23 FEB 19208 NOV 1951


These wills are on microfilm located at the

LaRue County Public Library


(Date in parentheses is the date the Will was recorded after their death)

(Page number (Pg.) is listed after the date)



Name                                Names mentioned in the Will

Abell, Charles T.              Wife, Miriam; son, Louis P. Abell (27 FEB 1934, Pg. 204)

Abell, Herbert                  Children, Rhea Hill Abell, Roy Lee Abell & Linnie Lou Abell (24 JUN 1940, Pg. 336)

Abell, R. M.                     Daughter, Susan A. Tharp; sons, James M. Abell & William A. Abell; grandson, Alva Martin Tharp (27 APR 1950, Pg. 581)

Abell, J. A.                        Nephews and nieces, C. E. Mather, Cynthia Catlett, Alvia Abell, James Abell, Sudie Tharp, Oscar Walters, Addie Lee Mattingly, Bertha Pearl Jackson, Louis Abell, Thad Abell, Walter Abell, Charlie Hill & Edna Lee Wooten (24 OCT 1951, Pg. 630)

Allen, J. H.                       Wife, Celia; C. M. Allen; E. M. Allen; Mattie Dye; Leaner Moulum; Lydia Constant (23 MAY 1922, Pg. 23)

Allen, James H.                Wife, Beatrice K.; son not named (23 JUL 1945, Pg. 453)

Alvey, Mary B.                Husband, Thomas Alvey (29 MAR 1939, Pg. 315)

Anderson, Jennie H.        George F. Anderson; Roy Anderson; Margarete Anderson’s children, Elizabeth & Lillian; Charles F. Anderson’s daughter, Mary E.; Lillian Richardson; Charles D. Anderson; sister, Julia H. Stark; brother H. L. Harlan; niece, Laura McHurt; brother and his wife, Claudia Pusey Harlan and their children, Lettie & Elizabeth; nephew, James H. Stark; CODICIL: H. A. Richardson; William Faulconer; brother, J. M. Harlan & his 3 children, Georgia Hunt, James & Joseph; Julia; Laura; Hugh; Charles; Lettie (18 NOV 1935, Pg. 241)

Andrews, William             Wife, Ada; nieces, Christine Elizabeth Wilson, Mary Willie Wilson & Ada Lee Wilson (3 JUN 1948, Pg. 526)

Ash, James                       Wife, Ida Lee; CODICAL (9 JUL 1941, Pg. 355)

Ashcraft, Iona                  Husband, J. C.; Mary Ola Lee; Mattie Prehoda; Elisha E. Ashcraft; Roy L. Ashcraft; Gladys Prettyman; Sallie Lilja; Kathryn Hutton; Rosa Gillingham; Virginia Absher; Lucinda Lilja (22 JUL 1929, Pg. 137)

Ashcraft, John C.             Wife, Jania; Elisha E. Ashcraft; J. W. Ashcraft; 13 children not named (26 SEP 1927, Pg. 99)

Ashcraft, John                  Wife, Mollie (28 DEC 1931, Pg. 161)

Atherton, Alice F.             Margarette Hall; Flora Hall; Fannie Hall; M. R. Atherton (28 JUN 1938, Pg. 295)

Baird, J. M.                      Wife, Jessie; daughter, Thelma Baird Jarboe (30 MAR 1951, Pg. 610)

Bale, Solomon                  Wife, Sadie; Elvin Bale; John Bale (22 AUG 1921, Pg. 15)

Bale, Leslie Lee               Sisters, Tury Caroline Bale & Mary S. McCubbin; brothers, Thomas W. Bale, Marshall E. Bale, Shelby P. Bale & Cap A. Bale (27 SEP 1937, Pg. 280)

Bale, J. E.                         Daughters, Mary A. Scott, Kate Woodward Cramer, Dimie Scott & Carrie Warren; sons, William J. Bale, P. R. Bale & J. L. Bale; Son-in-law, W. F. Warren (27 SEP 1937, Pg. 281)

Bale, John D.                   Wife, Rosa (16 APR 1945, Pg. 449)

Bale, Martha E.               Sons, Orion, Ray & William L. Bale (19 JUN 1950, Pg. 588)

Barnett, Ellen                   Husband, Lewis Barnett; grandchildren, Florence Woodson,         Woody Price, Emma Brown, Ella Woodson, Clyde Miller, Eva Williams, Al Willie Price & Frank Price (23 MAY 1932, Pg. 169)     

Barnett, Laura                 Husband, Oscar L. Barnett; children, Ada Ash Castleman, Clarence Owen Ash & Leora Barnett Wright (23 NOV 1936, Pg. 260)

Bayne, H. G.                    Wife, Lou Conner; had children not named (27 OCT 1930, Pg. 155)

Beauchamp, W. F.            Son, J. H. Beauchamp; daughters, Lizzie Atherton, Florence Milby, Lillie Walker, Carrie Warren & Cora Clopton (28 OCT 1935, Pg. 236)

Bell, George W.               Wife, Mary Elizabeth; children not named (24 MAR 1941, Pg. 347)

Bell, Mary Elizabeth        Renunciation of Will; husband, George E. Bell (29 MAY 1941, Pg. 355)

Bell, J. T.                          Wife, Lizzie; son, Thomas E. Bell; grandson, Rodney Bell (18 JUN 1944, Pg. 434)

Bell, Laura                       Husband, William Emmett Bell; son, Elliott Kessler; Donald Bell & Salvia Gardner (children of husband W. E. Bell) (28 OCT 1950, Pg. 596)

Bennett, Elizabeth            Niece, Pearl Tucker & husband, G. T. Tucker (22 FEB 1937, Pg. 268)

Bennett, T. E.                   Wife, Leona Ethel (12 JUL 1948, Pg. 531)

Benningfield, Mary A.     Son, Howell Puckett; daughter, Eunice C. Benningfield Craddock; grandchildren, Harry H. Craddock, Mable Ruth Craddock & Willie Leo Straley (28 DEC 1931, Pg. 160)

Benningfield, R. B.          Wife, Lealier (26 JAN 1938, Pg. 287)

Benningfield, Sam            Wife, Mary E. (25 APR 1938, Pg. 291)

Benningfield, Mary E.     Renunciation of Will; Husband, S. S. Benningfield (7 MAY 1938, Pg. 294)

Benningfield, S. F.            Son, Claudie Otis Benningfield (3 MAY 1947, Pg. 486)

Blankenship, H. T.           Wife, Nannie (25 JAN 1937, Pg. 265)

Blanton, C. B.                   Wife, Ann (24 MAR 1930, Pg. 146)

Blanton, Frank S.             Wife, Lucille Crawford Blanton; sons, Crawford Blanton & Frank Blanton Jr. (23 APR 1934, Pg. 206)

Bloyd, G. W.                     Wife, Mary Lou; 6 children, W. E. Bloyd, I. A. Bloyd, Lillie Abell, Hallie Andrews, Nellie Bloyd & R. M. Bloyd (24 JUL 1933, Pg. 190)

Bloyd, Henry M.              Wife, Laura E. (28 SEP 1943, Pg. 396)

Bogue, E. M.                    Wife, Annia May Watson Bogue; sister, Lusittie Bogue Reynolds & Rin Bogue Sullivan (21 DEC 1944, Pg. 440)

Boles, Eliza                       Brother, Joe; Dow Boles; John Boles; Jesse Boles; sisters, Jennie Boles Woodyard & Georgia Boles Wight; Bernard J. Wight (24 SEP 1934. Pg. 214)

Boles, Eliza                       Agnes Hayes, etc. vs Bernard J. Wight, executor (25 FEB 1935, Pg. 223)

Boles, Eliza                       Great-nephew, James Arthur Berry (son of Stanley Berry); nephew, Bernard J. Wight (25 FEB 1935, Pg. 224)

Bolton, R. W.                   Grandson, Robert L. Cruse (wife, May) (21 FEB 1941)

Bomar, Mary                   Husband, J. W. Bomar; Edward Ray Gardner; E. V. Gardner; CODICIL (22 OCT 1934, Pg. 218)

Borders, Liza                    Sister, Annie Kessinger (24 FEB 1936, Pg. 247)

Borders, Thomas L.         Wife, Mattie J.; sons, Curtis Borders & Walter Borders (25 NOV 1940, Pg. 341)

Borders, Charles T.         Wife, Lydia B.; sons, Guy Borders & Carl Borders (27 JAN 1941, Pg. 345)

Bowles, Charles W.         Wife, Josephine; Ella Bowles; children, Adah Gardner, Peecha Locke & Elizabeth Neblett; grandson, Coling Brown Gardner (24 OCT 1949, Pg. 565)

Bowling, Joseph               Wife, Kate; children not named (22 JUL 1935, Pg. 232)

Boyd, William J.               Cynthia Ann Kerrick; Mary Mildres Gross; G. A. Boyd; John W. Boyd; D. W. Boyd; A. B. Boyd; Bertha Moss Wood; Gracie Ella Vance (27 APR 1925, Pg. 62)

Boyd, A. T.                       Wife, Ella H. (27 FEB 1933, Pg. 181)

Brashear, Mary B.          Edith Druen; Vernon Brashear; W. L. Brashear; Ella Brashear (22 JUL 1929, Pg. 135)

Brashear, Paralee            Husband, F. N.; Minnie Vannort; Lawrence Brashear; Agnes Fletcher; Jesse Brashear; Ora Bradley; Emma Larkin; Daisy Fletcher; Grover E. Brashear (24 DEC 1928, Pg. 124)

Brashear, Lawrence        Wife, Sarah E. (26 MAR 1951, Pg. 609)

Brian, Susan E.                Husband, Hillary Brian; Ros; Vivian; Wilford; Father Tompkins;  CODICIL:  Father Thompkins; Roscoe; Mamie; Catherine (28 AUG 1933, Pg. 191)

Bright, Homer C.             Cousins, Nell McDermott & Lydia Bowles (23 SEP 1946, Pg. 478)

 Brooks, Charles T.         Wife, Martha (2 MAR 1922, Pg. 21)

Brown, J. W.                     (26 APR 1920, Pg. 3)

Brown, James F.              Wife, Mary M.; Nora L. Brown; Rosa E. Winsette; George T. Brown; Hettie Nallia; Charles C. Brown; Reuben M. Brown; Butler B. Brown; Richard Moses Brown (27 JUN 1921, Pg. 13)

Brown, William G.            Wife Letitia (24 MAR 1930, Pg. 147)

Brown, Mary L.               F. G. Sherrard (23 OCT 1933, Pg. 194)

Brown, Lettetia                Children, Mollie Jane Coy, Wesley Lee Brown, Robert Beauchamp Brown, Chester Newman Brown & Ernest Louis Brown (6 JUN  1939, Pg. 319)

Brown, A. L.                     Wife, Nancy E.; children, Harvey M. Brown, Dellard L. Brown, Elbert R.Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Riggs, Lula Mae Elliott &Lena Pearl Skaggs; grandchildren, Beatrice Bailey, Harvey Gibson & Melvin Gibson (children of deceased daughter, Ellen) (11 APR 1946, Pg. 468)

Brown, B. F.                     Wife, Ruth Ann; children, Ola Mae Miller, James W. Brown, Edward G. Brown & B. F. Brown, Jr. (26 JUL 1948, Pg. 532)

Brown, T. A. (Gus)           Wife, Eva Scott Brown; daughters, Jenny Alyce Brown & Nancy Caroline Brown (8 NOV 1951, Pg. 633)

Brownfield, John C.         Wife, Mattie B.; daughter, Hattie Jeffries; granddaughter, Blanch Agene Chambers (29 DEC 1939, PG. 325)

Burba, Virginia Rodman           Son, Paul Rodman Burba (28 JAN 1935, Pg. 222)

Burba, Virgie Redmon     Cad; Paul (22 NOV 1937, Pg. 284)

Burba, W. W.                   Wife, S. E.; children, Arvin Thomas Burba, Ed Gaddie Burba, Mary Mildred Hornback, Dora Lee Bush & Eugenie May Hornback (28 JAN 1946, Pg. 462)

Burba, Paul A.                  Wife, Sally Morgan Burba (1 JUN 1949, Pg. 559)

Burbie, J. W.                    Herman Burbie; George Burbie (28 SEP 1936, Pg. 258)

Burch, Catherine              Children, John Burnard Burch, William Joseph Burch & Mary Lucy Callahan (18 MAY 1949, Pg. 555)

Burler, J. H.                     Wife, Ella; children, Robert A. Butler, Earl Butler & Iva Peppers (22 JAN 1944, Pg. 402)

Bush, Albert G.                Wife, Sarah J.; children Brown Bush, Ray Bush, Stanley Bush & Geneva Patterson; CODICIL (28 dec 1936, Pg. 263)

Bush, Sarah Wright         Daughter, Geneva Patterson; son, Stanley G. Bush (2 DEC 1941, Pg. 363)

Cagle, Bettie C.               Mollie Catlett; Elsie A. Catlett (24 MAR 1924, Pg. 50)

Cagle, A. S.                      Wife, Fanny B.; children not named (27 AUG 1934, Pg. 212)

Campbell, J. W.                Laura M. (27 FEB 1928, Pg. 107)

Campbell, Laura M.        Husband J. W.;  CODICIL: Bonnie C. Friend (27 JUN 1927, Pg. 93)

Campbell, Matilda Daugherty    D. C. Williams; Iris Ellen Williams; Maryon Essex; daughters, Jennie Smith, Sarah Hazelwood & Judeth Daugherty (22 MAR 1943, Pg. 382)

Cantrell, A. D.                  Claude Cantrell; Carrie Vaughn (25 FEB 1929, PG. 132)

Carmody, John                 Wife, Ollie; daughter, Katherine A. Sharpe; Thomas Elmo Hodges (10 APR 1945, Pg. 448)

Carr, Lena E.                   Husband, W. H. Carr; daughter, Dorothy Hall; son, Bertram Carr (10 MAY 1948, Pg. 522)

Carter, C. Y.                     Wife, Lula Bell; had children not named (25 SEP 1921, Pg. 17)

Carter, Lula B.                 Sons, Newman Carter & Berny S. Carter; daughter, Ruby Carter Dixon; grandchildren (children of deceased daughter), Albert Cundiff, Iia Cundiff, Newman Cundiff, Curtis Cundiff, Gladys Cundiff & Blanche Lawrence Cundiff ( 27 DEC 1938, Pg. 304)

Castleman, J. M.             Wife, Sina; children, John D. Castleman, Maggie Peters & Sarah E. Berry (17 MAR 1945, Pg. 446)

Chappell, Lula L.             Step-daughter, Henri Totten; Mrs. Maxie Jaggers; Eva Wheeler; brother, H. C. Defevers; niece, Jessie Wheeler (2 JUL 1943, Pg. 389)

Chaudoin, Ben L.             Mabel Elliott (26 FEB 1923, Pg. 32)

Chelf, Elsy C. & Mary E.         Harvey Chelf; Letitia Lee; George Chelf; Cola Gardner; Anna Butler; John Chelf; Fred Chelf (05 OCT 1926, Pg. 85)

Childress, Nancy E.         Nolin Fisher (29 OCT 1945, Pg. 457)

Close, W. E.                     Wife, Malvina, children not named (24 AUG 1931, Pg. 158)

Close, Seivilla                  Brother-in-law, J. L. Harris; nephews, Leslie Campbell, Willie Campbelle & Lindsey Campbell; nieces, Julia Campbell, Catherine Goodman; Ethel Akers & Georgie Bell (2 JUN 1942, Pg. 371)

Coakley, Thomas E.        Wife, M. M. (23 MAY 1932, Pg. 168)

Cobb, T. B.                       Wife, Elvira; daughters, Anna Drain & Grace Sutherland; granddaughter, Mildred Poore. (28 JAN 1946, Pg. 461)

Cofer, W. F.                      Wife & children not named (24 JUN 1930, Pg.151)

Coffey, Samuel B.            Wife, Mary G. (4 OCT 1943, Pg. 398)

Cole, Dora                        Elizabeth Francis Cole Wallace; John Nathenell Cole; Thomas Jefferson Fisher Cole; Green Die Cole; William Morris Cole; Tolbert Miller Cole (28 APR 1924, Pg. 52)

Cole, David Elmer           Wife, Georgie Ermine (24 SEP 1045, Pg. 455)

Combs, Samuel                Wife, Mary Ann (24 OCT 1938, Pg. 302)

Cooper, W. H.                  Wife, Josephine Miller Cooper; Mrs. Dr. C. C. Vanderbeck; Mrs. Phel Fisher; Mrs. Matte Carson Yonts; Alma Worthan (24 OCT 1932, Pg. 176)

Cooper, Josephine Miller      Husband, Henry W. Cooper; Josephine Tucker; Josephine Miller (daughter of Henry C. Miller); Mattie Abney Ward; Ola Lafollette; Louise Enlow; Mrs. Phil Fischer; brothers, Thompson Miller, Christy Miller & Henry C. Miller; sisters, Mary C. Abney, Rose B. Wortham & Mattie Tucker; niece, Laura Kurtz Harris (daughter of John Miller); nephew, Miller Dowing (son of deceased sister, Lena Downing (22 NOV 1937, Pg. 282)

Corum, Carl W.                Mother, Nannie R. Corum; daughter, Mary Rose Corum (24 NOV 1930, Pg. 156)

Corum, Ruby Hornback   Dorothy Evelyn; Ruth Frances; Carl; William Mitchell (22 JUL 1929, Pg. 138)

Cox, Jack                         Wife Anna (27 DEC 1926, Pg. 88)

Cox, J. W.                         Daughters, Nell Hubbard, Ruby Poteet & Rosa Poteet (12 APR 1946, Pg. 469)

Crady, Delia                     Everett, Logan, Ivy & Edna (22 APR 1950, Pg. 580)

Creal, J. H.                       Wife, Lula L.; Murray Creal; Ed W. Creal; John W. Creal; Mary L. West; Anna Hoffeld; Montgomery Ford; Felix Thomas Ford; Ella Ford; Charley Ford; James Creal (23 NOV 1925, Pg.70)

Creal, Nettie                    Sister, Eliza Meers (24 JUN 1935, Pg. 229)

Creal, Charles F.              Wife, Margaret S. (23 DEC 1940, Pg. 344)

Creal, Edward W.             Wife, Alice; sons, Dalph & James (21 OCT 1943, Pg. 399)

Creal, Margaret S.          Sister, Mrs. F. J. Snider; sister-in-law, Eliza Meers; Dwight Bray & Virginia Bray (5 JUN 1947, Pg. 490)

Creal, Nora V.                  Son, Walter Creal; granddaughter, Martha Sue Creal; son, H. R. Creal (7 SEP 1948, Pg. 534)

Cruse, W. T.                     Harvey Cruse; G. E. Cruse; D. C. Cruse; Lillie Gusler; Weller Cruse; Mabel Cruse; Mollie Cruse; A. L. Cruse; H. W. Cruse (23 NOV 1931, Pg. 158)

Cruse, G. P.                      Wife, Mary Hulet Cruse; son, Montie Parish Cruse, other children not named (26 FEB 1945, Pg. 442)

Cruse, J. S.                       Wife, Tessie Ann; granddaughter, Bernice Burd; son, Everett Cruse (12 JAN 1948, Pg. 502)

Cundiff, Richard D.          Children, Otha G. Cundiff, Beaven H. Cundiff, Daisy Shoffner, Sudie Ann French, Will D. Crady & Betty Catherine Constant; grandson, James Gordon Constant; daughter-in-law, Ollie Cundiff (27 SEP 1949, Pg. 563)

Daugherty, J. S.               Wife, Fannie; children B. H. Daughtery & Minnie Graham, wife of Will M. Graham (23 MAR 1936, Pg. 249)

Davis, E. J.                       Wife, Mattie (24 AUG 1925, Pg. 66)

Davis, Logan W.              Wife, Josie; children, Arvin A. Davis, Claude Davis & Edna Davis Manion (25 JUL 1938, Pg. 298)

Davis, Fannie L.               Daughter, Fannie Davis Shaw; sons, E. C. Davis, S. B. Davis, H. Y. Davis Jr. and A. B. Davis; CODICIL:  H. Y. Davis Jr.;   CODICIL:  H. Y. Davis Jr.; Arch B. Davis; Ernest C. Davis; Samuel B. Davis (28 JUL 1938, Pg. 299)

Davis, C. T.                      Wife, Maggie; children, Gertrude Davis & Mayola Davis (2 JUN 1949, Pg. 560)

Deener, Mary E.              Husband, J. M. (23 AUG 1927, Pg. 99)

Despain, H. F.                  Wife, Victoria; children, Beulah Despain Humphrey, Annie Despain Boone, Virgie Despain O’Bryant, Inez Despain Winfield, Leo Despain, Herbert Despain, Ruby Despain Howard, Jessie Despain Graham, Joe Despain & Henry Despain (4 FEB 1948, Pg. 506)

Despain, W. T.                 Wife, Nora; children, Anna Despain Lewis, Edna Quillen, Grady Despain, Harold Despain, Kenneth Despain, Lucille Ewing, Russell Despain, Mildred Mather, Margorie Chinook, Eugene Despain, Carrie Lee Despain, Ella Ree Despain & Thelma Dean Despain; granddaughters, Virginia Lewis White & Elizabeth Lewis (children of deceased daughter, Anna) ( 18 FEB 1948, Pg. 513)

Dever, John E.                 Wife, Sallie (26 OCT 1927, Pg. 100)

Dever, Virginia Lee         Husband, William R. Dever (10 MAY 1948, Pg. 521)

Devers, Joe                      Wife, Florence; children, John Marvin Devers, Robert Devers, Othel Devers, Echo Devers, Earl Devers, & Lena Hines (20 MAY 1949, Pg. 556)

Dixon, G. M.                    Mrs. H. J. Street Jr.; H. L. Dixon; Mrs. S. S. Handley; Lawrence Dixon; Mrs. G. M. Dixon (27 SEP 1921, Pg. 18)

Dixon, G. M.                    RENUNCIATION of Will; Widow, Emma Dixon (11 OCT 1921, Pg. 19)

Dixon, G. M.                    Wife, Sarah F.; Mollie Reed; Noah Dixon; Lizzie Ragland; Richard Dixon; Evelina Duckworth; Gertrude Smith; Willie Dixon; Joel Dixon; Clyde Dixon; Perry Dixon (25 JAN 1927, Pg. 90)

Dixon, Joseph H.             Horace Dixon; Lawrence Dixon (27 AUG 1928, Pg. 117)

Dixon, Robert T.              Wife, Margaret; Nannie Edwards; R. Lee Dixon; Mary Dixon (22 FEB 1926, Pg. 74)

Dixon, J. N.                      Wife, Minnie; children not named (4 MAR 1939, Pg. 310)

Dixon, Minnie                  Renunciation of Will (15 MAR 1939, Pg. 314)

Dixon, Charles H.            Wife, Lillie E.; sons, Russell Dixon (wife, Ruby) & Logan Dixon; daughters, Edith Tucker & Maud Lee; CODICIL: Russell Dixon (21 JUL 1944, Pg. 426)

Dixon, Lillie                      Renunciation of Will; Husband, Charles H. Dixon (24, JUL 1944, Pg. 429)

Dixon, C. E.                      Can’t read, will have to get copy from courthouse (Pg. 614)

Doran, J. T.                      Wife, Luly (6 APR 1920, Pg. 4)

Dorsey, Sallie                   Children, Elizabeth Cates, Clay Dorsey & Thurman Dorsey (25 OCT 1951, Pg. 631)

Druen, W. H.                    Can’t read, will have to get copy from courthouse (Pg. 616)

Druien, Rebecca Ellen     Emily Elmore; Sallie Matt Skaggs Shoemaker (1 OCT 1920, Pg. 10)

Duckworth, James W.     Wife, Nancy (26 NOV 1923, Pg. 44)

Duell, O. J.                       Daughters, Nettie Duell Jones & Alma Duckworth; son I. V. Duell (27 SEP 1945, Pg. 455)

Duggins, J. B.                   Wife, Mary B.; Lawrence Duggins 22 NOV 1926, Pg. 87)

Duncan, D. W.                  Wife, Nannie (25 DEC 1933, Pg. 199)

Duncan, Mary Margaret            Children, Zetta Mae Rust, Louetta Powers, Forrest Duncan, Ernest F. Duncan, George R. Duncan, Charles Walter Duncan, Claude Duncan, Edward Smith Duncan, Arvin Miller Duncan, Sudie Lee Nicholas and Eunice Pearl Duncan (25 JUL 1938, Pg. 297)

Dunn, Daniel D.               Wife, Mary L.; children, Charles H. Dunn, Onie Kennady, Clarence M. Dunn, Robert L. Dunn, Sallie Enlow, Kate Williams, Fannie Morrison & Lizzie Thomas; son-in-law, Robert V. Enlow (28 NOV 1934, Pg. 219)

Dunn, Emma                     Nannie Hubbard; Bettie Heady; Nellie Triplett; Albert Hubbard (25 MAR 1930, Pg. 331)

Dunn, George A.              Son, Pearl Dunn; daughters, Ruth Dunn & Mary Lizzie Dunn (24 MAY 1943, Pg. 384)

Dunn, J. F.                        Wife, Maggie; sons, Owen C. Dunn & Roy Dunn (4 JUN 1948, Pg. 527)

Durham, Georgie             Howard Skaggs; daughters, Mrs. Logan Skaggs & Mrs. Ida Bell (28 JAN 1935, Pg. 222)

Duvall, Henry                   Wife, Zoah; Jesse Duvall; Maggie Duvall; children, Marriott Duvall, Herman Duvall, Carrie Bell Thomas, Dorothy Duvall & Wilma Duvall (24 AUG 1936, Pg. 256)

Dye, Sudie A.                   Sister, Ella F. Jones (28 NOV 1938, Pg. 308)

Dye, A. P.                         Chester Dye; Mattie Turner; Roy Dye; Ida Haynes; Mary Belle Russell heirs; CODICIL:  Roy Dye (25 NOV 1940, Pg. 342)

Edlin, Sarah                      Ella Edlin; Eliza Snyder; Jane Edlin;  CODICIL: John Edlin; Ella Farmer (25 JUL 1921, Pg. 14)

Edlin, William                   Wife, Elizabeth; Kittie E. West; George E. West (26 JUN 1922, Pg. 25)

Edwards, Lona Bell          Husband, T. B.; Mollie Edwards (28 NOV 1927, Pg. 101)

Edwards, Lizzie                Brothers, Bob Perkins & George W. Perkins (22 FEB 1937, Pg. 267)

Edwards, Mary Etter       Four children not named (28 NOV 1941, Pg. 361)

Edwards, Maud                Husband, Charles Edwards; daughter, Mamie Edwards (18 SEP 1945, Pg. 454)

Elliott, W. A.                     Wife, Alice; Bert Elliott; Lillian Elliott; brothers, Moss Elliott, Proctor Elliott, Bob Elliott, Truman Elliott, Clint Elliott & Calvin Elliott; sisters, Salye Abel & Bettie McDowell; Leonard McDowell; Clarence McDowell; Charlie Gardner; Ben Gardner; Edwin Gardner; Mary Suter (27 MAR 1933, Pg. 183)

Elliott, Mary Frances      Granddaughter, Nancy Elliott Allen; sons, J. E. Elliott & Jacob L. Elliott; daughters, Lizzie Vittitoe, Annie Reed & Nellie LaRue (26 NOV 1934, Pg. 220)

Elliott, Moss                     Wife, Catherine; son, Dow Elliott; daughter, Ruth Purvis (29 AUG 1940, Pg. 340)

Elliott, Catherine              Brothers, W. S. Thomas & G. W. Thomas (16 AUG 1948, Pg. 533)

Enlow, Robert                  Wife, Blanch Grace; Lorene Baird; John H. Enlow; Henry B. Enlow (25 AUG 1922, Pg. 26)

Enlow, John                      Wife, Lula; children not named (27 JUL 1936, Pg. 254)

Enlow, Blanche                 Children, Henry Enlow, Harold Enlow & Lorena Baird; Amanda Beauchamp (2 JAN 1939, Pg. 305)

Enlow, Sallie                     Husband, Robert V. Enlow; father, Daniel D. Dunn (30 JAN 1941, Pg. 346)

Enlow, Lula D.                  Son, Paul E. Enlow; 4 other children not named 8 NOV 1951, Pg. 632)

Ennis, Noah                      Avia Robison (26 FEB 1923, Pg. 29)

Farris, Fred R.                 Wife, Bernice May (3 JUN 1944, Pg. 421)

Ferree, E. A.                     Bonna; Augustyne; Harry; Elmer (28 OCT 1935, Pg. 237)

Ferrill, J. B.                      Thelma Skaggs; Clarence Ferrill (26 DEC 1928, Pg. 127)

Ferrill, Emma F.               Sons, Ewell Ferrill, Ian Ferrill & Ivy Ferrill; daughter, Gracie Ferrill Harned; grandson, Allen Ferrill (son of Ian Ferrill) (28 APR 1941, Pg. 349)

Ferrill, E. S.                      Wife, Mattie (26 MAR 1945, Pg. 447)

Fields, J. Spurgeon          Wife, Ruth (28 APR 1941, Pg. 351)

Fields, William H.            Wife, Ella (7 FEB 1948, Pg. 509)

Flanders, Jeff                   Children, Horace Flanders, Claude Flanders, Loyd Flanders & Goldie Taylor (28 DEC 1945, Pg. 458)

Flint, H. M.                       Wife, Nannie D. (26 NOV 1922, Pg. 29)

Flint, Nannie                     G. W. Flint; B. F. Flint (24 OCT 1927, Pg. 100)

Flint, W. A.                       Wife, Josie; children, Gertie Lee Thompson & George W. Flint (26 JUN 1947, Pg. 492)

Flint, Josie                        George Flint, Gertrude Thompson, Hulie Johnson, Josie       Ernust, Charlie McLain, Stella Mather, Arthur L. Towles, Bryant Thompson, Otis Burge, Nellie Burge, Jerome Meers, Virgil Meers, Nellie Simpkins, Stella Baker; brother, J. I. McLain (11 FEB 1949, Pg. 547)

Florence, James H.          Wife Sudie C.; 13 children not named (31 JAN 1947, Pg. 481)

Foley, Elias                       Wife, Thankful; Marshall M. Foley; Clara Rodgers (22 MAY 1922, Pg. 22)

Foley, Marshall B.           Wife, Lizzie; children not named (29 APR 1948, Pg. 519)

Ford, T. E.                        Wife, Belle Crady; R. B. Ford (27 OCT 1930, Pg. 153)

Ford, Ashby                      Wife, Ivy Pearl;  CODICIL (22 MAY 1933, Pg.187)

Ford, Belle                        Warner Ford; Yvonne Hubbard (22 MAR 1937, Pg. 273)

Ford, James S.                 Wife, Clarissa; daughters, Margaret Hall, Malissa Ford & Alice Atherton; grandchildren, Carl Ford, Lillian Elliott, Ruth Nicholas, Beulah Ford & Edward Ford (children of son, Ashby Ford); CODICIL:  Daughters, Alice Atherton, Malissa Ford & Margarette Hall; CODICIL:  Wife, Clarissa; daughters, Alice Atherton, Malissa Ford Orrender & Margaret Hall; grandson, James Hall; son Ashby Ford; grandchildren, Carl Ford, Lillian Elliott, Ruth Nicholas, Beulah Ford Bright & Edward Ford (3 AUG 1943, Pg. 392)

Fox, J. W.                         Wife, Maggie; children, Essie M. Fox Carpenter, Finley M. Fox, Rodman S. Fox & Steaman G. Fox (25 AUG 1947, Pg. 498)

Freeman, Malissa Jane   Son, D. H. Freeman (25 APR 1932, Pg. 168)

French, J. N.                     Wife, Priscilla; son, Homer French (23 JUL 1934, Pg. 211)

Friend, Logan                   Hal B. Friend; John F. Friend (26 APR 1926, Pg. 76)

Friend, Lila D.                  Mary Jane Orrender; Annie Hurst; Mary Margaret Vaughn; Jennie Upton; Mildred Druien; Mattie; Frankie, Nellie, Margie; Macel; Mary Wood Vaughn; sister, Annie; Mrs. Mollie Ried; Ruth Ann & Mary Margaret Overlin (27 APR 1936, Pg. 251)

Fulks, W. H.                     Wife, Eliza; children not named (3 MAY 1943, Pg. 383)

Gaddie, W. L.& Geraldine       Daughter, Leslie Edwards; CODICIL (27 AUG 1934, Pg. 213)

Gaddie, D. W.                  Wife, Maude; daughters, Beulah Chenault, Willette Walters & Myron P. Gaddie (26 JUL 1937, Pg. 276)

Gaddie, George M.          Daughter, Nora Morris; son, Parker Gaddie; grandchildren, Deene Reeves & Earl Reeves (12 NOV 1947, Pg. 500)

Gallion, Ellen                    Grandson, Ernest Peters; granddaughter, Maud Peters (22 APR 1935, Pg. 227)

Gannaway, William W.    Wife, Mattie; William J. Gannaway; Allie H. Stark; Mary Hynes Gannaway; James N. Stark (25 JAN 1926, Pg. 73)

Gardner, John                  Wife, Lydis C.; Jesse Gardner; Harry Gardner; Stella Gardner; Terry Lee Gardner; Emmett Gardner; Allen Gardner (27 JUN 1927, Pg. 94)

Gardner, Henry                Wife, Sarah; children, Roy Gardner, Loucille Pottenger & Iciephine Davis (15 MAR 1949, Pg. 549)

Gee, Dona L.                    Sister, Mrs. Ellen Williams; niece, Carrie Belle Davis; Lucy D. Nicholas (22 FEB 1937, Pg. 271)

Gibbons, S. D.                  Wife, Lula; daughter, Naomi Gibbons Keeler (22 NOV 1937, Pg. 283)

Gibson, W. A.                   Charley; Luther; Albert; Sanford; Stanley; Rosie; Ethel; Dora Orrender (28 JAN 1924, Pg. 46)

Gibson, George W.          Wife, Lizzie (2 DEC 1941, Pg. 362)

Goff, Malcolm E.             Wife, Bess (4 APR 1946, Pg. 467)

Goodin, Augusta V.          Sisters, Albert Goodin & Lena Goodin (24 JUN 1940, Pg. 336)

Goodin, Alberta                Sisters, Lena Goodin & Augusta V. Goodin (19 NOV 1949, Pg. 566)

Graham, Will M.              Wife, Minnie (26 NOV 1941, Pg. 361)

Green, H. F.                     Daughters, Grace Middleton, Gladys Brown; son, Thomas R. Green (23 SEP 1948, Pg. 536)

Grimes, J. C.                    Wife, Nannie; had children not named (24 DEC 1923, Pg. 45)

Grimes, J. W.                   Wife, Emma J.; son, Thomas Grimes; grandchildren, Wayne Salsman, Marzetta Whitlock & Floyd Whitlock; sons, Lewis Grimes, Roy Grimes, Henry Grimes, Ollie Grimes, Frank Grimes & Leater Grimes; daughter, May Whitlock (6 NOV 1950, Pg. 597)

Hall, J. S.                          Wife, Minerva; son John Hall (3 JAN 1949, Pg. 544)

Hall, Margaret                 Daughters, Flora & Fannie Hall; 4 children not named (18 MAY 1949, Pg. 554)

Hall, George W.               Wife, Bessie Lee; children, Leonard Hall & Edith Hall (15 AUG 1951, Pg. 625)

Hamilton, L. L.                 Wife, Sallie (24 SEP 1928, Pg. 119)

Handley, Alf                     Mother, Clarissa Handley; Mattie Handley; Jesse Handley; Will Handley; Carrie Handley (27 OCT 1925, Pg. 57)

Harbin, Mary N.              James Harbin; Joe Lee Harbin; Martha Jane Wilson; Logan Harbin 24 FEB 1925, Pg. 61)

Hargan, T. S.                    Wife, Sonia; daughters, Gladys & Christine Hargan (25 JUN 1934, Pg. 209)

Harned, Thomas H.         Wife, Frank H. Harned; daughters, Ella Harned Boyd & Marie Harned Kimball; son, Chester R. Harned; grandchildren, Norman Hamilton Harned & Billy Cole Harned (children of Chester R.); Chester’s wife, Ruth; sons-in-law, A. T. Boyd & Paul Kimball; Irvin Garrett (26 JUL 1937, Pg. 274)

Harned, Frank H., Mrs.  Husband, Thomas H. Harned, son, Chester R. Harned; daughters, Ella Harned Boyd & Marie Harned Kimball; CODICIL:  Chester R. Harned (25 MAY 1942, Pg. 368)

Hawk, Burr                       Wife, Lula M. (2 NOV 1944, Pg. 436)

Hawkins, J. W.                 Wife, Mattie T.; sons, Logan Hawkins & H. W. Hawkins; grandson, J. Gordon Hawkins;  CODICIL:  William H. Hawkins, Herbert Hawkins & Marvin Hawkins (25 JAN 1939, Pg. 306)   

Hawkins, Mattie T.          Renunciation of Will (4 MAR 1939, Pg. 309)

Hayes, Henry A.              Brother, David G. Hayes; nephews, David Lee Hayes & Albin B. Hayes; Anna Hayes (widow of deceased brother, R. B. Hayes) (19 DEC 1947, Pg. 501)

Hazle, T. B.                      Wife, Nannie Lee; children, Roy L. Hazle, Grace Dixon, Robert Hazle, Albert Hazle, Walker Hazle, Henry Hazle, Nettie Hazle, Thomas Hazle & William Hazle; step-children, J. L. Duckworth, Eunice Hutcherson & W. E. Duckworth; (20 JUN 1944, Pg. 424)

Heady, C. M.                   Wife, Bess; James T. Heady (26 JUL 1926, Pg. 81)

Heady, W. A.                    Wife, Kate; Leslie Heady; Stewart Heady; Jeffrey Heady; Colonel Heady; Alexander Heady (18 NOV 1927, Pg. 103)

Heady, Kate                     Sons, Leslie Heady, C. C. Heady, Stewart Heady, Jeff Heady & W. A. Heady; grandsons, Robert Heady & Melford Lee Heady (24 APR 1933, Pg. 185)

Heady, J. G.                     Robert Heady; Melford Lee Heady; Terrell Heady; Mary Charles Heady & Robert Lee Heady (children of Terrell Heady); nephew, Jeff Heady (son of W. A. Heady); sisters, Kate Kennady, Nancy Stewart & Mary Tabb; CODICIL: Z. T. Heady; CODICIL: Sister, Mary Tabb (6 MAR 1945, Pg. 443)

Heady, Z. T.                     Wife, Betty A.; son, Z. T.; daughter not named (30 DEC 1948, Pg. 542)

Hedgepeth, John L.         Wife, Mary E.; Mollie Harris; Addie Miller (24 SEP 1923, Pg. 41)

Hedgespeth, Mary E.      Mary E. Beard; W. H. Hedgespeth; Alvin M. Hedgespeth; Larkin H. Hedgespeth (28 OCT 1929, Pg. 140)

Henry, W. L.                    Wife, Sarah Margaret; had child not named (25 MAR 1929, Pg. 133)

Henry, Maggie                 Sons, Harvey Henry & Andy C. Henry (28 AUG 1933, Pg. 192)

Hickerson, T. W.              Wife, Laura B.; children not named (20 MAR 1948, Pg. 515)

Hill, G. W.                        Wife, Rachel L.; Ben Howard Hill; Samuel J. Hill; Sadie Hill; (25 JUL 1927, Pg. 96)

Hill, Henry                        Mother, Louisa Hill (27 JUN 1932, Pg. 170)

Hill, Eva                            Kathleen Lee; Mary Albert Lee (daughter of A. M. & Nora V. Lee (25 JUL 1932, Pg. 172)

Hill, Tom C.                      Wife, Lura Hutcherson Hill; father-in-law, Jud Hutcherson; sister, Anna L. Smith (27 MAY 1940, Pg. 334)

Hill, Magnolia                  Husband, M. J. Hill; children, Martha Bale, Ruth Miller & Matthew Hill (31 MAR 1941, Pg. 348)

Hill, B. F.                          Wife, Minnie Ada( 23 FEB 1942, Pg. 366)

Hill, S. J.                           Wife, Lena (29 SEP 1949, Pg. 564)

Hill, Louisa                       Sons, Berny Hill, Jesse Hill & Clay Hill; daughters, Ethel Dixon & Sudie Burd (7 AUG 1951, Pg. 623)

Hobson, Mary Eliza         Owen Cox; Minnie Thurman; Loreana Williams; Mirah Bell Doty; Harrison Hobson; Blanch Brown; Jack Cox (26 OCT 1925, Pg. 69)

Hodges, Florence             Daughter, Clifford Cruse (husband, Granville Cruse) (8 DEC 1944, Pg. 437)

Hornback, A. C.               Wife, Phoebe (28 MAY 1923, Pg. 39)

Hornback, B. F.                Brother, F. F. Hornback; sister Nannie B. Richardson (23 MAR 1942, Pg. 367)

Hornback, Ben F.             Albert Hornback, et al, VS Nannie B. Richardson, et al (19 OCT 1942, Pg. 374)

Hornback, Ben F.             Wife, Mary Lou (27 DEC 1943, Pg. 400)

Hoskins, George              Wife, Lottie (17 JUL 1946, Pg. 474)

House, Charlie                 Liza Cox (1 DEC 1949, Pg. 567)

Howard, Joseph B.           Wife, Edmonia; had children not named (25 JUN 1920, Pg. 8)

Howell, Jacob C.              J. W. Howell; Fannie Roark; Sallie Slack; Mark Slack; Anthony Slack; Nellie Slack; John L. Howell (27 FEB 1928, Pg. 105)

Howell, Eunice                 Sons, Victor S. Howell, John Howell & William H. Howell; daughters, Bettie Howell & Grace Howell; Grandsons, Harold Lee Howell & Edward Luther Howell (23 JAN 1933, Pg.179)

Howell, W. W.                  Owen Howell (24 OCT 1938, Pg. 305)

Howell, Fred                     Children, Martha Katherine Howell, Ruby Mason Howell, Nancy Ellen Howell, Paul Howell, Otis Howell & Daisy Howell Day; Betty Kessinger (4 AUG 1941, Pg. 357)

Howell, James Richard, Jr.       Father, James R. Howell; mother, Mattie Johnson Howell (24 OCT 1944, Pg. 433)

Howell, Margaret W.       Children, J. Coakley Howell, Annie Howell Zetz, George A. Howell & Richard Howell (22 AUG 1947, Pg. 497)

Howell, Sarah E.              James A. Howell (9 OCT 1951, Pg. 629)

Hubbard, Robert S.          Wife, Sarah J.; Sadie Hubbard; William K. Hubbard; Lewis C. Hubbard; George Hubbard; Ed S. Hubbard; Nancy Gebhart; Lula Hagan; Mary Goodin (23 FEB 1925, Pg. 60)

Hubbard, W. Kelly           Wife, Ella Ree; William Owen Hubbard (27 JAN 1922, Pg. 20)

Hubbard, John                  Wife, Martha (26 JUN 1933, Pg.188)

Hubbard, Lewis C.           Wife, Eugenia Boyd Hubbard (23 DEC 1935, Pg. 244)

Hubbard, Nannie              Fred (26 OCT 1942, Pg. 379)

Hudgins, Grayson            Son, Bowling Hudgins; Addie Shaw; Lena Routt; Homer Hudgins; W. S. Hudgins (26 FEB 1940, Pg. 330)

Hunter, Harvey                Wife, Lula; sons, Vance B. Hunter, Elliott Hunter; Sherwood Hunter, Howard Hunter, Eugene Hunter & Carl Hunter; daughters, Bessie Pearl McDaniel, Nellie Hunter & Grace Hunter; CODICIL:  Sherwood Hunter (29 DEC 1939, Pg. 326)

Hutcherson, J. W.            Wife, Clara E.; daughters, Mildred Grant, Geneva Whit, Ruby Fulks, Bernice Hutcherson & Katherine Hutcherson; sons, B. W. Hutcherson, G. W. Hutcherson, R. S. Hutcherson & F. F. Hutcherson (31 MAR 1938, Pg. 292)

Hutcherson, D. J.             Wife, Alice (10 JUN 1944, Pg. 421)

Hutcherson, Alice            Husband, D. J. (10 JUN 1944, Pg. 421)

Hutcherson, G. W.           Wife, Nell; CODICIL: Maggie Muir Auldridge (niece of my 1st wife, Sallie Enlow Hutcherson); sisters, Bettie Pickerill, Rosie Shoffner & Lille Shoffner; brothers, Frank, Joe, Hut, Jake, Jeff, Jud, Dann, John, Jesse, James N. & Steve Hutcherson.(24 FEB 1949, Pg. 548)

Jackson, Henry                Children, Howard Jackson, Willie Jackson, Eddie Jackson, Richard Jackson, Albert Jackson, Bertha Robinson & Bessie Burks; granddaughter, Louise Sweet (27 FEB 1951, Pg. 606)

Jaggers, George M.        Wife, Dora; adopted sons, James B. Jaggers & Everett Lee Jaggers (27 SEP 1939, Pg. 321)

Jenkins, Mary E.             Daughter, Shirley Middleton (24 OCT 1938, Pg. 303)

Johnson, J. T.                   Alma Peace; Clara Tharp; G. H. Turner (28 JAN 1929, Pg. 128)

Jones, George W.            Wife, Maggie J.; Laura M. Jones (28 AUG 1933, Pg. 191)

Jones, Louis                     Son-in-law, Wilburn Brooks (25 MAY 1936, Pg.252)

Jones, Ella                        Husband, Sam Y. Jones (27 SEP 1937, Pg. 279)

Jones, J. C.                       Daughter, Lily Jones Creal & husband Charles R. Creal (27 DEC 1937, Pg. 286)

Jones, Will Henry            Wife, Eliza Susan; sons, John E. Jones & James E. Jones (23 JAN 1940, Pg. 328)

Jones, S. Y.                       Niece, Pearl Howell; Mary Francis Montgomery (9 JAN 1946, Pg. 460)

Jones, J. T.                       Wife, Lizzie; Walter Jones (13 MAY 1946, Pg. 471)

Jones, J. M.                     Sons, H. W. Jones & D. Homer Jones; daughters Emma Whitlow & Eliza J. Madden (9 JUL 1947, Pg. 493)

Jones, Maggie                 Laura Jones Thompson; CODICIL: (20 FEB 1950, Pg. 576)

Jones, Ella F.                    Daughter, Edna Lee Thompson (21 MAY 1951, Pg. 617)

Jones, Emmett & Opie    (Survivorship will) (JUN 1951, Pg. 619)

Joyce, W. N.                     Wife, Sarah A.; W. O. Edwards; Leslie Edwards, William E. Marcum; Buel Marcum (23 APR 1928, Pg. 110)

Kastor, Anna                    Husband, C. G. Kastor; daughter, Nellie Kastor (23 NOV 1942, Pg. 379)

Kaye, Charles A.             Sister, Luda E. Kaye; nephews, John K. Blanton, Charles C. Blanton & Edward H. Kaye; nieces, Amelia P. Blanton & Anna Lawrence Wilcox (24 OCT 1947, Pg. 499)

Kaye, Lucinda Elliott       Mother, Mrs. Amanda B. Kaye; brother, William Edward Kaye; nephews, Zack Phelps, John Kaye Blanton & Charles C. Blanton; niece, Amy Phelps Mattingly (31 MAR 1951, Pg. 611)

Keith, Clyde                     (22 NOV 1926, Pg. 86)

Keith, William M.            Daughters, Myrtle Abell, Christie Milby & Susan Cruse; grandchildren, Raymond Abell & Edward Abell (26 AUG 1935, Pg. 235)

Keith, Samuel H.              Wife, Naomi (2 DEC 1946, Pg. 479)

Keith, Maude Vance       Thelma Keith Parrish; William C. Vaughn; Ruby Vaughn Sipes; Leonard Vaughn; Russell Vaughn (18 MAY 1948, Pg. 524)

Kennady, Emma D.          Husband, Harvey B. Kennady; children, Bertha Nichols & Gus Kennady (23 MAR 1936, Pg. 248)

Kennady, Frances T.       Husband, Harry Kennady (7 OCT 1948, Pg. 537)

Key, James                      Lillie Whitley (27 AUG 1923, Pg. 40)

Kirkpatrick, Amanda       S. W. Kirkpatrick 22 FEB 1926, Pg. 75)

Kirkpatrick, Frances J.    Husband, G. H. Kirkpatrick (22 JUN 1925, Pg. 65)

Kirkpatrick, G. H.            Katie Dunn; Chris Tuney; Weller Kirkpatrick; G. O. Kirkpatrick; Joe Kirkpatrick; Twyman Kirkpatrick; Jennie Kirkpatrick (25 JUL 1927, Pg. 95)

Kirkpatrick, Mattie         Husband, A. W.; Frances Kirkpatrick; Milton Kirkpatrick; Ann J. Marshall (24 MAY 1926, Pg. 78)

Kirkpatrick, S. C.             (22 JUL 1935, Pg. 231)

Knight, G. S.                     Wife, Rosetta; son, Blain R. Knight (22 FEB 1937, Pg. 270)

Knoop, George J.             Wife, Mary C.; daughter Lillie K. Kestler (27 JUN 1946, Pg. 473)

Lane, Walter J.                Wife, Bessie Perry Lane (24 OCT 1938, Pg. 302)

Langley, Mary W.           Sons, Leslie W. Langley, Ernest R. Langley, Lloyd L. Langley; daughter, Margie M. Potts (25 MAR 1946, Pg. 466)

LaRue, Benj. & Warren  William Q. LaRue; Sarah E. Miller; Horace LaRue; Sallie LaRue Shaw; James D. LaRue; Bettie LaRue Friend; Mary B. LaRue; Jpseoh W. LaRue; Brooks LaRue Williams; Nancy LaRue Desoto (26 MAR 1928, Pg. 108)

LaRue, J. A.                     Horace LaRue; Bettie Friend (wife of Walter); Joseph W. LaRue; James D. LaRue; Brooks LaRue Williams; William Q. LaRue; Nancy LaRue Desoto (25 AUG 1929, Pg. 139)

LaRue, Squire D.             Nannie Quin LaRue; W. T. LaRue; Horace LaRue (24 APR 1922, Pg. 22)

LaRue, W. Q                    Nannie LaRue (24 APR 1922, Pg. 21)

LaRue, Warren T.           Nephew, William Q. LaRue; Ella Grace LaRue; 9 nieces & nephews, Sarah E. Miller, Horace LaRue, Sallie LaRue Shaw, James D. LaRue, Bettie LaRue Friend, Mary LaRue Hartman, Joseph W. LaRue, Brooks LaRue Williams & Nancy LaRue DeSoto (27 FEB 1933, Pg. 182)

LaRue, Hugh D.               Wife, Hallie; mother, Emma; brother, Weller L. LaRue (25 JUN 1934, Pg. 210)

LaRue, William Q.           Wife, Ella Grace Walters LaRue (23 MAR 1936, Pg. 250)

LaRue, Hallie                   Husband, Hugh D. LaRue; sister, Lena Moore (husband, J. W. Moore); CODICIL:  J. F. Fanville (13 MAY 1944, Pg. 418)

Lawrence, Charles T.      Niece, Annie Handley & nephew, Willie Lawrence (children of brother, Briney)  (24 OCT 1932, Pg. 177)

Layman, Emma                Can’t read, will have to get copy from courthouse (Pg. 615)

Leasor, Matilda J.           Granddaughters, Mary Chester Leasor & Marjorie V. Leasor; daughters, Carrie F. Huber, Clara E. Faijoo & Desisee Lamkin (25 JAN 1932, Pg. 161)

Lee, John T.                     Wife, Louisa J.; Fielding T. Lee; Grayson Lee; Jesse Lee (25 FEB 1924, Pg. 47)

Lee, T. A.                         Wife, Mary Lou; Starling G. Lee; Edna Juanita Lee (28 JAN 1929, Pg. 129)

Lee, Jim                            Wife, Nellie, daughter, Thelma Mitchell; son, Charles; 4 children not named (3 FEB 1948, Pg. 508)

Lewis, George R.             Wife, Bettie; Jessie; Walter; Frank (22 OCT 1923, Pg. 42)

Lobb, J. R.                        Wife, Nettie A.; son, Robert Logan Lobb (25 DEC 1933, Pg. 198)

Lobb, W. T.                      Daughters, Ina May Hayes & Mary Elizabeth Stevens (10 APR 1944, Pg. 415)

Logsdon, James C           Children, John N. Logsdon, Louisa Hoback, Maggie Bright,. Rosetta Logsdon & James W. Logsdon; CODICIL:  Ruby Powell (18 NOV 1950, Pg. 598)

Loyall, John Thomas       Brother, James Daniel Loyall; nephew, Willie Leslie Loyall (22 JAN 1934, Pg. 200)

Lynch, Robert N.             Sons, William C. Lynch, James I. Lynch & Lee Lynch; daughter, Alice Dunn; grandsons, Roy Dunn (son of deceased daughter, Mary E. Dunn) & Owen C. Dunn (26 DEC 1932, Pg. 178)

Lynch, Annie                    Sister, Alice Dunn; niece, Nola Dunn; sister, Mary Lizzie Dunn; brothers, Will Lynch, James Lynch & A. L. Lynch (24 APR 1933, Pg. 184)

Mardis, Relde J.              Son, Eddie Mardis; daughter, Olive Wright; grandson, Joseph Fox  (22 JUN 1942, Pg. 370)

Marshall, Amanda           Charlie Marshall; Clarence Marshall; Tena Marshall; Mrs. B. A. Atherton; Maggie Atherton  (29 JUN 1932, Pg. 171)

Massie, Irvin                    Wife, Ollie (29 DEC 1945, Pg. 459)

Mather, Otis M.              Son, Lewis H. Mather; daughter, Mary Otis May; granddaughter, Jean Thurman McCubbin (2 JUN 1950, Pg. 584)

Mattingly, Elias H.          Children, Charles Bernard Mattingly (& Charles’ wife, Mary), Annie B. Miles, Georgia A. Spalding, Rebecca Genevieve Wade, Lloyd Henry Mattingly, John David Mattingly,  Joseph Monroe Mattingly & Mary Ellen Mattingly; grandson, Leonard Mattingly; granddaughter, Bernard Miles (22 JUL 1935, Pg. 230)

McCandless, E. C.           Wife, Susan E.; children not named (23 APR 1934, Pg. 205)

McCandless, Rachel C.   Brother, Clay McCandless; niece, Helen McCandless (daughter of brother, Jesse); sister, Birdie Tabb; nephew, Andrew C. McCandless & niece, Frances Carson (children of deceased brother, A. W. McCandless) (28 JUN 1948, Pg. 529)

McCubbin, Emma Dixon  Husband, W. H. McCubbin; children, Lawrence Dixon, Rose Dison Street & Loula Dixon Hendley (24 JUL 1944, Pg. 430)

McCubbin, Nannie           Sons, H. K. & W. W. Brown; granddaughter, Geneva Taylor (24 MAR 1949, Pg. 550)

McCubbin, M. W.            Son, Omer C. McCubbins; daughters, Elizabeth E. Bale & Mary Opha Hays; grandson, Harold J. McCubbin (son of deceased son Eddie L. McCubbin); grandchildren, Alvis McCubbin & Mrs. Katherine Bale (children of deceased son Lonnie W. McCubbins) (26 JUL 1951, Pg. 622)

McCullum, J. C.               Wife, Milissa (2 JAN 1951, Pg. 603)

McDaniels, Tilford          Wife, Bessie Pearl; daughter, Eunice Altum House; granddaughter, Jettie Altum House (21 DEC 1949, Pg. 570)

McGill, Daisy Doran       Husband, Thomas E. McGill (26 FEB 1934, Pg. 204)

McGill, C. N.                    Wife, Sudie H. (23 AUG  1937, Pg. 277)

McHatton, J. B.               Son, Paul; Ednah; Mary An; Arthur (28 MAY 1934, Pg. 207)

Merrifield, Arvil D.          Wife, Millie; children, Arvil Robert Merrifield & Ruth Merrifield (19 JUN 1950, Pg. 587)

Metcalf, Margaret           Edna Alvey; Monroe Bradley; Bettie Bradley; Lottie Bradley; Anna Bradley; Fannie Bradley; Stella Bradley; Nettie Bradley; George Gollaher; Mary W. Gollaher, Thomas Gollaher; Charles Gollaher; Mrs. Lizzie Abell; (25 SEP 1922, Pg. 28)

Middleton, E. F.               Wife, Shirley; children not named (27 DEC 1937, Pg. 285)

Middleton, William H.     Wife, Effie; children, Walter Middleton, Virginia Middleton & Doratha Middleton (22 MAY 1948, Pg. 525)

Middleton, Thomas R.     Wife, Martha; Louise McCubbin; niece, Elizabeth Middleton & nephew, John Malcolm Middleton (children of brother, John A. Middleton) (26 OCT 1948, Pg. 538)

Middleton, Mattie           Husband, Thomas R. Middleton; Louise McCubbin; niece, Elizabeth Middleton & nephew, John Malcolm Middleton (children of John A. Middleton) (27 JUN 1950, Pg. 590)

Milby, Arthur M.             Wife, Lillian, mother Sallie J. Milby (27 APR 1920, Pg. 6)

Milby, Christie Keith       Sisters, Myrtle Abell & Susan Cruse (and Everett Cruse); step-daughters, Ora Hazle, Akkie Atherton, Mildred Wright, Alma Hornback & Elsie Routt; Roscoe Milby (6 SEP 1950, Pg. 593)

Milby, Beulah                  Virginia (24 NOV 1950, Pg. 601)

Miller, David F.               Wife, Eliza Gertrude (27 JAN 1930, Pg. 143)

Miller, Joe D.                   Amanda Harris; J. Harvey Miller; Charles Miller; Mary L. Dunn; Maggie Dunn; Ethel Harris; Lucy Wilkins (25 FEB 1929, Pg. 131)

Miller, William                 Wife, Alice L.; Laura Louise Davis Alvey; Alice Lee Davis; Lena D. Hamilton; Fannie V. Thomas; Frank Miller (28 JUL 1924, Pg. 55)

Miller, Alice Lee              Husband, William Miller, half-sister,  Nora Lee Hill; nephew, Miller Preston; great-great-nephew, John Marion Alvey, Jr.; niece, Lura Davis; great-niece, Alice Lee Davis (23 DEC 1940, Pg. 343)

Miller, John Turner         Wife, Julia (20 JUL 1946, Pg. 476)

Miller, Sydney L.             Wife, Ida M. (4 AUG 1947, Pg. 494)

Miller, Ruth                     Husband, A. V. Miller; 6 children not named (15 NOV 1948, Pg. 539)

Miller, Frank M.              Wife, Stella Morrisa (20 JUL 1950, Pg.591)

Mitchell, J. T.                   Wife, Ella (25 JUN 1934, Pg. 208)

Mitchell, W. F.                 Wife, Maggie; children, Calvin Mitchell, James Mitchell, Mattie Barbee, Alice Routt & Lizzie Quick (27 JAN 1936, Pg. 245)

Mitchell, Ella                    McLain, Mamey; nieces, Mable Pfeiffer, Ruby Stroehler & Edna Mitchell (23 MAY 1951, Pg. 618)

Montgomery, W. C.         Wife, Annie; John B. McAfee & his wife, Lula; A. Brooks Montgomery; Claire/Clarie Montgomery; Louise McAfee Warfield; George H. McAfee; Lisle McAfee; G. E. Harris; Amanda Boyd; Minerva Warfield; Elizabeth Singleton Harris; F. Hewitt Montgomery; Alice Bright; William Bruce Montgomery (30 OCT 1942, Pg. 375)

Moor, D. Q                       Wife, Ida B.; daughter, Minnie I. White; sons, Charles Dellard Moore, William D. Moore; CODICIL: Wife, Ida B.; daughter, Minnie I. White, sons, Charles Dellard Moore & William D. Moore (24 JUN 1944, Pg. 425)

Moor, Eda B.                   Son, C. Dellard Moor (1 FEB 1946, Pg. 463)

Moore, Lena                    Sister, Hallie LaRue (28 OCT 1935, Pg. 238)

Morgan, Mary C.            Son, John C. Morgan (wife, Anna); Ruth Hatcher; S. F. Savage; Mary Emma Williams; Mrs. Zene Farmer; Mildred Bybee; Genie Bybee (12 FEB 1944, Pg. 404)

Morrison, I. W. G.           Wife, Rosa; children, Minnie Flowers, Will, Charley, Martha & Hobert (22 JUN 1931, Pg. 157)

Morrison, Thomas           Children of last wife, Fannie Friend; Homer Morrison & Edith Conner; children of first wife, Oliver Morrison & C. C. Morrison (27 MAY 1935, Pg. 228)

Morrison, Julia                Nieces & nephews, Mrs. Ermine Kirkpatrick, Lena P. Foley, Stella Shipp, Owen Pickerill, Ilma Graves, Morrison Pickerill, Ruth Taylor, Mildred Pickerill & Virgil Morrison; CODICIL: Ed Morrison; Ethel Morrison; Aubrey Morrison; Winston Morrison; Murvin Morrison (23 DEC 1935, Pg. 243)

Morrison, John R.           Wife, Annis G.; children, Terry Morrison, Ethel Mariman, Stella Miller, Esther Hubbard, George Morrison, Willard Nicholas, Lawson Morrison & Ermine Dever; CODICAL:          George Morrison; CODICIL  (21 sep 1951, Pg. 626)

Moss, R. H.                      A. F. Moss; Marjorie E. Moss; Burt Moss (26 MAR 1923, Pg. 33)

Mudd, J. W.                     Sister-in-law, Mary E. Mudd; Cyrus Towles; aunt, Mrs. W. E. Towles; Mary Alene Towles (inf. daughter of Cyrus Towles  (22 JAN 1934, Pg. 201)

Munford, Margaret C.    Daughter, Margaret K. McLain; grandsons, David L. Fulkerson & Ronal M. Fulkerson (3 JAN 1950, Pg. 572)

Muster, B. A.                   Wife, Bessie (14 FEB 1948, Pg. 511)

Neafus, Linnie B.             Ethel Mae Neafus; W. E. Morrison (25 MAY 1925, Pg. 63)

Nicholas, Peter C., Sr.     Wife, Maggie; son, D. W. Nicholas; daughter, Laura Hubbard; step-sons, P. C. Nicholas, Jr. & E. T. Nicholas; step-grandson, Jesse Nicholas; step-daughter, Nannie Nicholas; grand-son, Garnet Emmons, Jr. (28 AUG 1933, Pg. 193)

Nicholas, Maggie E.        John; Ida; Ella; George Nevit (25 MAR 1935, Pg. 226)

Nichols, W. L.                  Wife, Ica D.; children, Clarence Nichols, Jesse Nichols, Charley Nichols, Jennie Nichols, Ormond Nichols & Walter Nichols (26 FEB 1934, Pg. 202)

Nichols, Ica D.                 Children, Jannie F. Nichols and Walter S. Nichols ( 29 SEP 1938, Pg. 301)

Noe, T. D.                         Wife, Alice N. (11 SEP 1948, Pg. 535)

O’Brien, Thomas E.         Thomas E. Daniels; Gertrude Daniels (24 DEC 1934, Pg. 221)

O’Bryant, C. Y.                Wife, Fannie; children, Artie Patterson, Lucy Crady, Anna Hudson, Mabeltine Ash, Louis O’Bryant, Hallie O’Bryant, Harry O’Bryant, Walter O’Bryant, Robert O’Bryant & Donald O’Bryant (21 JAN 1947, Pg. 482)

O’Bryant, Ed F.                Son, John O’Bryant (20 NOV 1950, Pg. 599)

Orrender, Lee                  Wife, Addie; D. A. Orrender & wife Iva (23 FEB 1920, Pg. 1)

Orrender, Iva                   Husband, D. A. Orrender (8 DEC 1949, Pg. 568)

Osborne, Maggie             Husband, H. C. Osborne; father, Tom Quisenberry; Annie T. Bloyd (28 DEC 1931, Pg. 159)

Osborne, H. C.                 Wife, Mary; niece, Viva Osborne; nephews, William Akridge & Chester Akridge (18 DEC 1944, Pg. 439)

Ovesen, August                Wife, Eliza Walters (23 MAY 1927, Pg. 92)

Peace, Simon                    Seven children not named (JUN 1951, Pg. 620)

Pennington, Clara B.        Husband, Ernest Pennington (28 FEB 1932, Pg.163)

Pepper, Ansel                   Wife, Lizzie B.; children, Jessie Otis Petter, Evelyn Gardner, Joe Lee Pepper & Edna M. Cruse (19 APR 1950, Pg. 579)

Peppers, Liddie                Can’t read, will have to get copy from courthouse (Pg. 612)

Percefull, Lucille              Sons, Crawford Blanton & Frank S. Blanton (13 MAR 1944, Pg. 413)

Perkins, William               Wife, Faney; George Perkins; Nancy Sprowls; Beney Perkins (27 JUL 1925, Pg. 65)

Perkins, W. J.                   Wife, Mattie S.; son, J. Stiles Perkins (14 JUN 1946, Pg. 472)

Perry, D. H.                      Wife, Mary Belle; Stanley J. Perry (25 AUG 1921, Pg. 16)

Phelps, George W.           Wife, Kate; mother, Martha Phelps (23 OCT 1939, Pg. 322)

Phillipps, Dick                  Wife, Leolie; daughter, Sallie Burch; grandchildren, Jocinia Garrett, Sadie Sanders & Richard Cruse (22 APR 1944, Pg. 416)

Pickerell, B. F.                 Wife, Cora; daughter, Edna Sprowls; sons, Truman Watkins, Stevie Pickerell, Charlie Pickerell & Roosevelt Pickerell; son-in-law, Sammie Sprowls (21 AUG 1947, Pg. 496)

Polley, Daniel                   Effie Bell; Wallace M. Polley; Lura Brooks; P. J. Polley; W. E. Polley; D. Logan Polley; Lily Ford; Celeste Ann Bale; Carrie Brooks; Lillian Brooks; Lawrence Brooks; Mary Ruby Brooks; (23 AUG 1926, Pg. 82)

Polley, P. J.                       Wife, Emma; children not named (22 FEB 1937, Pg. 270)

Polley, Emma                   Renunciation of Will; Husband, P. J. Polley (18 SEP 1937, Pg. 278)

Polley, William                 Wife, Ollie B.; children, Marshall Polley, Arthur Polley, Argyle Polley, Mildred Polley & Walter Polley (25 SEP 1950, Pg. 594)

Poteet, J. T.                      Wife, Mary K.; T. J. Poteet; CODICIL: Grace Spratt; Winnie Spratt; Ella Spratt; Edna Spratt; Lois Spratt; Glover Spratt; Hubert Spratt; Ethel McCubbin; Ida B. Spratt; CODICIL: Ella Spratt; CODICIL: Ella Spratt; Lois Spratt (28 JUN 1926, Pg.79)

Poteet, Mary Lizzie         Husband, J. K. Poteet; children, Sadie Ray, Robert Poteet, Annie Skaggs, Verna Bragdon, Stella Read, Ella Thompson & Lloyd Poteet (18 FEB 1950, Pg. 575)

Powell, Dee                      Children, Ermine Brown, Emmett Powell, Myrtle Powell, David Powell, Leonard Powell, Irene Elliott & Bernard Powell (14 JAN 1948, Pg. 503)

Price, William Henry       Wife, Minnie Pearl; Otis Stillwell; Mattie Flanders; Cephas Price; Asa Price (27 JAN 1930, Pg. 144)

Price, Mary F.                  Son, Cephas Price (22 APR 1940, Pg. 332)

Price, Andy J.                   Uncle, William Butler Jones; cousin, Elijah Beard (24 MAY 1943, Pg. 385, Pg. 385)

Price, Charles F.              Wife, Ella; children, Edith Carico & Churchill Price; son-in-law, Amos Carico (20 SEP 1943, Pg. 397)

Pritchard, J. W.                Wife, Janie (27 AUG 1923, Pg. 39)

Puckett, Herbert W.        Son, Harold J. Puckett (29 MAY 1947, Pg. 489)

Ragadale, C. F.                Renunciation of Will: Alice Ragadale (28 NOV 1927, Pg. 101)

Ragland, J. D.                  Wife, Nancy (26 DEC 1927, Pg. 104)

Ragland, D. F.                  Wife, Kate; children not named (28 AUG 1940, Pg. 339)

Ragland, Charles E.         Wife, Lizzie May; children, Carrie Ragland & Roy C. Ragland (16 DEC 1944, Pg. 438)

Ragland, Claud                Wife, Lura G. (24 JUN 1950, Pg. 589)

Ragsdale, C. F.                Wife, Alice; Bethena Lewis; Lloyd Ragadale; W. C. Ragadale (28 NOV 1927, Pg. 101)

Ramsey, Hughlette Wilson       Wife, Florence Gertrude; Mary Emma (22 JUN 1936, Pg. 253)

Read, Will R.                   Wife, Luella; son Ruel Read (23 OCT 1933, Pg. 195)

Read, John W.                 Helen Read Gibson (25 FEB 1935, Pg. 225)

Redmon, Fred E.              Ed (22 MAR 1937, Pg. 272)

Reed, Ludie                      Brother, Jim Reed (26 MAY 1941, Pg. 352)

Renfro, F. A.                    Wife, V. E. (24 JUN 1929, Pg. 135)

Riggs, J. H.                      Wife, Clemie; children, Fannie Hodges, Jesse Riggs, Claude Riggs, Wilburn Riggs, Bessie Oglesby, Willie Riggs, Roy Riggs, Leola Brown & Ruebell Friend (30 JAN 1947, Pg. 483)

Riggs, Charles Thomas   Wife, Frances Elizabeth (9 FEB 1948, Pg. 510)

Roark, Josie                     Robert Thompson; Gertie Thompson (27 DEC 1926, Pg. 88)

Roberts, John Herbert    Wife, Nevia Agnes; children, Rita Elizabeth Vernon, Thomas Jennings Roberts, Mary Margaret Merrifield, Anna Evelyn Brown, Theresea Inez Rust, John Herbert Roberts Jr., & Genoria Lou Roberts (7 AUG 1951, Pg. 624)

Robinson, J. A.                 Ella Kinkade; Willie Robinson; Richard Robinson (26 MAY 1923, Pg. 38)

Robinson, James William          Evaline Kinkade & Martha Katherine Kinkade (children of nephew, Arvin Kinkade) (30 MAR 1939, Pg. 317)

Robinson, Lawrence W.  Wife, Anna S. (27 SEP 1939, Pg. 320)

Rock, J. D.                       Wife, Sallie; children, Roy Rock, Minnie Hudgins, Charles Rock, Ethel Smith, Edward Rock & John Rock; granddaughter, Beaulah Francis Hudgins; CODICIL (26 AUG 1935, Pg. 233)

Rock, John M.                 (3 JAN 1949, Pg. 546)

Rock, James Madison     Wife, Sarah Robert Rock; Hazel Rock; daughter, Catherine Marie Rock Tennison; sons, Gustie Wilson Rock, Joe Leslie Rock & Ruel Marshall Rock; CODICIL: Gustie Wilson Rock; Catherine Marie Rock Tennison (17 MAY 1950, Pg. 582)

Rogers, Clara M.             John Joe Thomas, Dorothy Luece Thomas Brown, Kenneth Lee Brown, James Walter Brown, Allen Rodman Rogers, Anna B. Rogers Thomas (11 FEB 1948, Pg. 514)

Routt, W. P.                      Had 7 children not named (27 MAY 1929, Pg. 134)

Routt, L. S.                       Wife, Florence;  CODICIL (26 FEB 1934, Pg. 203)

Routt, John R.                  Wife, Kate; children, Florence Cook, Leonard K. Routt, Fred Routt, Roberta Routt & Louise Hazel (26 FEB 1944, Pg. 405)

Routt, Ruell                      Seven children not named (11 JAN 1951, Pg. 604)

Russman, D. W.               Wife, Mollie A.; Thomas Atherton; Josephine Renfro Howell; Asa Russman; Chester Russman; Dee Russman (24 JAN 1927, Pg. 89)

Rust, Everett L.               Wife, Margaret Lela (23 APR 1928, Pg. 111)

Sallee, Lucinda                 Mrs. E. F. Underwood; Aaron Beams (27 SEP 1920, Pg. 9)

Sallee, Lucinda                 Mrs. E. F. Underwood; Aaron Beams; John B. Durham; D. J. Hill; E. W. Childress; T. J. Hill; J. T. Mithcell; T. C. Hill; G. B. Ferrill; Sarah Ferrill; Lona Conner; J. L. Hill; Katie Kastor, J. R. Hill; Charles L. Mitchell; O. T. Pickerell guardian for Rose Patterson; Anna Smith; Alice B. Durham; Joe Andrews; Eliza Andrews; J. R. Abell; Linnie Abell; J. H. Ragadale; Martha A. Clark; Cynthia Watkins; G. B. Hill; Bessie Ragadale Sallee; Mamie B. Johnson, Centralia, Kansas; Edna Mitchell Wilson (19 NOV 1920, Pg. 10)

Scott, Emma J.                 Renunciation of Will: F. D. Scott (14 JUL 1928, Pg. 115)

Scott, F. D.                       Wife, Emma J.; W. L. Scott; E. S. Scott; Margaret Gaddie; Ada C. Gaddie; Walker Scott; Anna L. Scott (25 JUN 1928, Pg.  114)

Scott, Samuel H.              Wife, Nannie Underwood Scott; daughters, Laura Lee Sprowls & Rosie Elliott; son, Ollie Moss Scott (27 FEB 1939, Pg. 311)

Scott, Will                         Wife, Dimie; grandson, William Alvin McCubbin (20 JAN 1948, Pg. 505)

Scott, M. W.                     Sons, Arvin Scott & Earl Scott (31 MAY 1949, Pg. 558)

Scott, H. E.                       Wife, Alice; children, Bertha F. Ferrill, Mary T. Bailey, Fred W. Scott, Edgar T. Scott & Mable I. Thompson (14 JUN 1950, Pg. 585)

Self, Clint                          Wife, Nema Metcalf Self; children, Melvin, Paul K., James F. & Mollie E. ( 27 JUN 1938, Pg. 296)

Self, C. C.                         Sisters, Maggie Bailey, Katie Clifford & Mary SinClair, Sallie Self & Lillie Self; nephew, Merlyn Bailey; CODICIL: Lillie Self; nephew, Merlyn Bailey (9 FEB 1950, Pg. 574)

Seymour, A. R.                 Wife, Cattie; had children not named (23 JUL 1928, Pg. 116)

Seymour, John                 Wife, Clara; R. P. Seymour, C. R. Seymour; George Seymour; Edd Seymour (25 MAR 1924, Pg. 49)

Seymour, Clara A.           Brother, J. H. Angel; nephew, John C. Angel; nieces, Rebecca Angel, Mary Violet Angel & Clara Carter; Roy Seymour; Ollie Boyd Seymour (16 FEB 1948, Pg. 512)

Shacklette, Warner, J. Mrs.     (nee Florence Lucy Rose) Husband, Warner J. Shacklette, M.D.; Lucy Belle Bowles; Mrs. Arthur Pullman (nee Lucy Alice Ball); Florence K. Merkel; Florence Edna Samuels; Eva Lucille Rose; Florence Lucy Rose; Mrs. June Vaughn; Thelma Rose (24 APR 1933, Pg.186)

Shacklette, Blancet B.     Wife, Nannie Belle; sons, Carver Shacklette, Gilbert R. Shacklette & Jimmie L. Shacklette (30 NOV 1948, Pg. 541)

Shaw, Jospeh                    Wife, Addie; son, J. G. Heady; daughters, Elizabeth G. Shaw & Mary Lane Shaw; grandchildren, Joseph M. Heady, Minnie Lee Heady & Catherine Heady (30 SEP 1941, Pg. 358)

Shaw, Addie                      Renunciation of Will (3 OCT 1941, Pg. 360)

Shaw, Alex                        Wife, Genia; grandson, Ed Atherton (son of deceased daughter, Maude); children, John Shaw, Minnie Scott, Nannie Daugherty, Lizzie Robertson, Everett Shaw, Thomas Shaw, Sadie Druen, Dollie Walters, Fannie Meers, Ray Shaw, Paul Shaw & Robert Shaw; CODICIL:  Sadie Druen; CODICIL:  Grandson, Ed Atherton; son John Shaw; Moss Scott (23 JUN 1943, Pg. 387)

Sherlock, John                 Wife, Sudie (24 SEP 1928, Pg. 121)

Shipp, James A.               Eddie B. Ward; I. R. Robinson; Robert J. Shipp; Fred Shipp (26 JUL 1930, Pg. 151)

Shipp, R. W.                     Anibre Dawson Gardner; Irene Shipp (2 MAY 1949, Pg. 552)

Shofner, William Frank   Parents, Jessie M. & Mattie Shofner (22 SEP 1930, Pg. 152)

Shofner, J. M                   Wife, Mattie S.; CODICIL:  Bertha Shoffner & Betty Abel (14 APR 1948, Pg. 516)

Sidebottom, W. E.            Wife, Pearl; daughters, Jamie Fox & Rosie Fox (15 JAN 1947, Pg. 480)

Sidebottom, Sarah J.        Brother, Jack Sidebottom, nephew, Rame Sidebottom (5 MAY 1947, Pg. 487)

Simms, Damian                Wife, Myrtle (24 MAY 1944, Pg. 420)

Simpson, Hattie                Husband, Lucas Simpson (2 MAY 1947, Pg. 485)

Sims, Robert L.                Wife, Zela Boone Sims (18 SPR 1950, Pg. 578)

Skaggs, Robert T.            Robert Lee Sparks (27 OCT 1930, Pg. 154)

Skaggs, E. O.                   Wife, Vita; children, Helen Maxine & Mary Elizabeth (26 SEP 1932, Pg. 175)

Skaggs, Carter C.            Wife, Sadie; sons, William Skaggs, John Thomas Skaggs, Cecil Paul Skaggs (23 NOV 1936, Pg. 259)

Skaggs, D. H.                   Sons, Berton Skaggs, Gaither Skaggs & Ivy Skaggs (31 OCT 1944, Pg. 435)

Skaggs, Nora                   Son, George Hillary Skaggs (26 MAR 1949, Pg. 551)

Skaggs, William L.           Wife, Allean W. (13 DEC 1949, Pg. 569)

Skaggs, Dora                   Grandson, Howard Skaggs (19 JUN 1950, Pg. 586)

Skaggs, Rosetta               Children, Blaine Skaggs, Logan Skaggs & Celia Jones (5 FEB 1951, Pg. 605)

Slack, E. L.                       Daughter, Mary Edna Taylor; son, Anthony Lee Slack (17 MAR 1945, Pg. 445)

Slaughter, George M.      Wife, Mary E.; children, Nellie A. Slaughter, William H. Slaughter, Margaret H. Slaughter, Sadie B. Slaughter, Annie F. Slaughter, Katherine I. Slaughter; CODICIL:  Son, W. H. Slaughter (25 JUL 1932, Pg. 171)

Slaughter, G. M.              Contract for Settlement of Estate:  Wife, Mary Slaughter; daughter Nellie A. Boyd and husband D. W. Boyd; son W. H. Slaughter and wife Margaret W. Slaughter; daughter Margaret H. Abell and husband Lewis P. Abell; daughter Bess Slaughter Thurman and husband Cad P. Thurman; Katherine I. Enlow and husband Henry S. Enlow (17 SEP 1932, Pg. 173)

Slaughter, G. M.              Contract & Agreement:  Slaughter heirs (17 SEP 1932, Pg. 174)            

Smith, D. H.                      Wife, Mary E.; T. C. Nall; CODICIL: Dr. E. S. Smith; G. B. Smith (24 DEC 1928, Pg. 125)

Smith, Edward S.              Wife, Mary; D. S. Smith; E. S. Smith (23 AUG 1926, Pg. 81)

Smith, Ella B.                   Ermine Cox (wife of J. W); Rosa Ella Brown (wife of Ed); Jennie Florence Bird (wife of John); Mattie Bell Gollaher (wife of Ben) (22 JUL 1929, Pg. 136)

Smith, J. W.                      Wife, M. J.; has children not named (25 JAN 1926, Pg. 74)

Smith, W. B.                     Wife, Jennie (25 FEB 1929, Pg. 130)

Smith, G. B.                      Wife, Annie Moore Smith (26 MAR 1932, Pg. 165)

Smith, Annie Moore        Brother, Charles H. Moore; sister, Mary Moore Johnson; nephews, Edward Sidney Smith & David Stokley Smith; nieces, Stella Hayes Smith & Cloteal Smith; Annie Russell Moore; sisters, Mary Elizabeth Smith (wife of D. H. Smith) & Jennie Daugherty Smith (wife of Wilber Smith); Martha Moore Helm (daughter of Charles H. Moore) (24 JAN 1943, Pg. 381)

Smith, Mary E.                 Husband, D. H. Smith; CODICIL: Husband, David W. Smith; sister, Sue W. Pittinger; brothers, Frank O. Nall, Howard B. Nall, Foster R. Nall & James G. Nall; husband’s brothers, Dr. E. S. Smith, W. B. Smith & G. Ben Smith;  CODICAL:  G. Ben Smith (wife, Annie Moore Smith); CODICIL:  Sarah Sidebottom; Sue Pittinger; Ethel Pottinger Reeves & Lena Pittinger Ammonds (daughters of Sue W. Pittinger); Virginia Nall Loyd (daughter of Foster Nall) (9 MAR 1944, Pg. 409)

Smith, Fannie E.               Children, George T. Smith, Jr., Anna S. Robinson, G. Wallace Smith, Dorothy Smith Gadjen, Beatrice Smith Gaslin & Jerald E. Smith (19 AUG 1947, Pg. 495)

Smock, Emma                  Daughter, Margaret S. Creal & Fanny S. Snider (3 MAY 1944, Pg. 417)

Snyder, Eliza                    Lela Edsal Baird (27 APR 1925, Pg. 63)

Sowers, James Q.            Wife, Sarah E.; Richard A. Sowers; Charles P. Sowers (26 FEB 1923, Pg. 31)

Spencer, George              Daughter, Edna Spencer Dunn (24 AUG 1942, Pg. 372)

Spencer, J. W.                  Son, Curtis Spencer (26 NOV 1948, Pg. 540)

Spratt, George T.             Monty L. Spratt; Wesley Enlow; Sarah Adams; William W. Spratt; Lena Rivers Humphrey; Robert Lee Spratt; Walter Jennings Spratt; Mattie K. Twyman; George Thomas Spratt Jr.; Clara (26 MAY 1928, Pg. 113)

Sprowls, Robert               Wife, Jennie; Irvin Sprowls; Eddie Sprowls; Bertha Lewis (25 APR 1927, Pg. 91)

Stark, Thomas E. Sr.       Wife, Julia H. (3 KI: 1919. Pg. 157)

Stark, Thomas E.             Wife, Julia H. (23 MAR 1931, Pg. 157)

Steward, George              Wife, Martha Heady (1 MAR 1921, Pg. 12)

Stillwell, S. S.                    Wife, Alpha (29 APR 1948, Pg. 517)

Stith, Sindleton                 Wife, Lilly; children, Arthur Thomas Stith & Mary Dorian Stith (8 DEC 1941, Pg. 364)

Story, Mary C.                 Katie Risen; Rob Burress; children, Oma Gaddie & Rin Burress (14 MAY 1948, Pg. 523)

Straughn, Leore               Sister, Nora Allen (26 MAY 1941, Pg. 353)

Sutherland, Joan              Children, Dorothy McDowell, Ray Despain & Rochellia Despain (27 MAY 1940, Pg. 335)

Talley, W. A.                    Wife, Sophia; daughters, Ruth Brown, Ermine Tharp & Lula Dixon; granddaughter, Ella M. Dixon; brother, Bruce Talley (7 MAR 1939, Pg. 313)

Taylor, John Sam             Wife, Lee Ann; sons, Michael Taylor & Elmer Taylor; daughters, Bertie Priddy & Lillie Morris (27 MAY 1941, Pg. 354)

Taylor, Millie H.              J. M. Taylor; Reuben Taylor (20 MAR 1944, Pg. 414)

Taylor, J. M.                    Janie Taylor (22 JAN 1949, Pg. 545)

Tennyson, Ellen               Children, Gillile Gibson, Clydia Dixon, Claudia Morris, Rome Tennyton & John Albert Tennyson (22 JUL 1946, Pg. 475)

Terhune, James G.          Wife, Mary C. (24 DEC 1928, Pg. 123)

Terry, D. A.                      Wife, Connie; had children not named (26 MAY 1924, Pg. 53)

Tharp, J. C.                      Wife, Mary (22 MAY 1922, Pg. 23)

Tharp, Mary J.                 Laura Dye; Stanley Thomas (26 APR 1930, Pg. 148)

Tharp, W. J.                     Wife, Francis; sons, Archie Tharp & Charlie Tharp; step-sons, Gusta Haynes & Joe Haynes; granddaughter, Lura Highbaugh (27 NOV 1933, Pg. 197)

Tharp, J. T.                       Wife, Ella; son, Dewey; daughter, Allie; grandson, Alvy Tharp; children, Howard Tharp, Bradley Tharp, C. C. Tharp & Lula Russel;  son-in-law, E. R. Russell (26 FEB 1940, Pg. 329)

Tharpe, Elnora Hodges   Cousin, Dave W. Dobson (15 APR 1947, Pg. 484)

Thomas, Henry W.           Blanch Polly; William T. Thomas; Nannie R. Corum; Eller M. Jones; Maud A. Lamkin; Phoebe L. Wilton; Richard B. Thomas; Grace L. Bennett; Fay Lois Vass (27 SEP 1926, Pg. 84)

Thomas, J. W.                  Wife, Carrie Lee; sons, Dr. Robert P. Thomas & J. W. Thomas Jr.; daughter, Annie May Alexander; CODICIL (28 DEC 1936, Pg. 261)

Thomas, W. S.                  Son, Walter Thomas; grandsons, Thomas H. Kennady & William Friend Kennady; daughters, Lena Ferrill & Sadie Kennady (23 MAR 1950, Pg. 577)

Thompson, Chapman       Wife, Lida Cain; John Thompson; George Thompson; James Thompson; Olie Nallia; Frances Powell; Lillian Boone; Mattie Nallia; Rodman Thompson; Roy Thompson; Lula Thompson; Lorena Thompson (25 FEB 1924, Pg. 48)

Thompson, S. J.                Wife, Roxie; John J. Thompson; Fannie Thompson (26 MAY 1930, Pg. 149)

Thompson, Mary G.        Children, Anna Price, Bertha L. Jackson, Ethel Etherton & Marvin E. Thompson (AUG 1949, Pg. 562)

Thompson, R. L.              Wife, Lucy; children, Robert Thompson & Jeff Henry Thompson (24 JUL 1950, Pg. 592)

Thompson, Isham             Wife, Abba (21 NOV 1950, Pg. 600)

Thurman, Lizzie S.           Nephew, Robert T. Gaddie (24 FEB 1936, Pg. 246)

Thurman, Charles T.        Daughter, Loucetta Thurman (29 MAR 1939, Pg. 316)

Tomes, W. T.                    Wife, Mary E.; brother, C. P. Tomes; nieces, Hannah Down & Sarah Marie Downs; sisters, Bell Miller & Minnie Hack; nephews,  Edwin Perry & J. T. Perry; Martin Perry (27 FEB 1951, Pg. 607)

Towles, A. L.                    Wife, Shirley; daughter, Lillian Forbes (7 OCT 1950, Pg. 595)

Turner, Joseph S.             Wife, Carrie M.; son, Arthur K. Turner; grandson, Vorice Turner (28 MAY 1943, Pg. 386)

Twyman, Frank Lampton        Parents, F. R. & Roberta T. Twyman (27 JAN 1930, Pg. 142)

Underwood, Barney C.    Wife, Vernie; Garret Underwood; Kate Underwood & husband, Hugh Warren (24 JUL 1933, Pg.189)

Underwood, William J.     Wife, Julie Ann; daughters, Nancy June Darnell, Laura Perkins & Jessie Bell; son, Sam Underwood; grandchildren, Gladys Underwood & Leslie Underwood (children of deceased son, Waller Underwood; Stith Lewis; CODICIL ( 1 MAR 1938, Pg. 289)

Underwood, Arthur          Wife, Flora (31 DEC 1943, Pg. 401)

Underwood, Aaron           Daughters, Ora Harper, Thresa Marcum, Alma Crosby & Gaddie Wright; sons, Ranford Underwood, David Underwood & Carl Underwood; grandchildren, William Catlett, Edith Sright & Margie Wright(26 AUG 1944, Pg. 431)

Underwood, Harriett        Charley Dixen; Mildred Right; Bess Wathen (28 DEC 1950, Pg. 602)

Uptegrove, Hardin           Wife, Alice; Ella Uptegrove (24 MAY 1920, Pg. 7)

Uptegrove, John W.         Children, Nettie Earl Uptegrove, John H. Uptegrove, Frankie Howell, Nellie Howell & Margaret E. Scott; granddaughter, Macel Beard Ragland (26 JUN 1939, Pg. 318)

Upton, A. E.                      Claude Upton (28 SEP 1925, Pg. 68)

Upton, A. E.                      Renunciation of Will:  Jennie Upton (27 NOV 1925, Pg. 72)

Upton, Decator                 Guy Vinson; Hardee Upton; Delard Upton (26 APR 1920, Pg. 5)

Upton, T. B.                      Wife, Kate; Claude Upton; Jennie Upton; Arvin Edward Upton; Iva Lamkins; Martha Catherine Lamkins; Logan Lamkins (25 JUL 1927, Pg. 97)

Upton, G. T.                      Wife, Ethel; daughter, Alma Upton Burba (28 AUG 1940, Pg. 337)

Vance, H. T.                     Wife Susan A.; daughter Indelle Vance (21 DEC 1949, Pg. 571)

Vance, Susan                    Daughter, Judell Vance (24 JAN 1950, Pg. 573)

Vannort, O. B.                  Wife, Mattie Elizabeth; Ella Ree Harlow; Ruth K. Thomas; William Owen Hubbard (27 JAN 1930, Pg. 140)

Vernon, John                    Wife, Mary Frances; son John Vernon Addison [?? is Addison his middle name]  (29 APR 1946, Pg. 470)

Vittitow, Charles T.          Wife, Ida; children not named (27 JUL 1936, Pg. 255)

Vittitow, Ida                      Renunciation of Will;  Husband, Charles T. Vittitow (9 FEB 1937, Pg. 266)

Vittitow, John C.              Cousin, Albert Sidney Vittitow; Clara Mae Weller (30 DEC 1948, Pg. 543)

Wagoner, Alonzo W.        Wife, Margaret; children, Jesse Wagoner, Z. L. Wagoner, Fred Wagoner, Charles Wagoner, Phyllis Wagoner, Linda Wagoner & James Wagoner (7 MAR 1944, Pg. 407)

Wallace, Lizzie                 William M. Cole; David Elmer Cole; Tolbert Miller Cole; John N. Cole; Lillie Cole Elliott; Green Cole; Fisher Cole; Emmer Thomas, wife of T. L. Thomas (24 AUG 1925, Pg. 66) 

Wallace, S. L.                   Orion; Hal; Thomas Wallace (25 AUG 1924, Pg. 56)

Wallace, F. W.                  Nephew, J. H. Wallace (22 APR 1940, Pg. 333)

Walsh, Mary N.               Daughter, Katherine Hildegrade Edlin (28 MAR 1938, Pg. 291)

Walters, Andrew              Wife, Brace M.; Ida W. Redmon; W. K. Walters; Emma Thomas; T. L. Walters; B. E. Walters; Ella Mae Lewis; (27 DEC 1927, Pg. 105)

Walters, Bertha A.           Husband, Charles; Mary Charles Walters; (26 FEB 1923, Pg. 30)

Walters, Fielden               Wife, Sallie; Lizzie Hall; Anna Bloyd (24 SEP 1928, Pg. 118)

Walters, Jacob                 Wife, Clara; had 7 children not named (23 JUN 1930, Pg. 150)

Walters, T. C.                   Wife, Margaret (26 OCT 1923, Pg. 42)

Walters, W. J.                  Wife, Lizzie J.; G. M. Walters; Albert Williams (10 JUN 1944, Pg. 423)

Walters, Al                       Daughter, Agnes Herrick; grandchildren Zelma Herrick, R. R. Hodges, Ray Earl Herrick, Ralph Herrick, Dorel Lindsley, Myrtle Hornback, Mrs. John Shore & Walter Kerrick (18 SEP 1944, Pg. 432)

Walters, W. B.                 Wife, Florence M.; 4 children not named (17 MAY 1949, Pg. 553)

Ward, J. M.                      Wife, Sarah J.; David W. Ward; Pearl Tucker; George Tucker (23 JUN 1924, Pg. 54)

Ward, Thomas J.              Wife, Eddie; children, Ray Ward, Mattie Logsdon, Granvill Ward, G. C. Ward, Walter Ward, Bessie Bale & Gladys Bale (28 MAR 1932, Pg. 166)

Warfield, T. M.                Dr. W. J. Shacklette (27 NOV 1939, Pg. 323)

Warren, Eliza                   Elijah Warren; George Elliott Warren; James Robert Warren; Alice Edwards; Martha Howell (24 MAY 1926, Pg. 77)

Warren, A. B.                   Wife, Elsie L.; children, Essie & Ralph (28 FEB 1932, Pg. 164)

Warren, Elsie L.               Renunciation of Will: widow of A. B. Warren (Pg. 164)

Warren, Richard A.         Daughters, Mary Warren (w/o Bill Priddy Warren) & Zelpha Warren Skaggs (w/o Ed Skaggs); sons, Jesse R. Warren & Thomas Warren; grandchildren, Newton M. Hall, Herman B. Hall, Nettie E. Hall & Olan H. Hall (children of daughter, Sallie M. Hall) (27 NOV 1939, Pg. 324)

Warren, Malissa J.          Nieces & nephews not named (9 OCT 1942, Pg. 373)

Warren, William F.          Wife, Carrie A.; daughter, Edith Warren; step-daughter, Hallie Carden (17 AUG 1943, Pg. 395)

Washer, S. J.                    Wife, Janie; daughter, Elizabeth Edlin; sons, William G. Washer & Charles R. Washer; 5 children not named (24 JAN 1938, Pg. 288)

Washer, Jane                   Renunciation of Will; Husband, S. J. Washer (12 APR 1938, Pg. 293)

Washer, William G.         Wife, Belle; 4 children not named; grandson, Robert Walters, Jr. (21 FEB 1946, Pg. 464)

Washer, W. G.                 Son, John Washer; daughter, Amy Weller (14 JUN 1948, Pg. 528)

Wathen, Martin H.          Wife Martha Ann (7 MAY 1947, Pg. 488)

Watkins, Maymie Goebel Daughter, Linda Lee Watkins; mother, Elizabeth; J. R. Marshall; Mary S. Marshall (24 JAN 1944, Pg. 403)

Watkins, Elizabeth           Grandson, James Burrell Jaggers; granddaughters, Mary Bennett & Linda Lee Watkins (7 MAY 1951, Pg. 621)

Weldon, Lula                    Son, Claude; daughter-in-law, Grace Weldon; daughter, Katie Weldon Walters (8 MAR 1951, Pg. 608)

Wells, John W.                 Wife, Claudia (7 JAN 1943, Pg. 380)

West, Joseph B.               Wife, Ellen; Minnie H. Abney; Annie G. Wathen; Mary D. Chelf (23 APR 1923, Pg. 34)

Wheeler, A. L.                  Wife, Tommie R.; Owen Mason Wheeler; Ruth Wheeler Cole; Gertrude Wheeler Clopton (24 FEB 1930, Pg. 145)

Wheeler, W. W.               Sister, Lucinda Davis  (28 MAR 1932, Pg. 167)

Wheeler, Nancy E.           Sons, M. H. Wheeler & A. L. Wheeler; grandchildren Owen M. Wheeler, Ruth Wheeler Cole (& husband Walter Cole), Gertrude Wheeler & Allison Wheeler Ford (28 SEP 1934, Pg. 215)

Whitfield, J. E.                 Daughter, Freda E. Whitfield (3 JUL 1945, Pg. 452)

Wilcher, Sudie A.             Daughter, Nannie Morrison; grandchildren, Margaret Morrison, Leonard Morrison & Loyce Crady(?) (23 JUN 1949, Pg. 561)

Williams, G. A.                 Husband, R. P. Williams (25 MAY 1925, Pg. 64)

Williams, James A.          Wife, Ella M.; J. V. Williams; Fannie Atherton; Sallie Dunn; Linnie May Williams; Paul Williams; Bertha Williams; J. H. Williams (22 AUG 1927, Pg. 98)

Williams, Nancy               Burt H. Lark (26 NOV 1928, Pg. 122)

Williams, R. C.                 Wife, Lissie; Joe E. Williams; Richard M. Williams; Lilly Grace Kinkade; David C. Williams (22 OCT 1928, Pg. 120)

Williams, Charles             Wife, Etta M. (27 NOV 1933, Pg. 196)

Williams, S. C.                  Wife, Phebe; Ella Mae; Oscar; Clarence (27 APR 1936, Pg. 251)

Williams, Elizabeth          Nieces, Nannie Slayton, Emma Pollie, Mary Hodges & Martha Dixon; nephew, Henry T. Thurman (3 JAN 1942, Pg. 365)

Williams, Etta May          Daughters, Eunice Thurman Williams, Roxie Bernice Williams, Bessie Williams Lane, Robert Livingston Williams, Elsie Williams Middleton, Charles Claudius Williams, Sydney Lanier Williams & Allie Williams Handley; granddaughters, Ella Willis Middleton & Etta Charles Myers (daughters of Elsie Williams Middleton) (19 JUN 1945, Pg. 450)

Williams, Henry T.           Wife, Rosa E. (10 MAY 1948, Pg. 520)

Williams, J. E.                  Can’t read, will have to get copy from courthouse (Pg. 613)

Willian, R. J.                    Karl G. Willian; Lawrence M. Willian; Sherman Willian, Sr.; Rosa Dickerson; Alma Carter; Robert Willian (23 MAR 1920, Pg. 2)

Wilson, J. R.                     Wife, Ellen Howell Wilson (29 JUL 1946, Pg. 477)

Wilton, C. L.                     Wife, Ida; Glynn Wilton (23 APR 1923, Pg. 36)

Wimsett, Mary                 Lizzie Wimsett; Sallie Wimsett Hamilton; Ben Wimsett; Addie Wimsett; Charles Wimsett (23 FEB 1925, Pg. 59)

Wirth, Jacob                     Mary Wirth; Jesse Wirth (25 AUG 1922, Pg. 27)

Wirth, Jess                       Wife, Nellie; Berny Wirth; Jake Wirth; Mary Wirth; (26 JAN 1925, Pg. 58)

Wirth, J. A.                       Wife, Ada; brother, Gus Wirth; sisters, Janie Wirth & Maggie Wirth; CODICIL (21 MAR 1946, Pg. 465)

Wise, Mattie                    Son, Hansel Wise (23 JAN 1933, Pg. 179)

Wolfe, Nannie                  Husband, Charles Edward Wolfe; daughter, Minnie Lee Flowers (16 SEP 1936, Pg. 257)

Woodyard, J. L.               Wife, Jennie; Mattie (23 APR 1923, Pg. 36)

Wright, Arrilla                  Mary L. Bloyd (28 APR 1924, Pg. 51)

Wright, W. M.                  Geny Frances Wright (25 JUN 1928, Pg. 114)

Wright, Sudie                   Sons, Robie Wright & Seth Wright (5 JUN 1947, Pg. 491)

Yates, John & Mary        (23 APR 1928, Pg. 112)