Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Born to the wife of W. H. Martin on the 3rd a boy,.

Today uncle Jarvis Jackson is ninety-one-years of age and will enter upon his ninety second years. He is undoubtably the oldest man in this vicinity and is one among the oldest men now living. He was one of the first settlers of this state. He served in the war of 1812, and he is some what bent with age, still retains a wonderful memory and enjoys good health.

Born to the wife of Prof. J. C. McKee of this city on the 22nd inst. a daughter.

George W. Sutton, a brother of Mr. H. C. Sutton of this city, living near Crab Orchard, was found murdered in the woods last Wednesday. Suspicion pointed to a man by the name of Ferril, who left the house with Sutton, promising to show him a nearer way to Crab Orchard. Ferril was arrested, and there was talk of lynching him but the guard being composed of determined men no attempt was made. Mr. Sutton has a father, several relatives and friends in this county who deeply mourn their bereavement.

J. C. Jones has put up a Tavern on Hog Pad three miles east of the Cross Roads, Call and see him.

Died, on 20th inst. Mrs. Katie Kirbey, wife of uncle James Kirbey of this county-aged about 65 years.

On last Wednesday evening Walter Killion, of this county and Thomas Sibert of Clay county, as they were returning home from a visit to this city, became engaged in a quarrel about three miles from London on the Barbourville road, which resulted in Killion receiving a very severe wound in his left arm just above the elbow inflicted by a pistol ball completely severing the bone, and it is thought amputation will be necessary. Reports say Sibert shot four times, being the only shots fired.

Born to the wife of J. V. L. Brown on the 2nd inst. a 12 pound boy.

It is reported that uncle David Williams of this county is dangeroously ill.

Born to the wife of Wilburn Turner on the 3rd inst. a son weighing nine pounds.

Marriage license for months of December and January: William Morgan to Almedia Butcher John H. Odell and Sarah A. Williams James T. Dimpsey and Mary A. Hatfield John H. Templin and Louisa A. Green G.W. Chick and Lucy A. Tuttle H. B. Johnson and Susan Crook Samuel P. Bryant and Anjaline Herrin Jesse Evans and Susan Dalton Elijah Harris and Nancy Elliott

The condition of our streets are gettin better, but on the contrary the mud seems to be getting deeper each succeeding day.

Died in the evening of the 13th inst. at the residence of Mr. J. C. McFadden, of whooping cough a little son aged seven weeks.

Born on the 13 inst, to the wife of D. A. Colyer a 12 pound boy.

Died-Rev. George Brock died at his residence on Laurel River in this county on the 18th inst. He has been a faithful minister of the gospel in the Baptist Church for many years. He was about 70 years old and leaves a very large family.

The whoop and yell of many voices can be heard for a distance around at the Laurel Seminary everyday. It is a great pity that school boys cannot play without making so much noise.

Born to the wife of Jesse Lovelace, on the 15inst, a boy weight 12 pounds.

Cortez Brown is the happiest man in the county. It is a boy weight 11 pounds.

Died: On the 18th inst. on Raccoon in this county. A daughter of Richard and Martha Parsley.

Died at the the residence of her husband, Mrs. Jonathan Hatcher on Raccoon this county, on the 9th inst.

Born to the wife of Richard Mobley of this county on the 21st iinst., a son.

Died At his residence on the 26th inst., the wife of Jame Sparks Sen.. in this county.

Died: At his residence on Robinson creek, this county on the 13th inst. Mr. William A. Hopkins. Son of Edward and Susan Hopkins aged 38 years and seventeen days. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss.

Aunt Polly Mershon died at her residence three miles north of here Monday night. She being without issue, Willed her estate to Wedon Black a well known blind gentleman of this community.

Married-At the residence of the brides father last Tuesday evening, H. E. Black to Miss Theny Blakely. We wish them a long life and easy one.

Born to the wife of Dr. James D. Foster on the 9th of Apr-a daughter.

Died at the residence of his son, Mr. James Jones of this county on the evening of the 19th, Wiley Jones. Mr. Jones was one of the oldest men in the county, if he was not the oldest. It is not definitely known what year he was born, but it is generally supposed by his connection, from all circumstances and from his recollection that he was born about the year 1781, which if correct would make him about 98 years of age.

Ferrell the man who murdered Mr. G. W. Sutton, the brother of our townsman, Mr. H. C. Sutton, near Crab Orchard, last January, has been tried and sentenced to the penitentiary. Ferrell plead guilty and the jury was merciful.

Married on Raccoon last week, Jerome McCracken to Miss Lizzie Pinkston.

Mr. Abe Shelton was returned to Jailor Hackney by his bondsman last Sunday and was again incarcerated in one of the gloomy cells of the Hackney Castley.

Croquet, Chequers, back-gammon and ? e or cuchre are a few of the pastimes that engage the "talent" of the average London loafer.

As we go to press we learn that Judge Levi Jackson of this county who has been sick for several months, died yesterday evening.

Died in the triumphs of faith at the residence of her son, Joseph Pointer, on the 7th of July 1879, Mrs. Catherine Pointer, aged 77 years. She was a beloved member of the Christian Church and leaves to mourn her loss 7 sons, 3 daughters and 70 grandchildren besides her many friends.


Born to the wife of J. A. Craft, of this place last Tuesday evening a boy.

Another mans heart made to leap for joy-this time our county Judge. Born to the wife of Judge W. L. Brown, on the 4th inst. a daughter.

Married at the residence of Mr. John F. Young in this county, on the 31st ult. Mr. James Wyatt to Miss Nancy Sealy. May their lives be one of usefulness and happiness.

August was not a very favorable month for marriages. There has been only four marriage license issued since the first day of August. They were as follows: Aug. 8 -Marrett Whitt to Miss M. A. Wardruff Aug. 14th- Richard Pierce to Miss Sarah L. McFarla Aug. 13th-Samuel Ohler to Lucy Shotwell Sept. 2- James Gaines to Parmelia Crawford.

Married at the residence of the brides father, Mr. David Benge on the 19th ult-Mr. James McWhorter to Miss Martha Benge

Born to the wife of H. C. Sutton a daughter on the 5th inst.

The first old fashion fist and skull fight we have witnessed for years occured last Saturday evening on the pavement in front of Jackson and Son's drugstore between Bob Catching, a colored man and William Toogood, an Englishman, and had we not interferred and pulled Catching off there would have been one Englishman that was not Toogood to take a gentiel good whipping. They were both under the influnce of the "essence of corn."

Died at the residence of his father, on Robinson Creek this county on the morning of the 27th ult. James Brock of consumption. James was a pious and bonevalent young man about 20 years of age.

Married at the residence of Mr Thomas Alexander of this county on the 1st day of October, by Elder Jeremiah Lemon. Mr. Thomas Duffey of Livingston to Miss Sarah Williams of this county. May they live long and be happy.

The following is a list of Marriage license issued during the months of Sept-Oct. Sept. 2nd-James Gaines to Miss Permelia Crawford Sept. 4th-James Garlin to Miss Mary Phillips Sept. 10th- Wilson Saylor to Miss Emily E. Barnett Sept. 11th- Perry Taylor to Miss Elizabeth Elliott Sept. 13th- Magoffin Wages to Miss Martha Wyrick Sept. 17th- Ragan Brock to Miss Mary Gregory Sept. 18th- J. W. Allen to Nannie Adkins Sept. 23rd- Robert Casteel to Mollie Riggs Sept. 23rd- John Wyatt to Susan Gibson Sept. 28th- Robert Moore to Martha Mullins Oct. 1st- Thomas Duffey to Sarah Williams Oct. 8th- William Elliott to Martha J. Hayes Oct. 8th- Martin W. Broughton to Mary C. Hunt Oct. 19th- James C. Adams to Mary C. Barnett Oct. 21st- Banton House to Martha J. Barnard Oct. 21st- James House to Miss Angeline McFadden Oct. 28th- A. H. Kinser to Josephine Jones Oct. 30th-W. H. Jarvis to Nancy Ann House.

GREENMOUNT There is a good deal of sickness int his community. at present Charles Price, an old and respected citizan is very low and cannot live but a few days at the furthest, and Myra Peark has also been very low with the disentery, but is slowly recovering.

Robert Young a son of Pleasant Young Sr. on last Sunday evening eloped with Susan May, daughter of John May. Young was gone several days but has returned without the girl, and her father has been hunting for her several days, but has failed to find her. The young lady is only about 15 years of age and her father has taken out a writ for Young for abduction and he will probably be arrested today. November

Died on the evening of 15th inst., Mr. Jacob Hackney of consumption, at the residence of his father in law, Mr. J. M. Cook of Rockcastle county. Mr. Hackney was the nephew of Mr. Jacob Hackney of this place.

Born on the 22nd inst. to the wife of Jeremiah Lemon of this county a son weighing 10 pounds.

Died-Miss Catharine Pitman youngest daughter of Mr. John Pitman of this county, died at the residence of her father of consumption at about four o'clock last Wednesday evening.

Marriage license during the month of November. Nov. 10th-Daniel Ball to Mary J. Alumbough Nov. 13th-James Green to Lorena Radford. Nov. 20th-James T. Botkins to Georgia Young Nov. 21st-Thomas Perkins to Mary Hibbard Nov. 27th-Albert M. Black to Catharine Potter

Married on the 25th of last month, Mr. John C Graybeal was married to Miss Louisa N. Hale, both of this community.

Married on the evening of the 26th of December last at the residence of Mrs. S. E. Hardin of this place by the Rev. John Blair. A. R. Dyche editor of this paper to Miss Mollie Hardin, daughter of Mark Hardin deceased. January 1880

Died-At four o'clock on last Wednesday morning, of consumption, at the residence of Mrs. E. H. Brown his mother, Mr. Jacob R. Brown, He was a son of Mr. George P. Brown deceased. For many years a merchant of this place, and was about thirty six years of age. He married Miss Betty Godsey daughter of Mr. Ely Godsey of this county who preceeded him to the grave about four or five years.

Married-At the residence of the brides father, byt he Rev. John Blair at 2 o'clock last Tuesday evening. Mr. Edward Parker to Matilda K. Lovill both of this county.

End of 1879


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