Laurel County

Laurel County is a great place to live and much so today as it was many years ago when our ancestors first settled here. After crossing the mountains in their westward expansion, many found the gently rolling hills and flatlands the perfect spot to settle. Game, fish, timber, water and fertile soil were abundant. The climate was relatively moderate and growing seasons long.

Located on the Wilderness Trail, the area quickly grew as more people from the east made the journey westward through Cumberland Gap. Later, as people came "back east" having been disappointed in the west or simply to visit friends and family they again passed through the area.

Today Laurel County remains an area hub. Located at the crossroads of I-75 and KY 80 travelers can truly "get anywhere from here". This ideal location, coupled with a community having the work ethic of our ancestors, has been the basis for the growth of business and industry in the area.

Because of the county's location in the the westward expansion, many of you have roots....even if only Laurel County providing the link between your "modern" family and those brave souls who were the earliest participants in the great adventure known as the "new world".

The people of Laurel County stand ready to help you in your search. After all, with your connections here we might just be cousins!

The Laurel County Historical Society and the Laurel County KYGenWeb work closely together blending all resources available, from the technology of the internet to the vast store of personal knowledge of the members, to locate, protect and preserve the history of Laurel County. We would be honored to make it available to you.

Search through the information on this site and the Laurel County Historical Society site at your leisure. Come back often because we are constantly adding new information.

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