Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Greenmount: Rev. Riley McCowan has built a large and commodious new stable.

Jim Tacket has made, for his own private use a splendid new sleigh.

Amos Pearl, a colored man, known to nearly every resident of this county as "Uncle Amos" died on Sunday last at his home three miles west of this place. Uncle Amos was born a Slave in Fauquier County, Va., about 1791, which would make him about 92 years of age, and was brought to this State when 12 years old by William Pearl, grandfather of Judge Pearl of this place and was in the family until duing the war, having been a dilligent and faithful servant to four generations of the family. He had been a member of the Baptist Church for about eight years. His funeral sermon was preached at the Court House on Tuesday by Rev. J. Moren, at whose request Judge Pearl gives us the facts embodied here in.

Messrs. W. H. Brown and Frank Sutton, have completed their building near the depot, and laid in a stock of groceries.

Greenmount: The river has been on a high during the week.

A number of Booneville wagons were detained on this side of the river a part of last week by the high waters.

Mr. Green McCracken drove into the river with 2 horses last Thrusday thinking it was fordable, but it proved to be too deep. His wagon bed floated off with him and he was compelled to swim ashore, leaving his team which pulled out into the current and struck down the stream, he called Ed Tackett who was working in a neighboring field and who owned one of the horses. They got into a boat and rowed into their horses and cut the ______ ? from them so they could swim to the shore. The boys say Green prayed for his life and Ed prayed for his horse.

Mershons X Roads: Chash Cornelius and Miss Nannie Branstutter of this place were married a few days since.

Mr. Evan Jones and family who left here about two months ago to seek a house in California or Oregon returned on the train last Monday. They only went as foar as California where some of their children were taken sick, and they became dissatisfied and returned.

APRIL 1883

East Bernstadt: The authorities at Altamont have established a quarentine and will allow no person to pass either in or out and we think our town too should follow suit, they should at any rate keep those away who come from the town where the small pox is raging.

One of the small-pox patients at Pitman, Landon Andrews, died during the week.

The Post Office at Pittman Station this county formerly known as Peacock, has been changed to Pittsburg.

On last Thursday the body of a young lady, afterwards recognized as that of Miss Nannie Bryant of Jackson county, was found in Rockcastle river near Livingston, upon investigation it was found that her neck was broken and other evidences of violence found upon her body. She was brought to Dan Bales by Bill Dunnegan who was heard to threaten to kill her if he could not get rid of her otherwise. She has been missing since April 6th and Dunnegan left for Texas on the 9th inst.

MAY 1883

"We J. S. Griffin, Thomas Rice, Wm. Brummett, A. J. Sams, Henry Burton and F. L. Lockard, having been this day summoned by A. J. Pike, JPRC. To hold an inquest over the body of the girl that was found in Rockcastle river, and this day took upon and held a post mortem examination, find that her name is Nannie J. Bryant that her age is 15 years and that she came to her death at the hands of Bill Dunnegan who had fractured her skull and broke her neck and threw her in Rockcastle river on the 6th day of April 1883, before the killing he had seduced her and killed her to get rid of her, this 24th day of April 1883."

MAY 1883

A new plank fence has been erected around the Public Square where the fence burned at the time the jail burned.

Mr. James Southard, of this place returned last Saturday from Texas, where he had gone to make his home. After a short experience in the west young men soon conclude that there is no place like old Laurel.

JUNE 1883

Aunt Sallie Akeman was adjudged a pauper last Monday and on Wednesday last, Sheriff Scoville took her to the poor house.

JULY 1883

Green Mount: On last Sunday evening about 5 o'clock, little Mollie McCracken who was about three years old was drowned in Rockcastle River about one mile below the Johnson Ford. The circumstances are about these: Green McCracken being away from home, his children in company with Jack Johnsons children, went to the river and all went swimming except little Mollie, who was left setting on the bank near the edge of the water. The children did not notice the little girl for sometime, but when they looked for her she could not be found. After hunting sometime the children went and told Jack Johnson, who immediately ran to the river and found her in five min. The child had washed down the river forty feet and was lodged against some brush with her body partly out of the water. Green McCracken has in the last eleven months, lost his wife and two children by death.

Died: On the 29th ult., old aunt Charity Morris, wife of uncle John Morris.

Died: at the residence of J. F. Young, ten miles northeast of London, Ky. June 7, 1883 Permelia Young, in the 86th year of her age. Permelia Young was born in Buncomb County, North Carolina, Nov. 4, 1796, moved with her parents to Greenville, South Carolina joined the United Baptist Church in 1812, and was married to Pleasant Young in 1818, moved to Laurel County, Ky. in 1819. She was the mother of 11 children and reared them to man and womanhood. Four of them have crossed the old Jordan before her. Her husband died in 1852 and she remained a widow until her death. She was buried in graveyard at J. F. Youngs, June 9.

Died: July 20, 1883 at Rileys, Marion County, Ky. Lottie E. Miller, wife of G. W. Miller, daughter of Thos P. Litton of Laurel county, Ky. After a long and severe illness.

On last Tuesday the dead body of Perry Skinner who lived about eight or ten miles west of this place, was found lying in the road near his house with the wound of a rifle-ball square through his breast and shoulders. It is reported that Molem Reynolds confessed to have done the killing, and said that he would have done the deed if he had known he would have been hung in ten minutes afterwards. The cause of the killing was old feud between Skinner and Reynolds. Skinner was of about twenty-five years, leaves a wife and several children. Reynolds is about eighteen years old and still lived with his widowed mother. No arrest has yet been made.


Died: On last Sunday of flux, Mrs. Nancy Robinson wife of Mr. Lindsey Robinson, living about nine miles north of this place, Mrs. Robinson, leaves many friends to mourn her death.

Died: On last Sunday night about two miles north of this place, James Medley Sr.

Married: At the residence of Robert Johnson in this county on last Tuesday morning Mr. Houston Tompkins to Miss Clarissa Graybeal both of this county.

Died: On last Monday night at the residence of Mr. W. H. H. Thompson, of this place of general disability, Mr. John Mathews, aged about 60 years. Mr Mathews was brought to town tried and adjudged to be a lunatic about two months ago, and had been at Mr. Thompsons ever since. He was buried Tuesday on Cemetery Hill.

Married: At the residence of Judge Pearl, of this place at 9 o'clock A.M., last Wednesday by Rev. J. A. Caywood, Mr. Edwin Hackney to Miss Helen Pearl. The following is a mention of a few of their bridal gifts; Silver tablespoons by Miss Pattie Adams, Majolica Pitcher by Mr. John Smith, Silver Casters by Miss Lula Pullins, hansome glass set by Mrs. W.B. Catching, Silver Ladle by Mrs. Sallie Maret, pair of Candlesticks by Miss Eva Faris, Spoon holder by Mrs. Amanda Baugh. they boarded the 9:50 train for the east, where they will probably spend several weeks enjoying their honeymoon.


Married: At the residence of the bride's father on the 16th inst., by Judge W. R. Jones, Mr. Lafayette McDaniel and Miss Mary Gill.

Died: At the residence of his father on Robinson Creek in this county, on last Saturday, Roland Queen after a severe illness of several weeks. He was buried Monday.

On last Saturday, at his residence two miles north of this place of consumption, George S. Brown aged about 40 years. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his death. His remains were taken Saturday to Lancaster his former home for interment.


Died, At his home in this county, last Wednesday morning Mr. Gran Evans, of dropsy, with which disease he had been afflicted for sometime.

Mr. W. D. Blair formerly of this county, but who has been making his home in Nebraska, for several years, returned on the 4 o'clock train yesterday morning. He is stopping at the Lovelace Hotel.

Died: on last Monday evening of fever after an illness of several weeks, at the age of about fifteen years. Henderson Parman, at the residence of his father, Mr. Reed Parman about nine miles west of London. He was buried Wednesday in the graveyard at Slate Hill Church.


The case of the Commonwealth vs Bishop for the murder of Mary and Bettie Sigman in Rockcastle County, was opened last Monday morning and the following Jury was impanneled; Wes Swanner, Enoch Rogers, Wm. Ball, Jeff Tuttle, Robert Asher, Ed. Stapleton, Jas. Gaines, Jack Adams, W. R. McCorren, Isaac Jones, Jas. Hopper, and Henry Mullins. The evidence was closed yesterday and the case will be submitted today.

The following marriage license have been issued by our County Clurt Clerk during the month os October: Oct. 4 -P. F. George to Miss Elizabeth Cottongim Oct. 4 - Jno. Haley to Miss Mattie Meadow Oct. 4 - I. R. Storms to Mrs. Christina Brown Oct. 8 - Karl Schupbach to Miss Mariah Von Kanel Oct. 11 - J. H. Mullins to Miss Martha A. Broughton Oct. 18 - Francis M. Butcher to Miss Eva Rudy

Died: On last Wednesday night, of consumption at the residence of Mr. Mack Barnett, Mrs. Lizzie Barnett his wife, a bride of only about ten months.

Green Mount: Many was at the spelling and reception last Saturday, at a log school house near the mouth of Moores Creek, four schools being consolidated . Oration, by Mr. John Wyatt "Persevere in Education." Essay by Miss Lizzie Pearce "Somebody is Lost." Closing address by Miss Rula Pierce; " The Mistress."

Died: Little Rilla son of Mr. Chap Watkins, Oct. 13, "Suffer little children to come unto me."

Died: At Pittsburg, on last Tuesday evening of croup, little Harvey Sutton, son of Mr. H. C. Sutton and about eight years old. He was buried Wednesday evening on the Cemetery Hill. We extend to the gereaved parents our warmest sympathy.


Mr. John Evans who left for Texas several months ago, returned to sweet old Laurel last Friday.

Mr. C. W. Jones our County Court Clerk has issued the following license during the past two weeks: Oct. 21 - M. L. King to Miss Elizabeth A. Johnson Oct. 23 - Jas. Elizzie to Miss Virginia A. Evans Oct. 26 - Lee A. Black to Miss Martha Storms Oct. 29 - E. W. Crowder to Miss Nancy Hubbard Oct. 31 - Jack McCall to Miss Susan A. McCall

Died: At her residence in this county, on the 13 inst., Mrs. Susan Trosper, widow of James R. Trosper. She died in the full triumph of a living faith.

Died, At his residence in this county, on Saturday morning the 3rd inst, Lucy B. Jones, wife of John B. Jones. She has long been a member of the Baptist Church.


Marriage license have been issued by our County Court Clerk since our last report: James U. Wilson to Miss Nancy C.Gray W. F. Tuttle to Miss Lizzie Daniel James Thompson to Miss Sallie Watkins Emery Andes to Miss Amanda Lukes Alexander Owen to Miss Ellen Felts Thomas Rapier to Miss Sarah A. Daughty Mathew Miller to Miss Charity Sams Hiram Reid to Miss Mary S.Warren J. M. Jackson to Miss Sadia Kinser Andrew J. Harrison to Miss Martha C. Pigg Isaac E. Allen to Miss Florence E. McCarmack W. A. Pugh to Miss Mattie R. Pitman S.F. Sugerner to Miss Aley Nickelson

Brack Tackett and Ruth Pearce were married last Thursday.


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