17 JAN 184313 NOV 1875


(Date in parentheses is the date the Will was recorded after their death)

(Page number “Pg.” is listed after the date)


 I have listed each name as it was written, if I could read it.  If I couldn’t read a name or some of the letters I have underlined ???  for those names or letters. If there was a question about the name I put a (?) beside it. 



Name                                Names mentioned in the Will

Abell, R. A.                       Wife Polly; has children not named (12 JAN 1860, Pg.94)

Allen, David                     Alfred Allen (26 MAY 1853, Pg.63)

Allen, E. J.                        Wife Nancy Ann; Sarah E. Allen; Mary J. Allen; Rosety(?) G. Allen; James E. Allen; (9 MAR 1869, Pg.158)

Ashcraft, Jacob                Daniel K. Ashcraft; John Ashcraft; Nancy Ashcraft; Mary Ashcraft; Elmira Cline(?); Elizabeth Cravens (15 JUN 1860, Pg.95)

Baird, John                       Wife Elizabeth; John Baird; Williminie Beard; Joseph Beard; Catherine Bard; Samuel Bard; George M. Moore; William C. Moore; Thomas B. Moore; C. H. Moore; Mary Brown; Sarah Moore; Elizabeth Lee; Nancy Baird; Thomas Baird CODICAL  Sarah Moore; Thomas B. Moore; Henry Moore; James Moore; Mary C. Moore (15 JUN 1846, Pg.30)                 

Bayne, Joshua                  Wife Susan S.; Sarah I. Rodes (30 DEC 1865, Pg.140)

Beauchamp, George B.   Wife Lydia; Stephen A. Beauchamp; Sarah M. Beauchamp; Nancy L. Beauchamp; Zerilda Beauchamp (1 JUN 1870, Pg.168)

Beeler, Charles                Wife Inlict(?) Ann; Adaline Beeler; John Henry Beeler; Mary Jane Beeler (31 MAY 1849, Pg.41)

Beeler, Dorsey                 Wife Elenor; Atkinson H. Beeler (26 MAY 1845, Pg.27)

Beeler, William                Wife Nancy; Francis Beeler; James A. Beeler; Jefferson Beeler; Christopher Beeler; Richard P. Beeler; Margaret Hagen(?); Nancy Miller; Magdalane Miller; Elizabeth Hagen(?); Richard Ha???hill; Mary Hunt; George W. Beeler (4 MAR 1861, Pg.101)

Boon, John                       Wife Elizabeth; Milley Ann Cissell; Charles Boon; William Boon; Thomas Boon; Daniel Boon; James Boon; Nancy Dawson (21 JUL 1874, Pg.210)

Boon, William                   Wife Eliza Ann; Jack Boon; J. R. Riney; (1 MAR 1873, Pg.200)

Braden, Dennis(?) P.        Wife Mary; Rachel P. B. Braden; Eliza H. Braden; Alonzo D. Braden; Henry C. Braden; Lydia Braden; Catherine E. Braden; Elizabeth Durbin; Mary Deaver; Susan Durbin; -----James Culver and wife Lydia; Collis Durbin and wife Elizabeth; James Deaver and wife Mary (Rachel P. B. Braden may be Rachel Braden & P. B. Braden) (9 JAN 1855, Pg.68)

Brewer, Michael              William Brewer; Milly Brewer; Peter M. Brewer; John W. Brewer; Washington R. Brewer; Thomas B. Brewer (4 SEP 1874, Pg.212)

Brewer, Samuel                Charity Howell; Samuel Howell; Elizabeth Howell; Peter Brewer; Phebe Brewer; Isaac Brewer; Mary Jane Brewer (30 NOV 1852, Pg.54)

Brewer, William F.           Wife Mary (30 AUG 1861, Pg.103)

Brown, Thomas                Wife Lydia; has daughters not named. (11 AUG 1843, Pg.5)

Brownfield, George          Wife Nancy; Lucinda Brownfield; Kitty Ann Brownfield; J. Harvey Brownfield; Martha Brownfield; William Brownfield; George Brownfield; David Brownfield; Sarah Brownfield; Empson Brownfield; Jefferson Brownfield; John Brownfield; Elender Walsh; Calvin Brownfield (29 NOV 1851, Pg.44)

Brownfield, J. A.              Martha Middleton;  Sallie Terhune; W. W. Brownfield; David T. Brownfield; Alice Kirkpatrick; Emma Kirkpatrick; Edwin Brownfield; Emmett Brownfield; Mary Brownfield; George B. Middleton; Lizzie Middleton; Carrie Middleton; Sallie Brownfield (12 JUL 1872, Pg.188)

Brownfield, Lucinda         John Brownfield; Emp(?) Brownfield, Jefferson (26 SEP 1861, Pg.106)

Burba, Minerva               Husband R. Burba; William Kastor(?); Abigicial(?) H. Waggner; Telitha C. Keller; Miles(?) P. Burba; Erastus Burba; Parthemia M. Albert; Margaret L. Smith (29 APR 1873, Pg.202)

Burch, Francis                  Charles Burch; Walter Burch; Margaret McGill; Rebecca Dawson; Robert A. Burch; Dilila Beall(?); John Arnold Burch; John P. Burch (26 AUG 1856, Pg.74)

Burch, John H.                 Joshua Burch; Elizabeth Burch Fenwick; Samuel Burch; Therisa Burch Hayden; Mary Ann Burch Mattingly; Julia Ann Burch Abell; John H. Burch; Joseph Hayden              CODICAL Harrison Burch (10 MAR 1853, Pg.60)         

Burch, Walter                   Wife Mariah; has children not named (30 OCT 1863, Pg.120)

Cahill, J. J. B.                   Wife Mary (22 FEB 1853, Pg.55)

Carter, Eliza Jane            Eliza Fergerson; Ida May (14 DEC 1872, Pg.192) 

Cash, Jerimah                  Felix Cash; Samuel Cash; Jane M.; Clayborn J. Cash; Job Cash; William Cash (23 JUL 1850, Pg.42)

Catlett, Nathan                Thomas Phelps; Mary J. Phelps; James Phelps; Mariah Jane Phelps; Isaac Catlett; William Catlett; Letetia Arnett; John Catlett; Sarah ?????; William Catlett; Letta Catlett; Mary Brewer (28 JUL 1863, Pg.116)

Cheltz, John                      Wife Peggy (25 MAR 1859, Pg.88)

Cheltz, Peggy                   Husband John Cheltz; Marinda Cheltz (5 APR 1864, Pg.125)

Childress, William A.       Wife Mary E. (1 JUL 1875, Pg.224)

Churchill, John                 Mary(?) Churchill   (18 OCT 1866, Pg.150)

Cissell, Leletia                 William Cissell; George Cissell; Susan Cissell; Walter Cissell; Rosa Jane Middleton (6 OCT 1854, Pg.64)

Cissell, Robert                 Wife Juliann; Eleanor (wife of Joseph Hagan); Mary Ann Cissell; Eliza (wife of Stephen LaFolett); Terresa (wife of S. B. Nall); Elizabeth Cissell; Amanda Ann Cissell; Charles Cissell; Jane Cissell (2 JUN 1861, Pg.102)

Cofer, J. Wesley              Wife Rebecca; W. F. Cofer; J. W. Cofer; Henrietta Collins Thomas R. Cofer; Ovid(?) Funk; W. C. Funk; Alice Funk; Robert Funk; William Funk (1 MAR 1875, Pg.214)

Cofer, T(?). W.                 Wife Mary F.; Wesley Cofer (4 OCT 1872, Pg.190)

Collins, John                     Wife Elizabeth; Benjamin Collins; Mary Collins; James Collins; Peter Collins; Joseph Collins (8 OCT 1859, Pg.91)

Coombs, William W.        Wife Sarah C.; has children not named (27 JUN 1862, Pg.109)

Coy, James N.                  Wife Charity; has children not named (12 JUN 1860, Pg.96)

Coy, John                         Wife Dolley; Daniel Coy; Cyrus J. Coy; (1 JUN 1870, Pg.170)

Crady, Sam                       Ann Haney; Malvina Haney; 3 children not named (Pg.30)

Dawson, Ignatious           James M. Dawson; John Dawson; Jesse Dawson; Matilda Shawler; Louise Burch; (son-in-law—Loyd Shawler) (4 MAY 1863, Pg.114)

Dawson, Ignatious           James M. Dawson; Jesse Dawson; Matilda Shawler; Elizabeth Shawler; Louisa Burch; John Dawson (son-in-law—Loyd Shawler) (4 MAY 1864, Pg.126)

Dixon, George                  Wife Mary; John T. Dixon; Cornelius M. Dixon; George W. Dixon; Mary E. Dixon; Thomas Dixon; James Dixon (18 SEP 1866, Pg.144)

Durham, William              Wife Mary; Margaret Ashby Durham; Mary Susan Durham; Benjamin Durham (12 NOV 1860, Pg.99)

Dye, Martin K.                Wife Mary; John W. Dye; James O. Dye; Robert I. Dye; William R. Dye; Charles C. Dye; Joseph M. Dye; Martha A. ship; Marcius J. Dye; Ellen D. Dye; Mary Dye (6 JUL 1855, Pg.67)

Dyer, D. W.                      Wife Hannah E.; has children not named (1 FEB 1875, Pg.214)

Easter(?), William            Evalina Easter(?); Patsy Middleton; John Middleton; John Easter(?) (19 MAR 1866, Pg.143)

Enlow, Abraham               Isham Enlow; Malvina/Malinda Wallace; Louisa Brown(?); Mary Kennedy; A. V. Enlow; R. M. Enlow; Abraham Enlow (26 DEC 1861, Pg.108)

Enlows, Robert M.           Wife Mary E.; Sarah Enlows; Nancy Enlows; Robert Enlows; John Enlows (8 SEP 1869, Pg.165)

Fairleigh, George             Wife Elizabeth; has children not named (28 NOV 1846, Pg.37)

Farris, John A.                 Wife Mary A. (23 DEC 1856, Pg.78)

Fisher, John B.                 Wife Juliett (10 DEC 1870, Pg.177)

Ford, Robert                     Clayton; 1 child not named (10 APR 1857, Pg.79)

George, Samuel               Wife Nancy; Charles Servis(?); Richard Case (22 FEB 1853, Pg.58)

Granger, Ralph                Wife Catharine Van Ness; Francis Granger; John Albert Granger (Gideon Granger is Ralph’s father) (17 FEB1845, Pg.20)

Handley, George              Clarissa; Kitty (12 NOV 1875, Pg.227)

Harned, William B.          Wife Ellen; Thomas M. Harned (27 AUG 1862, Pg.111)

Hase(?), Michael             Wife Sallie; John; Joseph; Sallie (1 JUN 1870, Pg.167)      

Hazel, Sarah                     Polly Ca???; Mahala Skaggs; Belinda Huber; Elizabeth Pierce (28 JUL 1863, Pg.118)

Henderson, R. V.             William B. Henderson; (9 MAR 1869, Pg.159)

Hill, Nancy                       Jude Hedspeth; Mary L. Scott; Permilia A. Allen; James C. Hedspeth (16 NOV 1871, Pg.183)

Hodge, Morton                Wife Jane (29 JAN 1872, Pg.187)

Hodgen, Jacob                 Wife Frances P.; Sara Elizabeth Mudd; John T. Hodgen; (6 SEP 1867, Pg.155)

Hornback, Daniel             Wife Margaret; Daniel Hornback; J.(?) William Hornback; Miles Hornback; James Hornback; Mary Corum(?); Rebecca Ireland; Margarett Morris; Jacob Hornback; Peter Hornback; Elizabeth Morris; Sarah Kathearine Hornback; Martha J. Hornback; Elmira Hornback; Melvina Hornback (30 DEC 1859, Pg.92)

Howell, Susanna               David Howell (4 NOV 1845, Pg.29)

Huss, John                        Wife Ellen; Malvina Brashear; Nancy Brashear; Charles Huss; William Huss; Wyand(?) P. Huss; Precious Ellen Huss; Artemisia Huss; Parthenia Walters (15 OCT 1865, Pg.138)

Johnson, Francis W.        Mariah T.; Philiom(?) C. Johnson; Robert E. Johnson; John A. Johnson; Eliza M. Puyear; Sarah M. Clayton (25 MAR 1859, Pg.87)

Kennady, Pheba               Sallie R. Read; Susan H. Churchill; William Rogers (8 NOV 1870, Pg.174)

Kennedy, John                 Wife Lucinda; has children not named (25 JAN 1860, Pg.94)

Kennedy, Thomas            Parents Thomas & Phebe Kennedy; Samuel I/J Kennedy (15 APR 1864, Pg.124) 

King, John                        Melvina King; Ann King; Liza King; Robert King; (had 13 children) (16 JUN 1846, Pg.34)

Kinkade, Robert              Wife Elizabeth; John Kinkade; Robert Kinkade; Eber(?) Kinkade; Smauel Kinkade; William Kinkade; 3 daughters not named; Elizabeth Jane Ketchum; William Kinkade; James Kinkade (3 AUG 1857, Pg.81)

Kirkpatrick, Gabriel        Samuel W. Kirkpatrick; Susan A. Kirkpatrick; Emma T. Kirkpatrick; Mary J. ?????; Ellen E. Mather; William Kirkpatrick; Edward Kirkpatrick; Adaline E. Brownfield; Amanda S. Larue; Martha A. Brownfield; (sons-in-law—Cary W. Mather & Jefferson Brownfield (10 MAY 1858, Pg.85)

Lambert, Hiram               Robert Slack; Mary Ann Slack; Louisa Slack; John Lambert (28 APR 1852, Pg.50)

Lang/Long, Andrew         Wife Nancy Jane; has children not named (20 DEC 1857, Pg.82)

LaRue, John                     Squire J. LaRue (10 OCT 1866, Pg.149)

LaRue, John J.                 Wife Lucy Ellen (6 MAR 1866, Pg.142)

LaRue, John M.               Wife Burnetta W.; Charles R. LaRue; Mary E. Clark (22 FEB 1853, Pg.57)

LaRue, Joseph                 Wife Lucinda; Margaret B. Tarpley, Squire LaRue; Isaac Thompson LaRue; Joseph LaRue; Elizabeth A. Tarpley; A. M. Tarpley; Joseph Tarpley. (12 SEP 1944, Pg.18)

Lasley, Mary                   Husband Samuel P. Lasley; Treasy Pike; (10 NOV 1875, Pg.225)

Laurence, Charles           Charles Lawrence; Nancy; Rachel (27 JUL 1857, Pg.80)

Martin, Robert                 Wife Annie; Mary Chelts; Samuel P. Martin (30 JUL 1869, Pg.162)

Martin, Thomas               Wife Faney Masier (15 JUN 1846, Pg.33)

Martin, William                Caroline Kaster (30 APR 1874, Pg.207)

Martin, William L.           Wife Sarah; William D. Martin & wife Sarah; Henry P. Martin; Harriett A. Martin; Sarah A. Martin; Corrintha C. Martin; James W. Martin; Pascal W. Martin (2 DEC 1857, Pg.83)

Mason, John                    Wife Hannah; Monroe Mason; Johanna Mason; Elizabeth Mason; Benjamin Mason (28 NOV 1846, Pg.35)

Mather, C. W.                  Wife Ellen; Gabril Mather; Henry M. Mather (11 JUN 1875, Pg.221)

Matherly, Henry B.         Mason Matherly; Serada(?) Matherly (20 NOV 1873, Pg.206)

Mattingly, Thomas          Wife Elizabeth P.; Alexander S. Mattingly (7 NOV 1866, Pg.151)

McGavock, Hugh            James McGavock; Joseph McGavock; Jacob McGavock; Robert McGavock; Randal McGavock; Hugh McGavock; Sally McGavock; Polly Clay(?)  (6 AUG 1864, Pg. 128)

Middleton, Elijah             Wife Mary Ann; Elizabeth Mudd; Kitty Ann Froman; Wesley Froman; John W. Middleton; Elijah Froman (4 JUL 1860, Pg.97)

Miller, John                      George H. T. Miller; John M. Tichnor; Jacob T. Miller; Mary J. Wright; Martha A. Sutton; John A. Miller; Russell H. Miller; Sarah B. Miller, Lewis T. Miller; Ellen M. Miller (6 AUG 1864, Pg. 133)

Miller, Samuel R.            Wife Rebecca; Samuel I.(?) Miller; Henry Coleman Miller; Kitty Miller; Jane Miller (30 DEC 1863, Pg.122)

Morrison, Absey              Dareus(?) C. Morrison; Andrew M. Morrison (11 AUG 1855, Pg.84)

Nevitt, Ann V.                  Th??? T. Nevitt; Mary Nevitt; Rebeca A. Nevitt; Charles F. Howard; Sarah Ann Nevitt; (18 SEP 1866, Pg.146)

Nevitt, Joseph A.             Wife Nancy B.; Thomas Taylor Nevitt; Joseph A. Nevitt; Rebecca A. Nevitt; Franklin Howard; Mary J. Nevitt (18 AUG 1865, Pg.136)

Nevitt, Rebecca               Father Elder; Father Denulder(?); John Henry Nevitt; Taylor Nevitt; Sarah Ann Nevitt; Rebeca Nevitt; Adam(?) Nevitt; Benton Nevitt; Mary Jane Howard; Mary B. Nevitt; Ann Nevitt; Lusian Howard (10 OCT 1866, Pg.147)

Nevitt, William B.            Wife Mary Jane; had children not named (10 MAR 1865, Pg.135)

Owlsey, B. W.                  Dr. James N. Owsley; W. B. Owsley; Susan LaRue(wife of S. J.); Sarah Thurman (wife of Tandy J.); Fammicum(?) Patterson (wife of Count A.); Margaret Metcalf (wife of George); Alice Bland (wife of Henry); John B. Owsley (5 MAR 1875, Pg.217)        

Parmur(?), Manly F.        Susan Parmur(?); Nancy Ann (29 MAY 1848, Pg.38)

Phelps, Anthony               Wife Nancy; Susannah Phelps; Lucy A. J. Routt; Robert Phelps; Liberty Phelps; Anthony Phelps; Eliza M. Dowell (may be Eliza McDowell); Sarah Howard; Lauma(?) Sympson; Thesdicia(?) Hornback(?) (8 SEP 1859, Pg.89)

Phelps, Liberty                 Anthony Phelps; David T. Phelps; Andrew Phelps; Nancy Orendor; John H. Phelps; Elizabeth Orendor; Anthony C. Phelps (30 AUG 1861, Pg.104)

Preston, William               Walter W. Combs (23 MAR 1852, Pg.49)

Price, Elisha                     M. B. Price; Thomas Price; Jefferson Price; Elisha Price Jr.; Cyntha A. Spratt; Elizabeth Hedspeth; Marticia Masterson; Aleena Price (5 MAR 1875, Pg.219)

Puckett, William M.         Wife Jane; James W. Puckett; William R. Puckett; Elizabeth A. Puckett; Louisa J. Puckett; Jonathan Puckett; Felix R. Puckett; Alexander Puckett; Francis Puckett; George W. Puckett; L. Puckett (6 SEP 1867, Pg.153)

Rachford, Hugh V.           Wife Fanny Eliza (27 SEP 1850, Pg.43)

Rachford, Katherine        Sarah Grimes; Flora Abell; Jane Thompson; Caroline Miller; Theax(?) Rachford; James Rachford; Robert Rachford; Henry Rachford; James Thompson; James Grimes (MAR 1871, Pg.181)

Ragland, William             Frances Buckner; Ann Ragland; Nancy Ragland; Mary Ragland; Elizabeth Ragland (28 MAR 1849, Pg.40)

Rathbone, Mary              Roligh & Malvina McIntire; Abraham Enlow; Rebecka Helm; Squire LaRue; Phebe Larue’s children; Margaret Walters; Elizabeth Fairleigh; Lydia Reade. (3 MAY 1843, Pg.2)

Redman, George P.         Wife Elizabeth (12 JUN 1860, Pg.97)

Rodman, G. W.                Wife Mary A. E.; Mary Burba; Sarah C. McIntire; James G. Rodman; Alice Rodman (28 JAN 11873, Pg.196)

Rodman, Jesse H.            Ursula Miller (wife of Thomas H.); William E. Rodman; David M. Rodman; Mary M. Hubbard (wife of Jason) 13 NOV 1875,

Savoree(?), Amos             John Savoree(?); Alsey Savoree(?) (25 FEB 1852, Pg.47)

Scott, Marshall                Wife Nancy; Philip R. Scott; James W. Scott; Mary A. Ferrill; Milton D. Scott; Lyda E. Moore; Lucretia Moore  CODICAL—Wife Nancy; Mary A. Ferrill; Phillip R. Scott (10 AUG 1869, Pg.164)

Sheckler, Elizth                Abraham Sheckler; servants Lucy, Billy, Milly & Martha (4 NOV 1845, Pg.28)                 

Slaughter, Robert C.        Gilly Dye; William Slaughter (24 JAN 1856, Pg.72)

Smith, Bartholomew         Wife Susan; Eliza E. Wilkins (9 JAN 1872, Pg.185)

Smith, James R.               Wife Martha; William Thomas Thompson; James Franklin Thompson; Chapman(?) Thompson; Mary Bell Smith (22 AUG 1864, Pg.134)

Stewart, James H.            Wife Harriett F.; George E. Stewart; has children not named (12 JAN 1856, Pg.70)

Sutten, Edmond                Wife Mary; R. F. Sutton (27 JUN 1873, Pg.204)

Tarrence, Polly                 Husband Allein(?) Tarrance (15 NOV 1860, Pg.99)

Thomas, Moses               Wife Grace; Young E. Thomas, John G. Thomas; Reasor R. & Gracy Thomas; Eliza Ann Thomas; Ellen Castleman                                                CODICAL—Young E. Thomas; Ellen & Milvilla Brown (children of James Brown); Grace Thomas; Eliza Ann Thomas; Mary Rusk; Reasor R. Thomas (15 AUG 1843, Pg.14)

Thomas, Philip J.              Martha Elizabeth; May(?) Ann Hill; Lucetta; John D. Thomas; Sarah Jane Wright (NOV 1870, Pg.175)

Thompson, Stephen         Wife Ann; Charles Thompson; William Thompson; Amanda; Emma (14 DEC 1872, Pg.193)

Torrance, Alvin                Wife Sarah Ann; John Tarrence; Nicholas McClellan Tarrance; (21 JAN 1875, Pg.213)

Twyman, Elijah                 Wife Mary K. Twyman; Thomas B. Twyman; ???? L. Twyman; Isham Twyman; Pascal; Mordica; Francis; Mary; Henry; Catharine. (29 MAR 1844, Pg.17)

Twyman, N. F.                  Julia A. Crop/Cross; William Franklin Hamilton; Mary F. Hamilton; James W. Twyman; I. W. Twyman (30 DEC 1870, Pg.179)

Upton, Silas D.                 Wife Magdalene (13 OCT 1870, Pg.173)

Vittitoe, Thomas              Wife Louisa; Thornton Vittitoe; Taylor Vittitoe; George Vittitoe; Charles Ice; (26 MAY 1853, Pg.62)

Vittitow, Daniel                Wife Precilla; Henry Wood (son of Hawkins Wood); Ellen Vittitow; (3 MAY 1843, Pg.1)

Walker, Dorcas                William Thomas Walker; Wesley Cofer (25 AUG 1852, Pg.53)

Walsh, William                 Nancy Brownfield; James H. Brownfield; William W. Brownfield; David T. Brownfield; Martha Middleton; Sarah Terhune; James A. Middleton; (28 NOV 1870, Pg.176) 

Walters, Andrew              Wife Sarah; Elizabeth Middleton; William Walters; Barnabus Walters; Nancy Redman; Sarah Walters; Sarah Redman; Polly Redman; Sarah Duncan; Grace Duncan; Martha Brashear; Margaret Ann Keith; Lucretia Walters (28 NOV 1856, Pg.76)

Walters, James                Margaret Keith (27 AUG 1862, Pg.113)

Walters, John                   Wife Cathrine; Jane Pace; Margaret Gardner; Hariett Cruse; Susan Bush; Walter Walters; Fielding Walters; Jefferson Walters (28 JUN 1870, Pg.171)

Weller, Samuel                 Wife Phebe; Margaret Ashbaugh; Sarah H. Thomas; Elizabeth J. Weller; Phebe Matilda Weller; James E. Weller; William S. Weller; Jacob F. Weller; George William Weller; Charles D. Weller; John H. Weller (21 DEC 1854, Pg.65)

Williams, Tracy(?)            Eura Straughn; Bennett Straughn; Mary Wilks; Hamilton Straughn; Flemmie(?) Straughn; Samuel Straughn; Mary Susan Straughn (29 JUL 1848, Pg.39)

Williams, Walter C.         Wife Emily; Jane Philips; Walter W. Coombs; Kitty Ann Jeffers; Cloe(?) Coombs                                               CODICAL—Jane Philips                                              CODICAL—Wife Emily (9 MAR 1869, Pg.160)

Williamson, J. Alexander    Wife Ann; Nancy Adell; Josephine; John W. Williamson; Charles C. Williamson (20 NOV 1868, Pg.156)

Winchester, Richard        Wife Lydia; John Winchester; Elizabeth Winchester (13 JUN 1843, Pg.3)

Wood, Nancy                    James H. Fisher; James Dougherty Sr.; Thomas Smith (24 MAR 1845, Pg.26)

Wright, Nancy                  James H. Wright (18 SEP 1866, Pg.145)