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Clayton Family

Original Photo owned by Mary Pearl Burks

"I'm 99% sure this is Annie Florence Clayton Burks, 3rd from L, standing. I believe that's her twin brother, Laurence Clayton to R of Annie. The three men in chairs are:  center--Robert Green Clayton, with two brothers, A. J. Clayton, and Wm. Riley Clayton. However, I don't know which brother is which. I'm hoping that someone visiting your site might recognize some of the people in it, by matching them up to their own old photos."

My grandmother was Mary Pearl Burks.
Her parents were Richard Floyd Burks & Annie Clayton.

Contributed By: Debora Baxter Jackson

Burks Family

L to R:  Molly Burks (Head); Richard Floyd Burks, Jr.; Florence Burks (Simms);
girl on steps: Mary Pearl Burks (Steinauer); Miss Medley. The photo was taken at Springfield in c. 1892. The house was on the Lebanon to Springfield turnpike, near Doctors Road. "Does anyone know if  this house is still standing? I've always wondered which Miss Medley this would be. This Richard's mother-in-law was Henrietta Medley Cissell." 

Contributed By: Debora Baxter Jackson




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