Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Died: At his residence in this county, of disease of the bladder, on last Sunday evening Mr. John Dees, in ripe old age. He leaves many friends behind to mourn his death. He was buried Monday.

Messrs. J. F. Sutton and Frank Mahan of the Three Forks Enterprise, paid us a very pleasant call during the Christmas Holidays. Mr. Sutton is a native of London, from which fact we feel a little partial toward him and hope his merit so justly entitle him to.

East Bernstadt: Mrs Henry Quinton was buried today, leaving twin children only a few days old.

Died: At the residence of his father, in this county last Tuesday, Robert Gregory, after a serious illness of several months.


Died: on Sunday, 3 o'clock a.m. the 3rd day of Feb. 1884, at his residence in London, John H. Faris, aged 39 years, 1 month and 27 days.

Dr. S. W. Ewell boarded the train last Monday night for San Francisco, Cal., where he contemplates earning a fortune. May his fondest anticipations be realizes.

East Bernstadt: We have quite a number of weddings in our community of late, J. P. Landram to Miss Wyatt, Union Lamon to Miss Susie Dishop ? Mr. Cole to Miss Casteel.

MARCH 1884

Our County Court Clerk issued marriage license to the following persons during the week: Peter R. Phelps to Jemima Tuttle Joel M. Engle to Mary T. Polly Peter Hammonds to Nancy J. Redmon

Deaths: At the residence of Mrs. Patsie Frield of this place, on last Saturday evening of dropsy, Mrs. Susan White of Manchester, Ky.

At the residence of her father Mr. John Parsley of this place, on last Saturday after an illness of two weeks of fever, Miss Alice Parsley.

At her residence, in this place last Saturday night an illness of several months duration, Mrs. Sophia Wilson, widow of the late Mr. W. H. Wilson, of Whitley County. She was buried last Monday by the side of her husband and two daughters in the grave yard at the Slate Hill Church four miles south of London.

On Tuesday at 2 o'clock a.m. the 4th day of March1884 Serepta J. , wife of J. R. Rice aged 31 years 11 months and 19 days. She was born in Harlan County, Ky., March 15, 1852. She is the daughter of George and Sallie Eager.

APRIL 1884

Died: At the residence in this county, three miles south London, on last Saturday of heart disease, Mr. James Sparks.

At his residence in this county about nine miles north of London on last Friday of consumption, Green McCracken. He leaves a wife and several children.

APRIL 1884

Died at the residence of her husband, in this county, about two and a half miles south of London, on last Saturday, Mrs. J. M. Wells. The bereaved family deserve the condolence of the entire community.

MAY 1884

Mr. James Daughty an aged and respected citizen of this county, died at his home on Tuesday of last week.

Mr. Calvin Graybeal of Lincoln County, died at his father's in this county, of dropsy last Saturday, after a lingering illness of several months duration.

JUNE 1884

Just as we go to press we learn of the death of Mrs. G. R. Pherigo, a former resident of this place.

Mr. George W. Miller, formerly of this county, shot and killed Luke Ewing on the streets of Lebanon, last Tuesday, with a double barreled shotgun. Reports as to his justification conflict. He was arrested and placed in jail. The grand jury of Marion County, is in session and will investigate the matter immediately.

William Gillum, of East Bernstadt, was arrested and brought to London during the week upon a charge of Ku Kluxing and was locked up in Castle Hardin. He was admitted to bail in the sum of $50 on Wednesday.

Benjamine Catching, son of Mrs. C.W. Catching was tried before W. R. Jones last Tuesday and was found to be a lunatic and ordered to be taken to an asylum. Sheriff C. N. Scoville left with him on the Wednesday morning train for Anchorage Asylum.

Died at her residence in this county, on last Wednesday, an infant child of Mr. Landon Onkst.

Mrs. William Hale of this county died last Tuesday of consumption, after an illness of several months. She leaves a husband and several children and a host of friends to mourn her death.

JULY 1884

Died: Mrs. Emma SMith, daughter of Henry and Dinah Vaughn and wife of Stephen Smith, departed this life at the McKee farm near London, Ky., June 26, 1884. She leaves a husband and little girl three months. She was married to Stephen Smith at Jeffersonville, Indiana in the year 1881.

East Bernstadt: The health of the county is very bad at present, Too many southern Watermelons eaten.

Died: On last Satueday evening, little Rowan Carrier, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Carrier aged about eighteen months, after a brief illness of eight days. The funeral sermon was preached at the Christian Church Sunday evening by Rev. Mr. Nelson, of the M. E. Church South, and its earthly remains were buried in the burying grounds about one fourth mile south of London.

Mr. Samuel Probst, jeweler of Bernstadt, died early yesterday morning. Since Mr. Probst arrived in this country about two years ago he has won many friends, and his death is a sad loss to all.

Ring the bells, fire the cannon and blow the whistle. It's a girl, was born early last Saturday morning and Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Hackney are the happy recipients.

We have received full particulars of the murder of Geo Routen by John Sexton but want of space in this issue prevents its publication this week.


John Eaton the murderer of George Rowten, an account of whos trial at Barbourville we gave in our last issuewas found guilty and sentenced to be hanged Nov. 31, 1884 and removed to the Lexington jail for safe keeping.

(Papers are missing that have the article on the murder trial.)


Died: Of malerial fever at his residence in London, Ky., Henry Jarvis Williams, who was a member of the merchantile firm of Faris and Williams, aged 29 years ten months and six days. Funeral services at the Christian Church by Revs. Gill and Boreing of the Methodist Church after which the burial took place on the hill overlooking the town. He leaves a wife and one child.

An elopement: Last Thrusday evenings south bound train bore Mr. J. L. Evans and Miss Lizzie Southard whose marriage was not congenial to the bride's parents, to Jellico, Tenn., where the marriage knot was tied and two hearts were made to beat as one.

Died: At his residence on Rockcastle River in this county about 12 miles northeast of London, on last Saturday the 27th ult, of general debilities, "uncle" William Porter in the 79th year of life. His remains were buried Sunday near the Mt .Pleasant Church.

Died at the residence of her husband in this county on last Wednesday evening of dropsy, Mrs. Jonathon Hatcher after months of serious illness, in the 72nd year of her age.

Our County Court Clerk has issued marriage license to the following parties during the week: S. S. Bryant to Miss Jane Hansford Charles S. Brafford toMiss Rhody McCarty John C. Moore to Miss Tennessee McDaniel Jeramiah Singleton to Martha Allen H. B. Crowder to E. L. Revell Joseph Collier to Martha C. Carpenter William Slorcham to Mary S. Brown


On last Thursday night near Bernstadt, this county, Jacob Bill, a Swiss shot and killed Fred Hoffer, another Swiss, the circumstances of the difficulty are about as follows: Sometime ago Bill caught Hoffer in his vineyard stealing grapes, for which Hoffer was arrested, tried and fined, since when the Hoffers were heard to remark that Bill would regret that he had Hoffer arrested. This together with other circumstances that have transpired since among which was maiming of some of Bill's cows, put Mr. Bill on his gurad, and on last Thursday night while Bill and his wife were sitting outdoors on a log watching, they spied two men approaching the house through the woods, and when they discovered Bill they opened fire upon him when he returned the compliment, killing one of them instantly. Bill came immediately to London and gave himself up to authorities, was given an examining trial last Wednesday and held over to Circuit Court in a bond of $500. Which was promptly filled.

We were pained to announce the serious illness of Mr. J. F. Sutton, foreman of the Three Forks Enterprise published at Beattyville, Ky. Mr. Sutton has the pneumonia fever and has been ill for about two weeks.

Mr. H. C. Sutton of Pittsburg, returned last Sunday from Beattyville, where he had been to visit the bedside of his sick son, Mr. J. F. Sutton. Mr. Sutton reports that Frank is quite low but is improving with favorable indications of recovery.

Jarvis L. Jackson, son of W. H. and Maria Jackson, after a severe illness of nine weeks departed this life peacefully and quietly on the 14th inst., Jarvie, as he was familiarly called, was the namesake of his great uncle General Jarvis Jackson, deceased, who was widely known and distinguished for his hospitality to the poor. Jarvie was in his nineteenth year.

About two weeks ago Magdaline Perrin and her mother, Elizabeth, Swiss of Bernstadt, were arrested on the charge of concealing the birth of a child and infanticide. Magdaline being the mother of it. They were given an examining trial last Saturday which resulted in the discharge of Ellizabeth Perrin and holding over of Magdaline in a bond of $100.

Died, On last Monday night, of flux, at his mother's six miles south of London, William Rogers, grandson of Eld. W.W. Pope in his 18th year.

Died: At his residence on Raccoon, this county, about 10 miles north of London at 2 o'clock last Sunday evening of typho-malarial fever, Z. T. Faris. Mr. Faris was born Nov. 16, 1848 and was a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Faris.

East Bernstadt: Died, at the residence of Jule Spivey, of Flux, on the 17th inst., Miss Mattie Blakely after an illness of nine days.

With sadness we chronicle the death of Wm. P. Rogers that occured at his mother's five miles south of London, Ky. on Oct. 20, 1884 at 12 o'clock at night after three days severe suffering with that dread disease, flux.

John Johnson, a negro, of Altamont, this county, and engaged in digging coal for C. Crook & Co., of that place died suddenly last Saturday evening at Livingston.


Marriage license have been issued by our county court clerk since our last report as follows: R. M. Cobb to Nancy J. Sasser Rollie Beatty to Sallie J. Begley R. M. Shumate to Mollie Cummins G. W. Brock to Pollie Barnard George Runey to Mary C. Houk Wm. Watkins to Susan A. Wilder

Died: At his residence in this county last Wednesday of croup, the youngest child of Mr. Wyatt Dees, little Wesley aged four years and two days.

Died: At East Bernstadt, this county, last Saturday night of flux. After an illness of only two days, Dr. Lambert.

It's a girl and was born last Thursday and you just ought to see the gymnastic performance of the happy father, Mr. John W. Magee.

Died: On last Sunday an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William Hibbard.


It's a boy and we do believe that Mr. C.C. Harbin is the happiest looking man we ever saw.

Elder J. Morgan and family boarded the train last Saturday morning for Kansas, where they contemplate making their future home.

Died: At her residence in this county on Wednesday night the 17th inst., of fever, Mrs. Kate Faris, widow of the late Z. T. Faris, after about one month's illness.



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