Apprentice Bond
Joseph Faris

Submitted by Rick Girtman
September 8, 2001
Source: Will Book 1, page 44

This Indenture made the 4th day of May 1833. Witnesseth that Lot P i t m a n Clerk of the Laurel County Court by order of Jed. Hibbard, James P. Carpenter, John Casteel, Pleasant L.? Parker, Justices of said Court do place and bind Joseph Faris age 12 years Last September apprentice  to B. Hill. With him to dwell and live from the date hereof until he shall arrive at the age of 21 years. He Shall demean himself full? Toward said Hill and Serve him on all Lawful business during said term and said Hill with Jas. P. Carpenter his Security do bind themselves their heirs &c. to and with the said P i t m a n Clerk as afsd. and his successors in Office that he will well instruct Said apprentice in the business of farming and provide for him sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing, lodging and Mending and all things fit and necessary for an apprentice and teach or cause him to be taught Reading, Writing and Arithmetic including the Rule of Three and at the expiration of said Term give him three Pounds 10 shillings and a decent Suit of New Cloths. Witness our hands and Seals the day and date first written.

                                                                                    B. Hill  -Seal
                                                                                    Hibbard  -Seal
                                                                                    J. P. Carpenter  -Seal
Lot P i t m a n  Clk.

Laurel County Sct.
I hereby certify that the foregoing Indenture was acknowledged in Open Court at the May term 1833 and recorded the 10th day of August 1833.
                                                                                  Lot P i t m a n  Clk.

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