Colored American Legion Post 171


I have a copy of an old application for a "Colored American Legion Post 171" in Earlington which lists WW I Black veterans eligible as" having served in the military or naval forces of the US between Apr 6, '17 & Nov 11, 1918."

It was to be known as the Robert Hill Post. Application was in 1928.

Robert Hill
Frank B Ryan
John L Parks
Eugene C Gruef (?)
Otho H Gooch (resided at 219 Moss)
Rolland Kimbreu (?)
Miles Earls
Rufus Bacoti (or Bucote)
Willie Hanes(resided at 110 Moss)
Marchall Maxwell (resided at 314 Oakwood)
John Killens (?)
Robert Forte
Polk Johnson
Henry Washington
Saintie Morris
Mack D Osbond.

I will search for photos of these men. It is the only leads I have had of WW I Black veterans.