Coldwell's Company,  Laurel County's Company K, 
7th KY Volunteer Infantry, USA
Dedicated to our ancestors who served during the Civil War.

Muster Roster of Company K
     Note:  We would like to thank Jess Wilson for providing his pamphlets It Happened Here in Laurel County, Kentucky and  Laurel County's Companies "K" in the Civil War as sources for this page. Additional muster roster information is from the Corbin Historical Society's publication Our Heritage Vol. 2., No. 3.
Photo Notes:
Pictured in the center is Dr. Thomas Peyton Coldwell, Commander of Co K, 7th KY Volunteer Infantry.  Picture was taken at Baton Rouge, LA.  Other officers are believed to be company officers from his battalion.  Clockwise are Lt. Joseph Franklin Baugh, acting Quartermaster (at 12:00); Lt. Campbell; Capt. Gray, Co. C; Lt. Jesse Speaks, Co. B; Lt. Landeau or Landeam, acting Adjutant; Lt. Shanks, Co. C; Capt. Stephens, Co (?); Lt. Melvin Phelps, Co. D;

Capt. Philos Stratton - 22 Sep., 1861 to 11 Feb., 1863, Resigned.
Capt. Thomas P. Coldwell - 13 Feb., 1863 to ?
1Lt. S. H. Thompson - 26 Aug., 1861 to 26 June 1862, Resigned.
1Lt. Joseph F. Baugh - 13 Feb., 1863 to ?
2Lt. Elhanon M. Botkin - 13 Feb., 1863 to 7 Sep., 1863, Died.
2Lt. Jesse C. Speak - 18 Dec., 1863 to ?

Non-Commissioned Officers:
First Sgt. Sidney C. Baugh - 26 Aug., 1861 to 1862, Died.
Sgt. James B. Moore - Promoted 2 Mar., 1863.
Sgt. Abram Haynes -  Transferred to 7th Vet. Inf.
Sgt. Hiram C. Moore - Discharged.
Sgt. James Lawson - 26 Aug., 1861enrolled
Cpl. Kinchem M. Parigen - Wounded at Vicksburg May 22, 1863;
Cpl. Josephus Hendrickson - Promoted Corp.  Feb. 1863.
Cpl. Wm. L. Buford - 26 Aug., 1861enrolled
Cpl. Sparks Jones (Note: AG's Rpt. of Union Regiments lists as Jones Sparks)
Cpl. Andrew J. Miller - Died at Milken's Bend, July 5, 1863.
Cpl. Evan K. Chestnut - 26 Aug., 1861enrolled
Cpl. Humphrey T. Jackson - 26 Aug., 1861enrolled

Charles ADAMS died Feb 21, 1862; 
Alexander T. BUFORD, James M. BURTON discharged 1862; 
Joseph M. BARTON died Jan 26, 1862; 

Granville BROWN, William BALL, Henry BORUFF discharged 1862;
William BUFORD, Jerome G. CROOMER died March 2, 1862; 
John N. COVINGTON, gone 1862; 
Joseph R. COLMAN killed in action at Richmond KY., Aug. 30, 1862; 
Cary L. CARTER, Christopher C. CROMER, Robt. N. DOUGHTY discharged 1864; 
James F. DOUGHTY, Allen DYCHE discharged with disability Jan 12, 1863; 
John T. DOUGHTY gone 1862; 
James B. EVANS discharged Sept 1863;
Andrew J. FRAZIER, William H. GREEN discharged Feb. 7, 1863;
Luther GOIN gone April 30, 1863; 
William HUMFLEET mustered out 5 Oct 1864.
Jeffrey HOPKINS died Jan 25, 1863;
Mathew W. HERRIN promoted 5th Sergeant Dec. 26, 1863; 
George B. HERRIN, James W. HEGAN died Sept 21, 1863; 
Reuben HATCHER discharged 1863; 
Chas. L.C. HERENDON pro. to Hospital Steward April 28, 1863;
David HALL died Jan. 13, 1862; 
George HUBBARD gone 1862; 
James T. HINES, Abraham HAYNES wounded at Champion Hill, Miss., May 16, 1863; 
James W. JACKSON promoted Sergeant, Oct 5, 1863; 
Daniel W. JONES died Dec. 2, 1861; 
Calaway JONES transferred to Invalid Corps Sept. 1, 1863. 
Elliot B. JOHNSON gone 1862; 
Solomon JONES gone Dec. 1862; 
John S. JOHNSON discharged Jan. 13, 1863;
Joseph KECK died of wounds received in action near Georgetown, KY., July 1862. 
David KUHN, Edward LEAR died Nov. 2, 1861; 
John R. LEWIS, Wm H. MITTON Pro. Sergeant, Aug. 3, 1863; 
Jesse W. MULLINS, James B. Moore Pro. Sergeant March 2, 1863;
John C. MOORE transferred to Invalid Corps,

Officers of Co. K, 7th Kentucky Infantry
Allen W. MILLER, Madison McMICHAEL, Mathew W. MOORE died Aug. 1862;
James MAGEE transferred to Invalid Corps; 
James M. McHARGUE discharged April 5, 1863; 
Alfred W. NUCOMB died at Mt. City, Ill., Aug 3, 1863;

Charles NOE discharged Dec. 2, 1862; 
George O'NEAL, gone May 1862; 
Thomas F. PROVANCE, Francis M. PERMAN discharged Oct 25, 1863; 
Joseph L. PATERSON discharged 1862; 
P. G. F. PEDIGO died July 23, 1863 at Young's Point, LA.;
Samuel PHELPS discharged 1862; 

Alexander PARMAN, David REAMS Pro. 2nd Sergeant , June 27, 1862; 
James M. STORM
Gabriel SOUTHERLAND wounded at Champion Hill May 16, 1862; 
James A. SPEAK discharged Oct 29, 1863; 
Moses SPIVEY, Elliott TURNER Pro. Cpl. Dec. 26, 1863; 
Shadrick TURNER pr. Corp. Nov. 14, 1863, wounded at Thompson's Hill, May 1, 1863; 
William A. Vaughn, Levi H. Vaughn, Sharod F. WOOD, Calvin C. WOODWARD, pro. Sergeant Oct. 31, 1861; discharged 1863; 
John W. WILKERSON died Mar 4, 1862;
Lewis WILBORN discharged March 1, 1863; 
David W. WEAVER enlisted in the M.M.B., date unknown; 
Hiram B. YOUNG gone; 
John YOUNG, David A. GREEN pro. Cpl. Oct 31, 1861, gone Aug. 1862;
Isaac B. JONES gone Dec. 1862; 
John A. McVEY, Nicholas BALL discharged at Memphis Tenn., Feb. 19, 1863; 
Alfred GIRTMAN wounded Vicksburg may 22, 1863; 
John W. FORD pro. 3rd Sergeant May 7, 1863, died Sept. 12, 1863; 
William CROMER died Feb. 18, 1862; 
John MAGEE pro. March 2, 1862, discharged March 7, 1863;
Samuel BUTTREY gone; 
William BISHOP discharged Feb. 27, 1863; 
Jonas BOSTON discharged Dec. 27, 1862; 
John RUNYON discharged Dec. 2, 1862, from wounds received at Richmond, KY. 
James J. WEAVERElhanan M. BOTKINS pro. 2nd Sargeant,
Nov. 1, 1862, 2nd Lt. Feb. 12, 1863; 
Arthur BORUFF wounded at Vickburg, May 22, 1863; 
William JONES, E. D. PARIGEAN discharged Dec 24, 1863; 
John D. LEWIS died April 1, 1863; 
John BROWN discharged Feb. 27, 1863.

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