Marriage Records


Laurel County Marriages
Oct. 1878 - Dec. 1881

List of Marriage license for month of October 1878:
William Creston to Cassie Hobb Oct. 3
W. C. Webb to Loretta Onkst Oct. 3rd
Robert Lucas to Sarah C. Harrison Oct. 14th
John Jump to Arra J. Hammond Oct. 16th
Robert Godsey to Nancy S. Hart Oct. 17th
Preston Tuttle to Mary Owens Oct. 17th
J. R. Asbill to Martha J. Pearl Oct. 17th
J. C. Reams to Mary J. Barnett Oct 17th
Richard House to Sallie E. Young Oct. 29th

Marriage license issued during the month of November 1878:
J. D. Croomer to Miss L. F. Dees
W. M. Barton to Miss Catherine McDaniel
J. L. Bodkins to Miss E. J. Waldron
W. C. Mobly to Miss R. E. Wells
Daniel Tipton to Miss Jane Catching
James Wilkerson to Miss Martha Jackson
Reuben Medley to Miss Marthy Houston

Marriage license for months of December 1878and January1879 The following is a list of Marriage license issued during the months of
Sept. 2nd-James Gaines to Miss Permelia Crawford
Sept. 4th-James Garlin to Miss Mary Phillips
Sept. 10th- Wilson Saylor to Miss Emily E. Barnett
Sept. 11th- Perry Taylor to Miss Elizabeth Elliott
Sept. 13th- Magoffin Wages to Miss Martha Wyrick
Sept. 17th- Ragan Brock to Miss Mary Gregory
Sept. 18th- J. W. Allen to Nannie Adkins
Sept. 23rd- Robert Casteel to Mollie Riggs
Sept. 23rd- John Wyatt to Susan Gibson
Sept. 28th- Robert Moore to Martha Mullins
Oct. 1st- Thomas Duffey to Sarah Williams
Oct. 8th- William Elliott to Martha J. Hayes
Oct. 8th- Martin W. Broughton to Mary C. Hunt
Oct. 19th- James C. Adams to Mary C. Barnett
Oct. 21st- Banton House to Martha J. Barnard
Oct. 21st- James House to Miss Angeline McFadden
Oct. 28th- A. H. Kinser to Josephine Jones
Oct. 30th-W. H. Jarvis to Nancy Ann House.
August was not a very favorable month for marriages. There has been only
four marriage license issued since the first day of August. They were as
follows: Aug. 8 -Marrett Whitt to Miss M. A. Wardruff
Aug. 14th- Richard Pierce to Miss Sarah L. McFarla
Aug. 13th-Samuel Ohler to Lucy Shotwell
Sept. 2- James Gaines to Parmelia Crawford.

William Morgan to Almedia Butcher
John H. Odell and Sarah A. Williams
James T. Dimpsey and Mary A. Hatfield
John H. Templin and Louisa A. Green
G.W. Chick and Lucy A. Tuttle
H. B. Johnson and Susan Crook
Samuel P. Bryant and Anjaline Herrin
Jesse Evans and Susan Dalton
Elijah Harris and Nancy Elliott


The following marriages took place in this county during the month of

Jan. 13th-M.D. Peoples to Susan Stevenson
Jan. 13th- Thomas Bolton to Martha A. Hodge
Jan. 20th- John W. Southerland to Rachel A Donaldson
Jan. 20th- T. R. Edwards to Jane Wyatte
Jan. 20th- William Luker to Julia A. Horn
Jan. 20th- A. D. Campbell to Eliza Parsley
Jan. 26th- W. B. Catching to Lizzie Hardin
Jan. 26th- Andrew Patterson to Anna Jarvis

December 1, 1881:
Dec. 4th-William H. Owsley to Miss Julia Parman
Dec. 17th-W. T. Morris to Miss Ida B. Catching
Dec. 22nd-J. T. Jarvis to Miss Hannah Hunt
Dec. 22nd-J. T. Dugger to Miss Tamsey Jones
Dec. 22nd-John C. Parsley to Miss Lucinda Warren
Dec. 24th-William Litterel to Miss Delila J. Morgan
Dec. 25th-G. B. Wardrup to Miss Ann Wright
Dec. 28th-A. B. Brown to Miss Fannie D. Hackney
Dec. 29th-M. E. S. Posey to Miss Captola Brown
Dec. 29th-M. C. McLamara to Miss Martha J. Mitchell
Dec. 29th-H. J. Williams to Miss Lucy j. Moore
Dec. 29th-Newton Cottongim to Miss Martha Payne
Jan. 4th-T. W. Terrell to Miss Alice G. Phelps
Jan. 5th-Wm. M. Burton to Miss Martha S. Littrell
Jan. 5th-Benjamin Martin to Miss Martha McFadden
Jan. 6th- Alex Patterson to Miss Martha Queen

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