Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Mr. William Stansberry formerly of this county, but now of Texas, writes us that he contemplates visiting Kentucky soon.

Mr. R. M. Jackson has added another telephone to our town. He erected one during the week, communicating his dwelling with the Brick Store.

Rev. T. B. Cook presiding Elder of the M. E. Church South, held his second quarterly meeting at the courthouse. These meetings have been largely attended and proven wonderfuly successful resulting in the additions of twelve members of the church up to Wednesday night. The names of those added are: Lizzie Brown, Robert M. Jackson, Mamie Jackson, Jarvis Jackson, Laura Hackney, Amanda Mason, Captola Brown, Charley Parker, Samuel Wren, Katie Wren, Susie Mahan and Henry Brown.

Married on the 24th ult. At the residence of the brides father, at Pilot Grove, Texas. Mr. J. Frank Jackson to Miss Betty Landrum. Mr. Jackson was formerly of this county, where he still has a host of friends and relatives.

Wonder if London is not the "Hub" of the universe.

We have two streets now- one directly beneath the other.

Born to the wife of Rev. W. C. Schott on the 14th inst. a girl.

Married on the 18th inst, at the residence of the brides father Mr. Thomas Edwards to Miss Jane Wyatte. May their lives be long and happy.

Mr. William H. Randall Jr. of Montana is visiting his numerous friends and relatives of this place. His little daughter, Lula, whom he hasn't seen for seven years, seems to be perfectly carried away with happiness. Mr. Randall does not seem to have grown any older since he last left here and if there has been any change in his apperance during the last seven years, it has been for the better. He contemplates remaining out until April.

Died on Monday, January 17, 1881, of consumption after a long illness George M. Lewis. George was a son of R. H. Lewis deceased, who died in Missouri a short time since. George was a good citizan of strictly temperate, truthful and religious habits. He leaves a wife and no children.

Greenmount-Born on the 16th inst. to the wife of George Patton-a girl.

Born to the wife of Samuel Black of Raccoon, on last Sunday-a boy. The information of this birth was given us in a very confidential way and we promised not to say anything about it. We hope this new bond of love will ever tend to bind the hearts of Mr. Black and his wife still closer togeather and be a source of great pleasure to both in their older days.

Mr. A. L.Reid and his son Dally, of Kansas, are here. Mr. Reid reports that he likes his new home very well and has come out to dispose of his property in this county.

Married at 6 o'clock p.m. on Wednesday evening last, at the residence of Mrs. S. E. Hardin in this city by Rev. Vincent Boreing. Mr. W. B. CAtching to Miss Lizzie Hardin both of this city.

Married at the residence of the brides father on the 20th inst. by Elder Jeremiah Lemmon, Mr. A. J. Campbell to Miss Eliza Parsley both of this county. May their fondest hopes be realized.

Died at the residence of Mr. Samuel Templin of this county of fever. on last Sunday morning his son Lafayette Templin a very intelligent and promising young man who was buried Monday in the Landrum burying grounds. The bereaved family has our condolences.


The following marriages took place in this county during the month of January.

Jan. 13th-M.D. Peoples to Susan Stevenson Jan. 13th- Thomas Bolton to Martha A. Hodge Jan. 20th- John W. Southerland to Rachel A Donaldson Jan. 20th- T. R. Edwards to Jane Wyatte Jan. 20th- William Luker to Julia A. Horn Jan. 20th- A. D. Campbell to Eliza Parsley Jan. 26th- W. B. Catching to Lizzie Hardin Jan. 26th- Andrew Patterson to Anna Jarvis

Editor Echo- As your valuable paper is read almost all over the United States. I desire through this columns to publish the death of Elizabeth McHargue who was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina March 15, 1802, moved to Kentucky at the age of 12 and married William McHargue, of Laurel County who proceded her in death 27 years, 3 months and 20 days. She was the mother of 8 children and was blessed to raise 7 of them.

Fredrick Parker left here a few days ago for Osonsk, Arkansas where he contemplates making his future home.

Messers. William H. Brown and A. L. Moran and families of this county left last Wednesday for Madison County, Missouri, where they contemplate making their future home

MARCH 1881

Died at her home in Laurel County, Kentucky Mary F. Storm wife of I. R. Storm and daughter of W. M. G. and Rebecca Hale. She was born in Barbourville, Knox County,, Kentucky, December 10, 1848. Married Jan. 30. 1868. She leaves a husband and five children.

Just as we go to press we learn of the death on the 4th inst of Mrs. Robert Brown, Nee Miss Maggie Pearl of Texas, formerly of this county.

Seven pounds of best coffee for one dollar at J. T. Browns.

Womens shoes at 50 cents a pair at J. T. Browns.

Mrs. Malinda Wagner, Nee Miss Malinda Williams, wife of Samuel Wagner who left here the first of February died recently of measles, at her home in Arkansas, their newly adopted home.

APRIL 1881

Died at his home in the county Sunday, the 10th inst, of infirmities, old uncle Dot Hyde. Mr. Hyde lived to a ripe old age, being at the time of his death about 90 years of age.

Mr. A. L. Reid and family have returned to the land of their nativity from Kansas to which they moved six months ago.

JULY 1881

Died of heart disease at his home five miles south of this place, on last Wednesday morning, Mr. C. W. Catching. Mr. C. W. Catching had been very low for several weeks.

Died about midnight last Wednesday night, Mrs. Mary Beatty wife of Mr. Emmitt Beatty, of color and daughter of Mr. George McKee all of this county. That Mrs. Baatty should be taken off while yet so young is very sad indeed and we mingle our sorrow with those of her relatives and friends.


Died at the residence of her father, Kiah Steel, in Laurel county, on Tuesday, the 30th of August 1881 at 3 o'clock A. M. Angeline Steele, in the 28th year of her age.

Died at 12:30 a.m. on last Sunday, at the residence of A. R. Dyche her brother, Mrs. M. J. Brown, after a severe illness of several months duration. Mrs. Brown was born Dec. 10, 1835 and at the age of 11 years her parents moved to and settled near the Camp Ground, in this county, where they spent the remainder of their years and were buried. She was married to Hamilton Brown, in 1860. Who died and left her a widow, about four years afterward with 3 small girls to raise.

Died on last Friday morning an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. H. McKee of color. It was buried at the McKee graveyard last Saturday evening.


William Herron Jr. recently lost his wife and child and is himself lying very low with the fever.

Miss Lizzie Hemphill, of color, charged with having murdered her husband, Hardy Hemphill, about two weeks ago, was giving a examination trial before Judge W.L. Brown last Saturday, and was held in a bond of $1,000 for her apperance at the next term of our Circuit Court, to answer any indictment that may be found against her. In default of bail she was committed to jail.

John Eller of Tennessee, charged with shooting at J. R. Harden with intent to kill, whas given a final trial before Judge W. L.Brown last Thursday and acquited.

Died at the residence of Thomas Alexander, on the 15th of October, little Margaret Melivina Duffy, infant daughter of Thomas and Sarah A. Duffy age 11 months and ten days.

The James Brothers are reported to be in Western Kentucky visiting relatives.


About twenty-five more Swiss immigrants arrived at Bernstadt, last Tuesday.

Lewis Luker, a respectable citizan died at his residence in this county the 14th inst. cause flux.

Miss Lizzie Jones, wife of Abram Jones, and daughter of Thomas Mason, of this county, died the 14th inst., and her little son George, aged 4 years the 15th.

Mr. William Herron, of this county an account of whose illness we gave sometime ago, died on last Wednesday morning. He leaves many friends to mourn his death.


Mr. Martin Williams and family of this county, left last Tuesday to seek a new home in Texas. We wish them a joyous and pleasant journey and a happy and prosperous future.

Laura R. White has opened an office in Washington City for the practice of her profession-architecture.

End of 1881


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