Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Married: At the residence of Mr. John Templin in this county, by Esquire S. H. Jackson, Mr. Milton Green to Miss Lizzie Pierce.

East Bernstadt: Born to the wife of H. C. Thompson, January 10th, a son.

Died: A his residence in this county, last Tuesday evening, after an illness of many months, Roxie, youngest child of Mr. Able Bryant, recently a citizen of London.

Mr. Maynard Wilson boarded the 10 o'clock mail train last Wednesday bound for Kansas City, Mo., where he contemplates making his future home.

The new board of trustees, of London, elected Dec. 13th, were sworn in and took charge of the affairs of the town last Tuesday. The new board is composed of Messrs V. Boreing, James Dees, W. S. Jackson, J. C. Jackson and A.R. Dyche.

Died: At the residence of Mr. --bert Warren, this county last Wednesday morning of old age and general debilities, Mrs. Sallie Akeman aged 92 years.


Mrs. Ruth Jackson, wife of Esq. Andrew Jackson, of this county and daughter of Jacob and Dorcas Chesnut, deceased also mother of W. S.Jackson. Departed this life on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Jackson was aged 58 years a very worthy member of the Baptist Church.

Kittie A. Thompson, wife of Will H. Thompson and daughter of Stephen H. and Eliza J. Jackson, departed this life at the home of her father on the 7th Feb. 1885. At the age of 19 years, 5 months and 3 days. She was born in Laurel County, Ky., near Mershons X Roads.

Married at the residence of the bride's father Mr. Anderson Brown, to Miss Delia Donaldson and Mr. Thomas Wells to Miss Julia Denham.

Died: At their residence in this place, early last Tuesday morning the little infrant girl of Mr. and Mrs. John Pearl, She was only about two months old.

Died: At his home two miles from East Bernstadt, Feb. 22, Felix Edward Parker.

Mr. Ed Lucas and family of this county, left a few days ago for Missouri where they will contemplate making their future home.

Married: At the clerk's office on last Monday evening, by Rev. J. A.Redd, Mr. Milford Woods to Mary Bryant both of Pittsburg.

A hop was given the young folks of London last Tuesday night at the residence of Mr. J. C. Jackson, notwithstanding the weather those who were present reported a very pleasant time.

Died on last Saturday, at their resiednce at Butler, Mo., the youngest child aged seventeen months of Mr. and Mrs.. David A. Colyer, Mr. and Mrs. Colyer were formerly residence of Laurel County.

MARCH 1885

Killing: At about 6:30 last Monday evening a very sad difficulty occured in the store of Mr. T. J. Pitman, between C. M. Lovelass, Mr. Pitman's clerk, and John Bowman, both of this place. The particulars of the difficulty, as near as we can learn them are these: Lovelass was weighing some pigs feet for Mr. Rooney when two men, John Dugan and John Bowman, who were drinking would move the scales when Lovelass face was turned, after enduring this for some time he told them in a joking way that if they did so again that he would hit them with a pigs foot. The scales were again moved and Lovelass threw a pigs foot and hit Bowman. When Bowman drew his pistol, but was prevented from shooting Lovelass by Rooney raising Bowman's hand and the ball took effect in the ceiling. Rooney still held Bowman and Lovelass told Bowman that he had nothing against him and would not get mad even if he should spit in his face. Bowman was drinking freely and Lovelass slipped into another room and procured his pistol and told Rooney to let Bowman loose, he did so and left the room. Reports say that seven shots were fired, Lovelass receiving a mortal wound in the bowels.

Married: At the residence of the bride's father on the 29th ult; by Rev Thomas McNamara, Mr. Louis E. Prewitt of Knox county to Miss Sarah Langham of Laurel County.

Died: On Tuesday morning the 10th inst; Mr. Samuel Magee, aged 72 years. Mr. Magee was the father of Mr. Jas. Magee of Sherman, Texas.

APRIL 1885

Died: At his residence seven miles north of London, on big Raccoon, J. M. Pigg, aged 73 years. He was a strict member of the Methodist Church. He leaves a wife and eight children to mourn his death.

At London, Ky., on the 26th day of March, the spirit of Mrs. W. W. Dedrick nee Miss Rubena S. Thorton passed into eternity. Mrs. Dedrick was born June 1841. She was the daughter of Doctor Chruchill Jones Thorton, a Virginia gentleman, and physician.

Altamont, Ky., Our town lost one of its best colored citizens last week of pneumonia, whose name was Robert Tinsley.

MAY 1885

Raccoon Bend: Mrs. Richard Parsley is very low with consumption and her recovery is thought very doubtful.

East Bernstadt: Mr. Elisha Mays and Miss Callie Fagon left on the night express last night for Mt. Vernon where they were quietly married this morning by Mr. A. Jones. They were accompanied by Mrs. W. T. Fagon and her son Noah.

The friends and relatives of Miss Amelia Blunchi enjoyed the pleasure of seeing her married to Mr. Jacob Muster. Miss Blunchi and Mr Muster are citizens of this town, their former home having been in Swizerland.

Died: On last Tuesday 9 o'clock p.m. at the residence of her husband six miles south of this place, Mrs. W.W. Pope after a lingering illness of several months.

East Bernstadt: Little "Jimmie" son of J. C. Gallagher, died very sudenly today.

Died: On Punchion Camp, on the 29th ult., Mrs. Lucinda Hale, wife of Sebastian Hale. She leaves several children and a host of friends to mourn her death.

One of Alexander Profit's little boys was killed one day last week by a horse. The child was at play in the yard where the horse was grazing. it is supposed he struck the horse with a stick when the animal gave him a kick on the side of the head killing him instantly.

Died: On last Thursday morning of pneumonia fever, at the residence of her husband on Raccoon, Mrs. S. C. Carrier, after an illness of several days.

JULY 1885

We are glad to learn that the family of Hon. M. J. Unthank will make London their future home. Mr. Unthank has heretofore been making Bell County his home, but says that in consequendce of the recent troubles in that county he has determined to find a home elsewhere, and as London has the reputation of being as the most quiet town in the state he has concluded to take up his permanent residence here.

ASHER-MCPHETRIDGE: The case of the Commonwealthe against John McPhetridge charging him with attempting to poison David Asher, was tried last Thrusday evening before Esquires Johnson and Lamon, which resulted in acquittal of McPhetridge in the above case, he was re-arrested upon a warrent sworn out by Mr. Asher accusing him of killing his (Asher's) hogs. In this case McPhetridge was given an examining trial Monday resulting again in his acquittal. Immediately upon his acquittal in this case McPhetridge brought suit against Mr. Asher in the sum of $10,000.

Died: At his residence in Laurel County on Saturday June 27, 1885 of heart disease, Wm. N. Steele, aged 73 years.

Died: On last Wednesday of cholera morbus, at his nephews, at Rockcastle Springs, Mr. Josephus Campbell, Mr. Campbell leaves many warm friends to mourn his death.


Died: On Thursday evening of last week at the residence of her husband, on Sinking Creek, five miles south of this place. After an illness of several months. Mrs. Easter Butner of color. She was buried Saturday morning in the colored grave yard near the residence of Mr. J. C. Jackson of this place.


Married: At the Thompson Hotel, in this place last Tuesday evening, Mr. William Young to Miss Mollie Swanner all of Altamont.

Mr. Joe Owens, an old and highly respected citizen, died at Altamont today at one o'clock. he was superintendent of the Altamont Coal Works, and been enjoying good health until a few days ago.

A twain made one: Mr. James S. Southard and Miss Martha Foster were united in the bonds of matrimony at the residence of the bride's father, one mile east of London at 9 o'clock. A.M. last Wednesday, by Rev. V. Boreing. Immediately after the ceremonies were performed the contracting parties boarded the train on a bridal tour.

Died: At her residence last Tuesday morning four miles north of London, of that dread disease consumption, after an illness of several months, Mrs. Mary Moore and daughter of Dr. James D. Foster.

Died: At 7 o'clock P.M. last Tuesday at the residence of his son, Mr. James McKee, old uncle Sam McKee, of color, after an illness of about two weeks.

The young man giving his name as B. C. Campbell who came to East Bernstadt some days ago sick, and died Monday evening at 6 p.m. and was buried in the Litton grave yard Tuesday. although an entire stranger kind hands cared for him during his sickness and burial.

Married: Yesterday at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Wm. Graybeal to Miss Sarah J. Blankenship, daughter of Mr. Wm Blankenship.


Died: At her residence on Rockcastle River, about 12 miles north east of London, on last Thrusday night Mrs. Susan Links, after an illness of several months.

Died: At her husbands residence six miles southeast of London early last Sunday morning of consumption Sarah Barnett wife of James Barnett. She leaves behind a bereaved husband a number of children and a host of friends to mourn her loss. Born in Polk County, Mo. Nov. 19, 1840. Joined Baptist church in 1857.

East Bernstadt: Jno. Bowman, who killed "Mit" Lovelace in our town in April last, was sentenced to three years and nine months in the penitentiary.

Altamont: Died this morning Mrs. Hulda Leverage of fever.


J. M. Faris of Raccoon Bend, an old and respected citizen died last Friday morning and was interred in the family cemetery on Saturday, aged 85 years.

On Tuesday of last week at Altamont, this county Mr. Will Luker accidently discharged a pistol in his overcoat pocket, the ball penetrating his body passing through a portion of his heart, killing him instantly. He leaves a wife and two children.

Mr. Samuel Bryant who has been sick for sometime died this morning.

Mrs. Mary Lilburn, who has been very sick for some time past, died Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. She is to be buried today (Monday) at half-past 10 o'clock, Dec. 28, 1885. 


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