Rabbit Ridge

If Beulah has a suburb then Rabbit Ridge is it.

The community of Rabbit Ridge got its name from a man named Chester Wyatt. When Highway 109 was built through the area, it took a corner of land owned by Wyatt. He wasn't a wealthy man, but he decided to make the best of the highway coming through.

Wyatt built a tiny shack right at the edge of his land and stocked it with things like gum, chewing tobacco and cigarettes. Wyatt's tiny store was right on the highway and a welcome sight to travelers.

The road deadended just beyond Wyatt's store and that area became known as "Backout," because the only way to get out was to back out.

In later years the road was extended and Wyatt's store, having become a success in its own right was moved further up the road and enlarged. He still sold the old standbys, but expanded his stock to include more items that were in demand.

He didn't carry quite enough for one traveler though. The weary and ravenously hungry man came into Wyatt's store and made the comment that even a jack rabbit traveling through the area would have to bring his lunch with him. After a hearty laugh Wyatt began referring to the area as Rabbit Ridge... and the name stuck.

A small store called Bud and Jan's Grocery still stand in Rabbit Ridge. It serves as the local gathering and gossip stop for residents hungry for the latest stories of the community. The present grocery is just a short distance from the location of the original store.

This feature story originally appeared in the The Messenger in the small towns section of their "Changing Face of Hopkins County" on September 6, 1996 and was written by Slone Hutchison, a summer intern from Murray State University working with The Messenger to gain practical news papering skills during her summer vacation.

My thanks to The Messenger for granting permission to publish on the Hopkins County, Kentucky KyGenWeb page.

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