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Vernon's Patrick Brady: (Grandfather)
George Wallace Brady (Great Grandfather)
Born Dec 23 1870, Raywick KY 
Died 1947, lived & buried in Princeton IL... He's not buried with the rest of the family.

Mary Anna Brady (Great Grandmother)
Born 1879 in KY
Died 1946, buried in Homewood with a lot of Vernon's siblings. 
I believe her maiden name was Brady, possibly a 2nd or 3rd cousin marriage?  If my research is right, I believe her Grandfather & George Wallace's Grandfather were brothers.(?) Could be wrong.

Geroge Wallace Brady's Parents: (Great Great GPs)
George Washington Brady (1844-1879) Loretto, KY
Mary Ellen Fenwick (1854-1941) Union, KY 

Mary Anna Brady's Parents: (Great Great GPs)
Charles Franklin Brady (1843-1902) Marion County, KY
Mary J. Wimsatt (1850-1931) KY... I believe she died/is buried in Kansas City, MO

George Washing Brady's Parents: (GGG GPs)
James (Henry) Brady (1805-1875), born & died in KY 
Delphina Sweeney (Delaphina Swiney) (1807-1890) born in Virginia, died in KY (Her parents, John William "Willie" Sweeney & Mary Stanley are from Virginia & Tennessee, born approximately 1785)

Mary Ellen Fenwick's Parents: (GGG GPs +) 
Stephen (Ignatuis) Fenwick Sr (1814-1897), KY... both of his parents (Richard I. Fenwick & Louisa Mills) born & died in KY
Ellen Vize (1819-1906), KY... both of her parents (William Vize & Brittania Smallwood) born & died in KY
*** The next generation back, after Richard, Louisa, William & Brittania) are all born in Maryland around 1750. 
**** The Smallwood line goes back to 1593 born in Maryland 

Charles Franklin Brady's Parents / Line: (GGG GPs +)
James Brady (1814-1894) KY - His father Henry Brady was born in Maryland in 1780, moved to KY and married Sarah Hazel.  Sarah's parents were from Maryland as well. 
Ellen Ann McCauley (1810-1882), KY - Her parents, John McCauley & Anastatia Moore were from Maryland.  The McCauley line traces back to Ireland. 

Mary J Wimsatt's Parents / Line (GGG GPs +): Revolutionary War 
Francis Wimsatt (1810-1877) married Eleanor Spalding (1816-1876) both from KY.
Francis Wismatt's parents - John Wimsatt & Mary Eleanor Hagan both from KY, born ~1785
John Wimsatt's father Raphael (Ralph) Wimsatt fought in the Revolutionary War, born in Maryalnd in 1754, died in KY 1828.  He married Susanna Cissel (1760-1828).
The Hagan line stays in Maryland for a while before heading to England in about 1600.