Excerpts from the
Mountain Echo
Laurel County's
first newspaper

                                                Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society

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Died: At his residence in this county on the 26 ult., Mr. Samuel Durham, after a brief illness. He leaves a wife and twelve children, and a host of friends to mourn his death.

Pittsburg: Died at this place on Dec. 29th, Mrs. Singleton, wife of John Singleton, Sr. Mrs. Singleton was a devoted christian and for a long time a member of the M. E. Church.

Mr. Wm. Allen had his ears frost bitten.

Died At the residence of Eliza Carr, of color of this place, on Thursday evening of last week of heart disease, John Carr aged about nineteen years and only child of Martha Carr. He was burried Friday in the graveyard just south of town, near Mr. J. C. McKee's.

Died: At her home on Sinking Creek, Laurel County on the 24th ult., sister Mahala Turner nee Magee, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Magee, and wife of Sigel Turner.

Died: At his residence in this city at 7 o'clock last Monday evening in the 76th year of his age after a lingering illness of several months duration of enlargement of the liver, Mr. Henry Shuman.


Died: At half past 1 o'clock on the evening of the 10th inst. at the residence of Mr. Joseph Sampson near London, his mother, Mrs. Nancy Sampson. Mrs. Sampson was about eighty three years and nine months old.

Altamont: We learn the children of Lou McDaniels are soon to be taken from her and bound out. We think it be a good idea if our officials would attend to such cases. She is known to be a lewd woman, without a home for either herself or her two poor starving little children.

At a wedding charivari at Mr. Issac Allen's near Mershons X Roads on Thursday night of last week Isaac Nelson, son of William Nelson was shot in the back, the ball passing square through him inflicting a wound of which he died Friday night. It is not known exactly who fired the fatal shot as the whold crowd was shooting promiscuously, it is believed Mr. Charles Luker did, though if he did it, it was without doubt an accident.

Mr. John Broughton and Miss Pauline Gentry were married a few days ago.

MARCH 1886

Died: On Sunday morning, the 28th ult., of pneumonia fever, Mrs. Riley, wife of Floyd Riley. Funeral took place today.

East Bernstadt: Mrs. Betty Clark died at the residence of her daughter Mrs. John Gallager, on March 8th after an illness of about one week. She will be taken to Lexington for burial.

Died: On last Sunday evening at Pittsburg of periuaetus, ? Mrs. Sammie Landrum, wife of W. B. A. Landrum. Her funeral sermon was preached Monday by Rev. E. C.Gifford of the M. E. Church, South. She leaves a husband and several children to mourn her death. Her youngest child was only a few days old.

Pittsburg: Died on the 13 inst., wife of T. C. Stringer, She leaves a husband and three children. Her remains were taken to Pine Hill today for burial where she has two children buried.

Died: At his residence six miles south of London last Saturday evening of dropsy, combined with general debility, Mr. James Sparks, Sen, Mr. Sparks was born March 10, 1802 and was consequently just turning into his eighty fifth year.

Died: At 11 o'clock last Friday night at her residence after a serious illness of over two months, Mrs. Dr. J. D. Foster.

Died: Of dropsy and heart disease at his residence about eight miles east of London, on the waters of Raccoon at 7 o'clock last Saturday morning, Mr. Uriah Moore.

APRIL 1886

We are reliably informed that Tom Bill Nix, who lives about ten miles west of London, in this county is a man for whose special benefit the whipping post bill should be passed. A few days ago he left his wife and has taken up with his wife's sister, Miss Mary Jones, who gave birth last Monday night to an illegitimate child, a boy. Nix is unquestionably the father of the child.

Mr. George W. Hyde of St. Joseph, Mo., who left this county twenty-eight years ago, and has been here but once since, and that in 1864, is again visiting relatives in this county and will remain two or three weeks, settling up his father's estate. Mr Hyde is a son of Uncle Dott Hyde, who died a few years ago, and has a host of friends here who extend to him a hearty welcome

A young Swiss man named Reihber died in the Colony a few days ago and was buried in the Swiss graveyard. He willed considerable estate to his father.

Chas. Abberhart died of consumption at his mother's last Saturday night after an illness of eleven years. He was 29 years of age. He was buried at Warrens Grove Church Sunday in the presence of a large congregation of both Swiss and English. Brother Denny conducted the funeral service.

MAY 1886

Died: On last Tuesday evening at the residnce of H. C. Sutton, of general debilities, Mrs. Sarah Sutton wife of Uncle Bailey Sutton. Mrs. Sutton was between 80 and 85 years of age, and leaves quite a number of children and grandchildren to mourn her death.

May 7, 1886 Pittsburg: At this place on Thursday April 29th, R. Lester to Miss Belle Denis, the Rev. Littleton officiating as both have been married before they will know how to go to housekeeping.

Died: At his (Mr. John Parsley's) resiedence on Raccoon last Sunday morning of heart disease after an illness of three weeks, Mrs. Margaret Campbell, granddaughter of Mr. John Parsley of this  place.

May 14, 1886-Born: to the wife of Isaac Johnson, of this county, April 30, a boy. Mr Johnson says that his boy is a Republican from head to foot and his name is Robert Boyd.

Born: To the wife of Jerry Singleton, last Monday a boy, Jerry seems to be three inches taller.

Died: At his residence nine miles north of London last Tuesday morning of fever an infant daughter of Melville Phelps.

Died: At half past 12 o'clock last Tuesday morning at the residence of her father of consumption, Miss Sallie Brown, aged sixteen years. She was buried at 5 o'clock Tuesday evening in the family burying grounds in the northern suburbs of town.

May 21, 1886-Died at her husband's residence in this county last Wednesday of fever, Mrs. Elizabeth Phelps, wife of Mr. Melville Phelps, leaving 8 children and a much bereaved husband.

Following is a list of marriage license by County Court Clerk C. W. Jones since May 1:
James A. Dugger to Mary S. Collins
Hugh Parrot to Louisa A. Bruner
Carl Hiss to Emily Jordi
S. E. Scott ot Jennie M. Jones
Jerry Stringer to Nancy E. Begley
Lincoln Massey to Mollie Bustle
G.R.Roberts to Ella Collier
A. M. Province to Mahala L. Peters

Died: May 15, 1886, Edna, youngest daughter of James and Margaret Inman, aged three years, nine months and ten days.

May 28, 1886-Samuel Pitman, of color, died this evening rather suddenly at the house of Jerry Taylor. We understand that Mr. John Pitman of this place provided for his burial.

Mershons X Roads: Died of old age, John Freeman, he was a kind old gentleman and leaves behind him many friends.

Married: On May 18,1886, at the residence of the bride's father by Rev. J. A. Gogg, Mr. G.R. Roberts to Miss Ella Collier youngest daughter of Elder Stephen Collier.

JUNE 1886

June 4, 1886--Died: At her home eleven miles east of London, last Sunday after a brief illness, Mrs. Woodson Hodge.

June18, 1886--Died At her husband's residence nine miles south of London on the 30th ult., after an illness of several weeks, Mrs. Jennie Hodge, wife of John Hodge.

June 25,1886--Greenmount: born to the wife of A. J. Gill a son and they call him Vincent Boreing Gill.

Died: At the residence of her father in this place last Friday morning of hemorrhage of the stomach in the twelfth year of her age, Permelia Melvina Mahan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mahan.

July 2, 1886--Dr. Presley A. Farris of London, Ky., departed this life June 25, 1886 after a protracted illness of about five weeks. Dr. Farris was born April 24, 1829. He was married to Martha J. Black April 12, 1860.

July 9,--Died: At her residence three miles east of London, at 4 o'clock last Tuesday evening after a lingering illness of several weeks, Mrs. Patsy Chesnut. Her remains were buried Wednesday near the residence of R. D. Johnson. She leaves an only son and a host of relatives to mourn her death.

July 16,--Married: On the 10th of July by Jeremiah Lamon, John Rhoner to Miss Millena Shane all Swiss.

Born to the wife of Charles Walstrum on last Tuesday morning a fine girl.

Greenmount: Jack Gill of this place died Monday evening. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his  death.

Greenmount: Henry McCowan formerly a resident of this place, died at Thos Godsey's Sunday. Wonder if he has been attacked by rabbits lately.

July 23, --A very painful accident occurred on Thursday evening of last week to our little two year old son Russell Dyche. He was playing painter using a mucilage brush and in the absence of any very close attention was using the lye crock as a paint bucket and by some means got some concentrated lye in his mouth with which he suffered very painfully for a while though antidote were soon applied and he soon recovered.

On Thursday evening a difficulty occurred at Pittsburg, between Ed Pitman and William Main, son of Esq. Lem Main; several shots were fired and Pitman was wounded three times, once very seriously. His condition is considered critical, Main surrendered himself to Esq. Lemon.

McWhorter: Crit Creech started this morning for California.

July 30,  --The examination of Will Main,  charged with the shooting of Ed Pitman with intent to kill was held before Esquire Lamon at East Bernstadt on Monday.  The state being represented by and the defense by W.R. Ramsey and J. W. Jones. After the examination of about twenty-five witnesses the defendant was discharged the evidence in the opinion of the Court not being sufficient to hold him for further trial.


August 6, 1886--Mr. C. Pitman of Oak Grove, Mo., arrieved at Pittsburg last  Tuesday to attend the bedside of his wounded son. He will remain out on a visit about a month.

The little girls and boys of East Bernstadt have contributed 10 cnets each to buy a Bible for our church.

Margaret, wife of  Allen Jones departed this life at 3 o'clock the night of July 30th. She died of flux a disease now prevailing among us.

Died: On the last Thursday at his home near Bushes Store, this county,  the youngest child of Mr. Melville Phelps, the jailor elect.

Died: At his home in London yesterday evening after a lingering illness of several days an infrant child of D. T. J.  Matsons.

Died: At the residence of John Pitman of  Pittsburg at 3 o'clock last Monday morning, Mr. Eddie Pitman, of a pistol shot wound received about three weeks ago at the hands of Willie Main. He was buried Monday evening in the family graveyard near Uncle John Pitmans residence.

Died: At his residence on Raccoon, last Sunday night of flux, an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. henry Kethers.

August 13, --Died: At her residence 3 1/2 miles south of London on Tuesday the 10th inst., Mrs. Cynthia Litton in her 85th year, wife of Hiram Litton whose death preceded hers in 1852. Sister Litton was converted to Christ about 65 yeas ago under the preaching of James Barnes, father of the noted Geo. O. Barnes. She was a daughter of Jeremiah Smith one of the  oldest settlers of this part of Kentucky. Her remains were interred at Old Union Church on the 11th.

It is a girl and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Brown are the happy recipients. It first saw the light of day on Sunday the first inst.

August 27, 1886
About 2 o'clock last Wednesday evening, at the Barnard distillery on the eastern border of this county about twelve miles from London, Sam Barnard shot and instantly killed Frank Harris, son of Newton Harris. The circumstances of the killing to the best of our information are bout these: Harris was standing near the distillery with a musket in his hand talking to another party, when Barnard came out, snatched the gun out of his hands
and as he turned to run, emptied its contents into his back, which passed square through him and out at the breast, killing him instantly. Just after the killing Barnard was heard to remark that he had shot him just like Harris father had shot a dog of his a few days before. Barnard has not been arrested but the officeers are scouring the country for him. He is supposed to be concealed in Tennessee. This is Barnard's second killing, havingkilled a daughter of Joseph Martin several years ago while quite a boy.

Dr. Bray, of Bald Rock, has been spending the week in London, bottling and packing his famous flux remedy, which he is selling very rapidly.

Died: At her fathers residence six miles southeast of London, last Monday night of flux, Miss Cora Scales, a seven year old daughter of Dr. N. M. Scales. The bereaved parents have our most profound sympathy. Miss Mattie, the Dr's oldest daughter is also very low with flux.

Laurel County never before in our memory has experienced such an epidemic of flux as she is experiencing this season.

Died: At 3 o'clock last Monday morning at his residence of flux, an eight year old child of William Chapple, and another one os his children is quite low with the same disease.


September 3, --Sam Barnard, charged with the murder of Frank Harris an account of which we gave in our last issue, was arrested last Friday at Pineville by Andrew Johnson and brought here Sunday by E.S. Bingham, John Phelps and Millard Johnson who turned him over to Judge Boreing who committed him to jail and set his examining trial for today.

Died: A his residence seven miles southeast of London last Saturday the 28th ult., Mr. E. K. Wyatt. On the day previous to his death Mr. Wyatt was shaving a wooden axle tree to a wagon, with a drawing knife, having one end of the axle tree in the crack of  his work shop, when all of a sudden the axle slipped out of the crack and fell, the sharp end striking him on the bowels, inflicting a wound of which he died twenty-two hours later. Mr. Wyatt was one of our best citizens, has lived in the county 53 years, was 72 years of age.

The church house at Mt. Pleasant is slowly nearing completion. When completed it will be a nice and commodious building.

Died: On Monday August 23, 1886, William Thomas Barton aged 10 years, 10 months, and 6 days. Son of Geo. R. and Mary A. Barton.

September 10, --Died: At his residence on Raccoon, this county, last Monday of flux, William Pinkston aged about 24 years.

Our Cross Roads correspondent gives an account of the killing of George Inman by John Sinclair. The circumstances as far as our information extends are about these: On Saturday, Aug. 28, a lot of fellows from around Crews Ferry, this county, went down to Livingston and got on a "regular drunk" and on their return home near Gavley Hill, Rockcastle county, Sinclair and
Inman, the latter a blind boy who lived near Mershons Cross Roads, became involved in a dispute and in the difficulty Sinclair struck Inman just above the left eye with a rock fracturing his skull. Inman was taken home where he lingered a few days and died. Sinclair was arrested but was rescued, it is claimed, by Budge Parker and others. The arresting party has reinforced until they number nearly twenty, headed  by young Inman's father, who are scouring the country for him and should he be found he will surly be arrested.

Died: On last Tuesday night at his residence in the southern suburbs of London of a combination of diseases, Orrie aninfant son of James Copman.

The examining trial of Sam Barnard, charged with the murder of Frank Harris an account of which was given in these columns two weeks ago, was held Friday before Judge Boreing. The defendant was held for further trial without bail and remanded to jail.

Married: On the 2nd inst., Mr. Jack Williams to Miss Hannah Watkins all of this place.

September 17,--Mr. W.A. Parsley was married last Wednesday at Barbourville to Miss Pigg. The happy couple were on the north bound train last Wednesday morning on a bridal tour to the cities.

Bernstadt: Old Aunt Jemima Percifield, formerly of this neighborhood, but late of Rockcastle County, died of flux last Saturday. Your readers will remember her husband was killed by a lodged tree a few years ago on Sinking Creek, this county.

One of Squire John D. Cromer's children died last Monday of flux.

Altamont: John Metcalf was mashed by slate a few days ago and died of the injuries.

September 24, --Mrs. Francis Linch of the Rough Creek neighborhood died of flux last Tuesday night. She was about 50 years of age.

The Post Office at Raccoon Bend, in this county has been discontinued. Mail for that office will be sent to Greenmoung.

Mrs. Salatha Gill, wife of George Gill and sister of Mr. James Dees of this place, died of consumption of the bowels, at the home of her husband, on Raccoon last Friday evening. Mrs. Gill was about forty years of age and left five children, the oldest 14 and the youngest 3 years of age.

John Sinclair, who is charged with the killing of Geo. Inman, the blind boy an account of which was given in these columns a few weeks ago, surrendered himself the other day to Squire Clark, of Rockcastle county. His trial is set for today in Mt. Vernon.

Ben Chesnut of this county now working at Jellico, met with a serious accident of Thursday evening the 16th inst., while crossing a fence near his boarding house, he struck the hammer of his pistol, which he carried in his hip pocket, in someway. When it immediately fired the ball striking the  bone so badly that his leg had to be amputated Saturday morning. His mother Mrs. Cindy Chesnut, having been notified of the accident went down on the early train Saturday morning and will remain with him until he is able to be moved.


October 1, --Mrs. Judge Brown was elected organist of the Methodist Sunday School to fill the vacancy caused by Miss Mamie Jackson, having gone to Cincinnati to attend the musical college.

Died: At the residence nine miles south of London, at 6 o'clock last Sunday evening of flux, Mr. James McHargue. Mr. McHargue leaves a large number of connections to mourn his death.

There are twenty-four prisoners now in the Laurel County jail, mostly moonshiners.

Good Calf boots for $2.50 and blacking two boxes for 5 cts., at J. E. Williams. (J. T. Williams)?

October 7, 1886--Mr. Lee Mahan has his new residence, overlooking the town from the west,  about completed and will be ready to move into it in a few days. It is a very cozy and comfortable residence.

October 15, --Mrs. Sarah Thompson who died last Tuesday Oct. 5, was buried at the Landrum burying ground. A husband and three children mourn her death.

Married yesterday at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. C. F. Chesnut to Miss Mahala Wagener.

October 29, --Hot cakes and confections always on hand at Antonio Vogliotts bakery near the depot.

Died: At his home near Bethel, Mr. Isaac Moore, aged sixty years. Mr. Moore has been in bad health for sometime past. He was born 1820 and died 1886 aged sixty six years. He joined the Presbyterian Church at East Bernstadt, from Beattyville.

November 5, --The condition of the county roads in this county is a disgrace to civilation and should be inquired into by the grand jury.

Mr. H. H. Southard, of this county received a telegram from a friend in Texas last Tuesday informing him of the death of his son Mr. Elmore L. Southard. Just when or of what he died we have not learned.

November 12, --It is a girl, was born one day last week and Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Caldwell are the happy recipients.

November 19, --Monday morning the court entered into the trial of Charles Luker, charged with the killing of Isaac Nelson. The Jury was selected, the evidence heard, the arguments produced, and the case submitted to the jury Thursday evening.

The case against John Hurly was continued until next term.

The case against Sam Barnard, murder, is set for Tuesday.

McWhorter; Brother Madison House, of this neighborhood, was buried last Sunday, 14th inst., with Masonic honors, of which order he was a true member.

November 26, --Born to the wife of Mr. J. H. Chesnut, on Saturday Nov. 20, 1886 a girl, weight 3 lbs.

Died: At his home in Pittsburg, last Monday, of colic after a brief illness, Frank, Mr. M. Hope's old Army horse in the thirty third year of his age. He was given a decent interment Tuesday. Mr. Hope rode Frank during the entire Civil War.

The case against Wm. Main and others is set for next Monday, the 19th day.

The case against Sam Barnard, murder, is now in the hands of the jury.

December 5, --Sam Barnard was admitted to bail in the sum of $3,000.

Died: Sunday afternoon at the house of his grandfather, after a long and serious illness, Chester B. Thompson aged 3 years.

Gabe Tackett, Harve Wilson, Tom Hurly and George Johnson, while out hunting near Uncle Wily Jones last Monday night, came very near being devoured by a hugh wild beast.

December 10,--Died: At his residence two miles east of London last Sunday evening after an illness of several months, Joseph A. Craft, Sr. Mr. Craft leaves a large circle of friends and many relatives to mourn his death.

December17, 1886--An infant son of Mr. John Moore, residing some three miles north of town, died of fever Saturday night.

Died: Wednesday, December 15, at the residence of her son, Richard Moberly, Miss Alice Moberly in the 76th year of her age after an illness of three or four years.

Married: At the Methodist Church at 7 o'clock last Sunday evening by Rev. J. C. Gill, Mr. David Jackson to Miss Kate Mahan, attendants Mr. Charles Brock and Miss Dora Parsley, Mr. J. B. Eberline and Miss Lou Jackson, Mr. George Faris and Miss Mollie Parsley. Ushers, W. B. Neal and A.R. Dyche. Immediately after the ceremonies the contracting parties the bride-grooms, bride's-maids, and ushers repaired to the Riley House and partook of a
sumptuous supper. The bride and groom left on the 12:05 a.m. express train for the cities and contemplate spending a couple of weeks on a bridal tour.

Dec. 19, 1886- I take this method of informing the patrons of Esomton post office that after January 1, 1887 the post office will be found at the Louisville and Nashville depot at Faris Station, Kentucky. N.H. Tyree.P.M.

East Bernstadt-Born to the wife of M. F. Smith on last Friday, a boy.

December 31, --Jake Dees of color is porter at the Jackson House.

It is a boy and Mr. and Mrs. M. T.Craft are the happy recipients. It entered upon the stage of action at 2:20 o'clock last Monday evening.

Charlie Baker who was shot and wounded in the leg last fall by Bill Williams is still improving. He is now able to go about the yard by the help of his sticks.

Married: On Thursday of last week at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. William Baker to Miss Nannie Wagoner by Rev. A. B. Belvin.

Born on  Wednesday of last week to the wife of Mr. Wm. Owen, of this county, a fine girl.
End of 1886


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