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Francis M. Head

Contributed By: Sandi Gorin

Author: Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin

FRANCIS M. HEAD was born July 29, 1842, the second of two sons and four
daughters, three of whom are now living, born to Richard and Ann C. (Meadley)
Head. Richard Head as born near New Hope, and his children were all born at the
same place. He was a good, substantial farmer and slave-holder; was also a
distiller and owned the largest distillery in his part of the country in his
day. He died in 1858 at the age of forty-seven. He was a son of Francis Head,
who married a Willett, both natives of Nelson County, born on Pottinger's
Creek. Francis Head died at the age of about eighty years. His parents were of
Scotch descent, came from Maryland, and were among the very first settlers on
Pottinger's Creek. Mrs. Ann C. Head as born in the west part of Marion County,
and is a daughter of Ignatius Meadley, who came from Maryland in the early
settling of Kentucky, located on Hardin's Creek, Marion County, was an
extensive farmer and distiller, a large slave owner and died about 1852, aged
seventy-five.  Francis M. Head, who was born near New Hope, received a liberal
English education at St. Mary's College and Cecilian College, and at eighteen
began farming on his own account; two years later he entered mercantile business at New Hope and followed it consistently until April, 1886. In the meantime he was a distiller; for twelve years, commencing in 1872; he also owns 100 acres south of New Hope, in Marion County; he was appointed postmaster at close of the warm, which office he held till 1884. He was married December 1, 1870, to Mary E Bryant, of Madison County, a daughter of Ben S. and Allie
(Spalding) Bryant, natives of Nelson and Marion Counties respectively. Mr. Bryant was a farmer, and his parents came from Maryland. His father, William Bryant, was a soldier in the war of 1812, and died in 1884 at the ripe age of ninety-two years. Mr. and Mrs. Head had born to them seven children: Mary Regina, Marion Joseph, Robert Vincent, Joseph Mary, Joseph Regmon, Frank Paul, Mary Lizzie, all members of the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Head once lost about $8000 by the blowing up of a distillery, but has made life a success financially. In politics he is an active Democrat.



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