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This Breweries page was the brainchild of the former coordinator, Patrick Hays.  It is placed here in recognition of his research in hopes that it might inspire someone else to continue to pursue it.  Considering the German influence in Louisville, this link may change to a link off of the Heritage pages, but for now, it will remain here for your perusal and respective.  Period studies of certain business ventures or institutions can tell us a lot about ourselves.

{The idea for this page came from the book "Louisville Breweries: A History of the Brewing Industry in Louisville, Kentucky, New Albany and Jeffersonville, Indiana" by Peter Guetig and Conrad D. Selle. However, since this book is available for purchase and still copyrighted, none of it will appear on this page. If you are interested in the subject of Breweries in Louisville, I strongly recommend purchasing this fascinating book!

I have seen it suggested that beer and religion, and the fear of such is one of the things that separated Louisville from the rest of Kentucky and has done so down to the present. There are 65 breweries that are covered in the above mentioned book. Many of those 65 breweries were small breweries that were formed by German immigrants, mostly Catholics, soon after their arrival in the new world. They did what they knew best in Germany, make beer. Interestingly enough, however, several of those early brewers came from an area of Germany where wine is the alcohol of choice. Of the 65 breweries covered in "Louisville Breweries", only 3 survived prohibition, Oertel's, Frank Fehr and Falls City.

NOTE: I do not drink and have never drank alcohol. This page is here for research purposes only.}

Patrick Hays


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