Death Certificate
Rosanna Hodge

Submitted by  Kathy Hines

  Kentucky Certificate of Death
  Registration District No. 6515
  Primary Registration District No.
  File No. 15523
  Registered No. 12
  County Laurel Co., KY
  Vot. Pct.: Lily
  City or town: Corbin

  Full Name: Rosanna Hodge
  Sex: Female
  Color: White
  Marital Status: widowed
  Date of Birth of deceased: 6 23, 1851
  Age: 70 yrs, - mos., 14 dys.

  Occupation: at home
  Birthplace: Knox Co., Ky
  Name of Father: Moses Hubbard
  Birthplace of Father: Ky [written over the word] Unknown
  Maiden Name of Mother: --- Jackson
  Birthplace of Mother: Ky [written over the word] Unknown
  Informant's own signature: Jesse E. Scalf
  (Address) Corbin
  Filed: July 8, 1921 J.G. Owsley Registrar

  [right hand column of the death certificate]
  Date of Death: July 7, 1921
  I Hereby Certify That I attended deceased from June 15, 1921 to July 7th, 1921. I last saw her
  alive on June 15th, 1921 death is said to have occurred on the date stated above, at 1:30 Pm.
  Cause of Death: Chronic Diarrhea, Auce, Disease of Stomache
  Due to: Old age
  Duration: 1 yrs. 1 mos.
  (Signed) Jy[?] t. Parker, M.D.
  (Address) Corbin Date Signed: July 7, 1921
  Burial, cremation, or removal: McHargue Cemetery Date of burial: 7-8, 1921
  Undertaker: WC Skaggs
  (Address) London

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