Spanish American War [1898] Veterans

  • Walter Norwood Martin, Printer, Earlington Bee, writer. [Photo]

  • Carl Woolfolk [Photo]

  • Elgie Goodloe [Photo]

  • Albert Larmouth, Bugler Newspaper writer, Earlingtoon Bee [Photo] [Photo in later years]

  • Hugh C Griffin [Photo]

  • Capt Paul P Price, father of Charles Price & Edith Price Reid. He was stationed at Henderson with Co "G". [Photo] [1906 Photo]
    Inspection of 3rd Regiment. Henderson. Capt Houle (Howe?) & Col. Henry w/staff. Capt Deweese (of lst Bn. appears to be holding sword in left hand). Capt Paul Price standing immediately behind Capt Deweese with left hand at his belt. (Photo of Ann Price Cummings, gdau) [Photo]
    Bottom of photo says: Camp Harris, Henderson Aug 21st to 30th 1906 Co "G" brought home the Regimental Medal for best score on target range. Can't beat us - Yours Capt Paul Price (photo of Ann Price Cummings, g-dau) [Photo]

  • John Mitchell

  • Napoleon Warfield (Black soldier who stormed San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt)

  • Last Mans Club, 1936

  • 1906 Henderson,Ky. 3rd Reg. (Photo from Ann Price Cummings) [Photo]