, Pete Gill, Buddy Fenwick, Bob Fox.

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