Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Births: To the wife of C. W. Jones, December 25th, A son- James Tilford To the wife of David Watkins, January 3rd, A daughter To the wife of James Kirby, December 26th, A daughter-Mary Rebecca To the wife of Doc. Brock, December 25th, A son 10 pounds To the wife of George W. Jackson, December 20th, A daughter Julia Litton

Marriage License issued: Dec. 3 to Jan. 15th C. N. Scoville to Margaret J. Pearl Pleas McFadden to Malissa Speaks David McFadden to Tibitha Warren C. L. Cox to Eldorado Catching Robert Allen to Mary Seaborn Daniel Hubbard to Tibitha C. Williams James Hunt to Sarah M. Moore John C. McWhorter to Elizabeth Black

Married on the 20th by J. B. Floyd-Richard Wyatt to Miss Margaret Gooden, and W. C. Jones to Miss Melvina Tanner at the residence of J. Tanner, attendents Edy Young and Miss Betty Green, all of Laurel county.

Miss Lou Ann Harrison aged 20 years, of Raccoon, Laurel county , died last Sunday of pneumonia, She was an esteemed andd amiable young lady.


William J. Warren and Miss Ella Green of Laurel County, were married yesterday at J. M. Green's the brides father.

A letter to the senior editor of the Echo: December 14, 1874: Mr. John H. Wilson Sir I see in your paper that I was ded I wante you to correct that misstake it is doinge me grate ingery if you donte I am goinge to bringe soot for dameg it not juste for me in my olde dayes to be lide out of my custom. Elizabeth barnett

U. S. Marshall Wyatt is on the warpath, look out, ye doers of iniquity.

Married on the 10th inst at the residence of the brides father, by Reverand William T. Bryant: Thomas Young and Miss Mary E. Moore.

Born to the wife of Elias Norvell a daughter.

Born to the wife of J. L. Carrier, a son and daughter. Both died at the respective ages of four and fifteen days.

Born to the wife of Harvey Sutton of London, on the 15th inst, a son. Harvey Jackson 14 pounds.

MARCH 1876

Married: Jacob Chesnut to Miss E. J. Crawford at the residence of T. J. Williams by the Reverend R. L. Ewell last Sunday evening at 5 o'clock.

APRIL 1876

The wives of Jerry and David McKee colored, both died on last Sunday and wee burried on Monday.

Died at the residence of his father, William B. Anderson, on April 18th, 1876 John Anderson, aged eight years, nine months of typhoid fever.

MAY 1876

William Jackson one of the first settlers of this County who served the people here as magistrate in the early history of the County about fifteen years, was high sheriff of the County in the years 1846 and 1847, and was elected to the Legislature in 1848 as the representative of Laurel and Rockcastle counties. In 1850 he removed to the state of Indiana, and from here to Grundy County, Missouri, where he died April 13, 1876, at the age of 75 years, 7 months and 6 days. He had been a member of the Baptist Church for fifty years. Was one of the nine members who constituted the Church at Rough Creek.

Quite a serious affray took plaece between Mr. S. Ewell and Mr. J. Snuffer on last Monday. No lives were lost.

All the Ice houses in town have been filled. The ice hauled last Monday was 9 inches thick.At 11 o'clock on Thursday, the 18th inst. at the residence of General Jarvis Jackson, Mr. M. L. Wilson of Lexington, Kentucky was wedded to Miss Margaret Caldwell of this place.

Died: On Sunday June 11, 1876 Mary Kemper (colored) wife of Joseph Kemper.


Married: At the residence of the brides parents, at the Pink House on the evening of the 20th inst. Mr. James H. Boreing and Miss Florence Faris.

End of 1876

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