Death Certificate
Sparks Jones

Sparks Jones

Submitted by: Kathy Hines
Certificate of Death from Commonwealth of Kentucky
County : Laurel
Vot. Pct. : Stepping Rock
Full Name : Sparks JONES
Sex : M.
Color or Race : W.
Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced : Married
Date of Birth : March 12, 1838
Age : 76 yrs. 0 mos. 9 ds.
Occupation : Retired Merchant
Birthplace :
Name of Father : Jack JONES
Birthplace : Virginia
Maiden Name of Mother : Sallie Green
Birthplace of Mother : Harlan Co., KY
The Above is True to the Best of My Knowledge : Ann JONES
(Address) : Bernstadt, KY
Filed : 3-21, 1914  Edw. Schaldy  Registrar

Date of Death : 3-21, 1914
I hereby certify, that I attended the deceased from March 15th, 1914 to
March 20, 1914 and that death occured, on the date stated above, at 8 am.
The cause of death was as follows:
Lobar Pneumonia
Duration : 10 ds.
Signed : James A. Acton, M.D.
March 21, 1914  (Address) Lithbury, KY     <-- name of city is smudged
Place of Burial or removal : Whitt Cemetery
Date of Burial : 3-22, 1914
Undertaker : J.B.Eberlein
Address : London, KY

NOTE:I was surprised to see Sparks JONES' father listed as "Jack".  I expected
to see Darling JONES.  Perhaps "Jack" is a nickname that Darling JONES went
by.   Kathy

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