June 25, 1914



Who Will Instruct the Children For the 1914 School Term


The following is a list of the teachers who will teach in the different

common school districts of the county the coming school terms. 

The majority of the teachers will begin their work about the first of next month.


Athertonville-----V. M. Creal & Mrs. Eliza Wilson

Barren Run-----W. E. Duckworth

Brooks-----Sallie Self

Carter-----Addie Nicholas

Clark-----Ida Darnell

Corinth-----Katherine Laha

Cross Roads-----Maude Bayne

Edlin-----Lula Duncan

Farmer-----John W. Creal

Ferrill-----Claude Ferrill

Friend-----Linnie Durham

Gleanings-----Fannie Ford

Gravelly Point-----Annie Maye Mather

Grimes-----J. T. Farris

Jericho-----J. R. Wilson

Keith-----M. L. Hunphrey

Kennady-----Mamie Washer

Knob-----Mrs. Mary Abell

Leafdale-----Owen Jones

Level Woods-----Ethlyn Friend

Lincoln Spring-----George Beauchamp

Lyons-----Kate Self & Bertha Orrender

Magnolia-----Mrs. Hal Thomas

Morning Star-----E. J. Thompson

Morrison-----Elsie Williams

Mt. Sherman-----Ray Keith

Mt. Tabor-----Waller Underwood

Nichols-----Katherine Miller

Oak Hill-----Mattie Cleaver

Orrendersburg-----Lillian Dye

Parkers Grove-----Etta Orrender

Poteet-----I. W. Skaggs

Price-----Jennie Nicholas

Siberia-----Edna Hudgins

Spencer-----Glen Holland

Stone House-----Rosa Thurman

Tally-----Warren Keith

Tonieville-----Eula Cisell

Walters-----Perry Meers

West-----Lila Friend

Wheeler-----Cad Thurman

Wilkins-----Naomi Enlow


The teachers will have about a month of school work before the opening

of the teacher’ Institute which will be conducted here August 10th to 14th

by Prof. T. C. Cherry of the Western State Norman School at Bowling Green.