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Louisville & Jefferson County Yearbooks Online
This page will hold those links to yearbooks of yesteryear derived from local schools and churches.   You may very well find someone from your family.   People love pictures, as well as the data that can be obtained from them.
Yearbook Links
KyGenWeb Project School Photos and Yearbooks
U.S. School Yearbooks
BookBuyer Yearbooks
City and County School Yearbooks
Ahrens Trade High School 1956
Dupont Manual's "The Crimson":  1914 - 1930-34 - 1937 - 1947
Jefferson School of Law "The Jeffersonian":  1940
J. M. Atherton High School "The Atherton Annual":  1927, Senior Yearbook 1944, "The Torch" 1957
Louisville Collegiate School, 1930
Louisville Girl's School, "The Record" 1910
Louisville Male High School "The Bulldog":  1933, Senior Play Program 1946, 1966
Louisville Normal School "The Quill":  1930, 1931
Sacred Heart Academy's "Angeline" yearbook, 1934
University of Louisville "The Thoroughbred":  1930
Local Church Publications & Yearbooks
Lynnhurst Reformed Church, 1926
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