Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records wereTranscribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

Marion County, Kentucky Vital Statistics, Births from Microfilm, rather hard
to read, so there are a lot of misspellings I’m sure. Wrote what I saw.


Abell, Calistious                12/23/1852  No Name-Dead        M     Black
Abell, Calistious                12/23/1852  No Name-Dead        M     Black
Abell, John H                     4/11/1852  Josephine           F     Black
Abell, Joshua & Dougherty Murphy 08/17/1852  No Name             F     White
Abell, Robert W & Susan Ellen Spalding
                                 11/03/1852  Harriett E Abell    F     White
Abell, William B & 
Francis J Mattingly              03/22/1852  John Abell          M     White
Adams, James                        02/1852  Teresa              F     Black
Adams, James & Roda Ann Raley    11/27/1852  George W Adams      M     White
Alfrey, Jacob & Jane Brown       04/17/1852  No Name                   White
Alvery, Samuel L & Elizabeth Morgan 
                                 06/01/1852  Anderson C Alvery   M     White
Ball, James & Bethany Ballard    01/03/1852  Joseph Ludvill?     M     White
Balley, W H & Mary McCubbins     02/06/1852  Sopsonia Balley     F     White
Beadles, Elizabeth & Rebecca Nelson
                                 11/04/1852  Jane Beadles        F     Black
Beadles, William & Winey         06/1852     Mary                F     Mulato
Beadles, Thomas & Lucinda Dollins 
                                 09/27/1852  Jenever Ann Beadles F     White
Bealers, H                       11/26/1852  No Name             F     Black
Beavin, James E & Mary E Smith   03/12/1852  James Beavin        M     White
Beelers, Henry                   12/01/1852  No Name             M     Black
Bealles, George S & Catherine Sapp 
                                 05/15/1852  No Name                   White
Beggarly, Susan                  03/29/1852  Charles             M     Black
Bickett, H J & Mary J Green      01/16/1852  Martha Bickett      F     White
Biggers, Joseph & Jane Sparrow   03/15/1852  Malipy C Biggers    F     White
Biggers, William & Sarah Hughes  04/03/1852  Sarah M Biggers     F     White
Blair, Sylvester & Mary C Blair  06/15/1852  John H Blair        M     White
Bland, B & B Glazebrooks         05/12/1852  Mary F Bland        F     White
Bland, Henry & Elizabeth Abell   04/21/1852  Mary L Bland        F     White
Bradshaw, Clayborn               10/12/1852  No Name Dead        M     White
Bradshaw, Clayborn & Nancy Shockey
                                 11/06/1852  Virgie McNight Bradshaw M White
Bray, John B                        02/1852  George              M     Black
Bray, John B                        03/1852  Ben                 M     Mulato
Brewer, Samuel & Mary A Cusick   09/27/1852  No Name             F     White
Bright, David A & Sarah A Jett   09/23/1852  Eliza M Bright      F     White
Brown, Alesger H  & Margaret Margarett
                                 10/05/1852  No Name             F     White
Brown, Buford & Elizabeth J Skinner 
                                 06/16/1852  William C Brown     M     White
Brown, Debby                     08/06/1852  Isabella Jane       F     Black
Brown, J D & Dorotha Ann Crowders 03/20/1852 William D Brown     M     White
Brown, John & Mary C Sims        09/17/1852  George Ann Brown    F     White
Brown, Julia Ann                 10/12/1852  Ellen               F     Black
Brown, Richard & Teresa E Wheeler 04/06/1852 Frances R Brown     F     White
Browning, Thomas & Nancy Carrico    03/1852  Thomas Browning     M     White
Bryant, Benjamin & Alothane Spalding 
                                 01/07/1852  Marley E Bryant     F     White
Bullock, David                   03/25/1852  Eliza               F     Black
Butchen, Jacob & Mary Bard       05/23/1852  Martha Butchen      F     White
Candland, William & Martha J Wade 01/09/1852 No Name                   White
Carrico, Ambrose & Catherine Ann Mattingly 
                                 04/21/1852  Margaret E Carrico  F     White
Cecil, William H & Elizabeth A Mills
                                 03/30/1852  Augustine Cecil     F     White
Chandler, E G & Mary A Gastin    10/06/1852  Stephan H Chandler  M     White
Chandler, Elizabeth                 07/1852  Lucy Ann Jane       F     Black
Chandler, Isabella-Carline          11/1852  No Name             F     Black
Chandler, J M & Elizabeth Farmer 09/22/1852  James R Chandler    M     White
Chandler, Richard W & America H Rowe
                                 12/20/1852  James J Chandler    M     White
Chandler, Richard W              07/01/1852  Caroline            F     Mulato
Charlton, Elizabeth              03/20/1852  Ben                 M     Black
Chelf, W W & Delila Gastin       12/10/1852  No Name             F     White
Clellans, Thomas M               01/29/1852  Charles             M     Mulato
Cobb, Charles & Catherine Mitcherson
                                 02/15/1852  John B Cobb         M     White
Coolley, George & Catherine Linaley 
                                 10/29/1852  Nancy M Coolley     F     White
Coolley, Polly                   10/30/1852  Sarah M Coolley     F     White
Coppage, Ivel & Lucinda Adams    06/23/1852  Thomas J Coppage    M     White
Coppedge, Uriah & Margaret Mann  03/15/1852  Mary Coppedge       F     White
Colgan, D S & Mary C Penick      11/29/1852  Edward B Colgan     M     White
Cotton, Asoton White                02/1852  No Name             F     Black
Cox, F W & Sarah Hughes                1852  R S Cox             M     White
Crain, W B C & Margaret Nelson   09/12/1852  Mariah B Crain      F     White
Crawford, John                      09/1852  Caroline            F     Black
Creel, Elizabeth                    05/1852  Frank               M     Black
Crowder, John J & Theatitio Kendly
                                 05/20/1852  No Name                   White
Crowder, Zane M W                08/01/1852  Wilson              M     Mulato
Cunningham, Robert               07/17/1852  Robert William      M     Black
Cunningham, Robert               08/15/1852  Sarah Eliza         F     Black
Cushing, John J & Nancy Cole     06/19/1852  Thomas A Cushen     M     White
Davess, Nathanue & J C Brown     09/10/1852  David J Daviss      M     White
Dillingham, R L & Elizabeth Chandler 
                                 12/13/1852  James W Dillingham  M     White
Dollin, James & Mary Jane Mattingly 
                                 04/20/1852  Malinda Dollin      F     White
Dougherty, Andy & Elizabeth Page 02/26/1852  Ann Eliza Dougherty F     White
Dougherty, John A & Frances Dougherty 
                                    01/1852  Harriett J Dougherty F    White
Downs, Benedict                  09/27/1852  Rosella             F     Black
Dreuny, H H & Elizabeth Thomas   02/18/1852  Margaret J Dreuny   F     White
Dreuny, Isidore & Elizabeth Green 
                                 08/18/1852  Sarah E Dreuny      F     White
Dunn, George                     12/05/1852  No Name-Dead        F     Black
Edelin, B                        10/11/1852  Wilson              M     Black
Edelin, James E & Eliza Jane Brown
                                 06/06/1852  Mary E Edelin       F     White
Edmonson, William & Martha J Chandler
                                 09/04/1852  Thomas Edmonson     M     White
Emery, John & Ellen Mattingly    05/01/1852  Ellen Emery         F     White
England, William R & Mary D Fogle
                                 10/23/1852  Joseph H England    M     White
Ersey, John & Elizabeth Colbert     09/1852  William Ersey       M     White
Everhart, Daniel                    11/1852  Ben                 M     Black
Ewing, John                      02/08/1852  No Name             M     Mulato
Falkner, Gilbert                    02/1852  Harvey              M     Black
Fenwick, Cornelius & Cel_am Cecil
                                 08/01/1852  Mary E Fenwick      F     White
Ferrill, James E & Mary Green    12/26/1852  James M Ferrill     M     White
Floyd, Zackariah & Mary J Gregory
                                 04/26/1852  Haskin Floyd        M     White
Foreman, S C W & Letisha Bean    04/21/1852  Isabella C Foreman  F     White
Foreman, S C W                   05/01/1852  Green               M     Black
Foreman, S C W                         1852  Jesse                     Black
Funk, Jasper & Amanda Buckhart   05/22/1852  James M Funk        M     White
Gammel, Josiah & Mary Ann Overstreet 
                                 01/25/1852  Frederick A or N Gammel M White
Gardner, Edmond & Henrietta Bullock 
                                 02/02/1852  Bethany Gardner     F     White
Gardner, Solomon & Nancy Smith         1852  William Gardner     M     White
Gartin, A F & Rachel Yowell      02/16/1852  George A Gastin     M     White
Gartin, George H                 12/27/1852  No Name             M     Black
Gartin, John H                   09/20/1852  No Name             M     Black
Gartin, Uriah & Elizabeth Green  12/10/1852  No Name             M     White
Gartin, Uriah                       12/1852  No Name             M     Black
Gartin, Uriah                       09/1852  Clelland            M     Black
Glapcock, William & Chaucy Pennington
                                 06/26/1852  James E Glapcock    F     White
Glapcock, Chaphen & Susan Hounigan
                                 08/26/1852  James E Glapcock    M     White
Unreadable & Nancy Glapcock      06/12/1852  No Name             M     White
Glazebrooks, Stephan & M White   10/04/1852  Malinda A Glazebrooks F   White
Good, Hyram & Nancy H Minor      02/21/1852  Nancy M Good        F     White
Graves, Jesse & Martha Downs     03/17/1852  Sarah E Graves      F     White
Green, T J & Louisa Carter       12/03/1852  George H Green      M     White
Greenhay-Slave                      10/1852  Lame Emely          F     Black
Greenhay, G W                       01/1852  Pleasin             M     Black
Greenhay, G W                       01/1852  Sarah               F     Black
Gregory, F Hardin                   09/1852  Adaline             F     Black
Gribbins, John & Mary Ellen Murphey
                                 02/10/1852  Mary F Gribbons     F     White
Gunter, Archie & Margaret Malone 11/09/1852  Malinda Gunter      F     White
Haden, William S                    01/1852  Isabella            F     Black
Hagan, John                      06/08/1852  Elizabeth           F     Black
Hagan, John                      08/12/1852  John                M     Black
Hagan, Zane & Susan Cotton?      03/02/1852  Lucy Jane Hagan     F     White
Hagland, William & Sarah Cooper  08/13/1852  No Name             M     White
Hall, John & Mary McClain        01/03/1852  John Hall M White
Hamilton, Charles A & Mary Tumen?
                                 08/05/1852  Charles S Hamilton  M     White
Hamilton, J B & Mary E Wheatley  12/10/1852  No Name                   White
Hamilton, Richard & Wife O’Daniel      1852  Thomas J Hamilton   M     White
Hamilton, Thomas H               05/21/1852  Mary Eliza          F     Black
Hamilton, Walter                 10/24/1852  John Andrew         M     Black
Hardesty, G W                    07/20/1852  Ellen Alice Hardesty F    White
Harmon, Roland & Susan Gunter    04/08/1852  Mary C Harmon       F     White
Harmon, Samuel & Mary Arnold     08/27/1852  Mary Ellen Harmon   F     White
Harmon, William & Catherine Bottoms 
                                 03/08/1852  James H Harmon      M     White
Hays, Adison & Nancy McCarter    03/29/1852  John W Hays         M     White
Heir, Matinio Chandler           07/16/1852  Sarah Jane          F     Black
Hill, C S                        09/10/1852  Joseph              M     Black
Holden, Valentine C & Clarpa J Welsh 
                                 09/07/1852  Nancy E Holden      F     White
Holland, James L & Francis A Elder 
                                 10/07/1852  Sellicy Hollen      M     White
Hourrigan, David                    06/1852  William             M     Black
Hourrigan, Rufus & Nancy J Pipes 11/10/1852  James R Hourrigan   M     White
Howard, John & Martha Pipes      04/27/1852  William L Howard    M     White
Hughes, James                    05/24/1852  Jane                F     Black
Isaacs, Elisha Jr                   05/1852  William             M     Black
Jarboe, James & Ellen P Vessells 04/10/1852  George W Jarboe     M     White
Jarboe, William                  04/15/1852  No Name             M     Black
Johnson, L B                     05/12/1852  Lewis               M     Black
Jones, John M & Alinia Cafs      06/13/1852  Mary F Jones              White
Kimberlin, Elisecus & Rachel P Moore 
                                 10/03/1852  Elicecus Kimberlin  M     White
Kimberlin, John & Margaret E Moore 
                                 05/19/1852  George G Kimberlin  M     White
Kimberlin, Thomas F & Elizabeth McElroy 
                                 04/23/1852  Harvey Kimberlin    M     White
Knott, William S                 05/26/1852  Adaline             F     Black
Knott, William S                 05/26/1852  Emeline             F     Black
Knott, William S                 06/16/1852  Samuel              M     Mulato
Knott, William S & Mariah B McElroy 
                                 12/06/1852  William S Knott     M     White
Lake, Abraham & Lucinda Smith    06/12/1852  Margaret E Sapp     F     White
Lancaster, Henry                 10/04/1852  Ellen               M     Black
Lancaster, John                  08/20/1852  Frank               M     Black
Lanham, Adison & Margaret Ann Riney 
                                 03/20/1852  Margaret A Lanham   F     White
Lanham, Madrea & B Clark         09/13/1852  Sarah E Lanham      F     White
Lanham, Thomas                      12/1852  Rose Ann            F     Black
Lankford, James H & Ann Catherine Brown 
                                 12/22/1852  Martha E Lankford   F     White
Lankford, Joseph M & Dicey P Gregory 
                                 03/14/1852  Joel A Lankford     M     White
Lankford, William & Zorda Welsh     10/1852  No Name, Dead             White
Lankford, William & Zorda Welsh     10/1852  No Name, Dead             White
Lewis, Thomas A & Olly Jane Peterson 
                                 07/07/1852  Pugel Rhuhama       F     White
Livers, Samuel & Lydian Brady    12/19/1852  No Name, Dead       F     White
Luckett, Thomas B & Elizabeth Spalding 
                                 11/29/1852  B J Luckett         M     White
Lucas, J B & Sarah Knott         04/10/1852  Louisa Lucas        F     White



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