Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records wereTranscribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

This is the 1853 Marion County, Kentucky Births, taken from microfilm.  From
what I can see they are in very good condition and should be more accurate as
to spelling, etc. Vickie


Abell, Alfred B & Mary Ann Hamilton    05/22/1853  George C Abell    M White
Abell, B J & Margaret Ann Ford         06/24/1853  Larcen            F White
Abell, Francis & Catherine Railey      02/13/1853  Harriett E Abell  F White
Abell, Francis & Catherine Railey      07/18/1853  No Name           M Black
Abell, John & Margaret A Tingate       04/24/1853  Jonatius Abell    M White
Abell, John B & Maria C Riney          10/10/1853  Flaunina A Abell  F White
Abell, John H & Rocella Railey         11/14/1853  No Name           M White
Abell, Jonatius & Eliza Ann Thompson   11/11/1853  Marcus A Abell    M White
Abell, Joseph & Christina              07/10/1853  George            M Black
Abell, L A & Marietta Elder            06/30/1853  No Name           M White
Abell, Phillip & Susan Lee             09/17/1853  Susan J Abell     F White
Abell, R W & Eda                       12/29/1853  No Name           M Black
Adams, Eli & Martha Ann                   12/1853  Rose Jane         F Black
Adams, James & Rebecca Hill            07/26/1853  Walter Adams      M White
Alvey, James B & E Lawkins                11/1853  Francis B Alvey   M White
Ashbough, Joseph L & Mary A Roberson   03/21/1853  Joseph L Ashbough F White
Averitt, Harvey & Sallie A Gartin      06/15/1853  Rwain D Averitt   M White
Averitt, William & Susan Kennett       01/04/1853  Amanda F Averitt  F White
Banter, William & Judy                 11/01/1853  Jeremiah          M Black
Batsell, T J  & Sallie                 08/15/1853  No Name           F White
Beall, Wash?                           01/01/1853  Hannah            F Black
Benningfeild, James C & A A Lake          03/1853  Pleasant Benningfeild 
                                                                     M White
Bevin, John & Mary F Smith             03/16/1853  Benjamin F Bevin  M White
Bickett, Henry T & Mary L Green        11/20/1853  Marietta Bickett  F White
Bickett, Isadore & Mary A Russell      04/19/1853  Joanna Russell    F White
Bickett, J C & Lavia A Mills           10/01/1853  S A Bickett       F White
Bickett, James & Mary A Mills          01/16/1853  Francis Bickett-Dead 
                                                                     M White
Bickett, James & Mary A Mills          01/16/1853  Charles Bickett   M White
Biggers, James H & Lucinda Malone      11/16/1853  Bluford Biggers   M White
Blaine, James & Mary                   02/09/1853  Harriett          F Black
Bland, Kizeriah                        04/15/1853  Melvin Bland      M White
Bland, Thomas M & Sarah J Ray          12/15/1853  Ann M Bland       F White
Bland, William L                          11/1853  Mary Martha       F Black
Bland, Yandiman ? & Martha H Lewis     03/22/1853  Mary Bland        F White
Blanford, Stephan F & Susan Cessil     10/18/1853  No Name           M White
Bradford, A J & Lucinda Morris         09/30/1853  No Name           F White
Bright, George W & Sarah E Newcomb     10/14/1853  Nancy R Bright    F White
Brown, John W & Martha                 10/15/1853  No Name           F Black
Brown, Thomas & Francis Crews             06/1853  No Name           M White
Browning, Franklin & Mary Carrico      10/15/1853  No Name           F White
Buckler, William & Polly Mills         08/26/1853  Rosa Buckler      F White
Buckman, William & Rosella Hayden      03/01/1853  Alice Buckman     F White
Bullock, David & Elizabeth Tunnil      08/18/1853  Elizabeth Bullock F White
Burke, William & Lucinda Coppedge      07/09/1853  Jane Burke        F White
Caldwell, J B  & Sarah J Crawford      06/17/1853  Susan M Caldwell  F White
Calhoun, Richard & Susan Malone        03/10/1853  Thomas P Calhoun  M White
Carrico, W M & Mary J O"Daniel         04/21/1853  S J Carrico       F White
Carter, George W & Maria Elder         06/25/1853  No Name           F White
Carter, Henry H & Lucy J Haggard       07/18/1853  No Name           M White
Casken, James & Ann Withson            10/24/1853  No Name           F White
Caskey, John & Sarah J Davess          06/04/1853  James P Caskey    M White
Cathie, David & Mary Calbert                 1853  Perry D Cathie    M White
Cawson, Hillery & Mary Thompson        08/08/1853  Sophis Cawson     F White
Cecil, M J & A M Hagan                 04/21/1853  M A Cecil         F White
Chandler, Isabella                     11/26/1853  Albert            M Black
Chandler, John W & Elizabeth C Bevin      12/1853  Francis J Chandler F White
Chandler, John W & Rebecca             11/13/1853  No Name-Dead      M Black
Chelf, Franklin & Delila Dickens       11/18/1853  Amanda A Chelf    F White
Christian, ? & Hannah Guinn            05/09/1853  Katie A Guinn     F Black
Clark, William & Emily                 07/10/1853  No Name           F Black
Cleaven, David & Mary                  04/05/1853  Andrew            M Black
Cleaven, David                         12/15/1853  William           M Black
Crews, Richard E & Sarah Elizabeth Sparrow 
                                       07/28/1853  William B Crew    M White
Crowder, James                            04/1853  No Name           F Black
Crowder, John J & Theodore Bentley        08/1853  George H Crowder  M White
Crowder, Matthew & Jane                   03/1853  No Name           F Black
Cunningham, Robert & Elizabeth         11/09/1853  No Name           F Black
Dant, James & Eliza Blair              10/22/1853  No Name           M White
Davess, Hardin & Rosa A Mattingly      05/13/1853  Elizabeth Davess  F White
Davess, N W & Diannah Brown            10/27/1853  Mary Davess       F White
Devine, James & ?dellen A Elder-Prt’s res TX 
                                       11/09/1853  No Name-Dead      M White
Dolin, James & Mary Mattingly          10/28/1853  No Name-Dead      M White
Dorsey, Jane                           02/05/1853  Mary Dorsey       F White
Dotson, George R & Susan Allen         12/15/1853  Joseph H Dotson   M White
Downs, Augustin & Catherine Goodrun    06/06/1853  G Y Downs         M White
Duncan, W H & Mildred Hodgers          03/27/1853  James C Duncan    M White
Dunn, George & Dicy Scanland           11/29/1853  No Name           M White
Durham, Thomas & Elizabeth Sapp        04/01/1853  Elizabeth C Durham F White
Edelin, B & Theresa M McArnold?        12/24/1853  William W Edelin  M White
Edmondson, George W & Emily M Fergusen 11/17/1853  Robert P Edmonson M White
Edmonson, Wilson & Mary Feilder        11/22/1853  No Name           M White
Edwards, Thomas D & Martha S Pierce    12/20/1853  No Name           F White
Elder, James & Levinia Jarboe          03/05/1853  Julia Ellen Elder F White
Emersen, Joseph & Elizabeth Vaugh      12/30/1853  Sarah E Emersen   F White
Emersen, Joseph & Elizabeth Vaugh      12/30/1853  James H Emersen   M White
Ewing, John & Eliza Abell              08/10/1853  John H Ewing      M White
Flanagan, Charles & Mattie Jarboe      10/18/1853  Elizabeth Jarboe  F White
Fleece, Green B                        12/15/1853  Mary              F Black
Fogle, E A  & Sallie Witherson         09/01/1853  Mary Ann Fogle    F White
Fogle, James m & Mary S Daviss         01/30/1853  James P Fogle     M White
Fogle, John A & Mary                   11/24/1853  Les               M Mulato
Forrest, Green & Mary                  09/07/1853  Henry             M Black
Fowler, Francis & Mary A Hayden        02/24/1853  No Name           F White
Ganter, John & Elizabeth Sally         03/18/1853  No Name           F White
Gartin, George H & Martha              02/04/1853  Mary Jane         F Black
Gartin, George H & Aramcuta            02/14/1853  Logan             M White
Gartin, James S & Ellen Chandler          12/1853  Francis J Gartin  F White
Gartin, Uriah & Eliza Jane Elder       12/18/1853  Sarah Martha Gartin F White
Gerhardt, William & Elizabeth Isaacs (Elizabeth is the d/o Elisha Isaacs)
info sent by Isaac’s grandson Bob Gerhart 
                                       09/03/1853 D/O/Death 1936 
                                                   Isaac Gerhardt    M White
Glazebrooks, Stephen & Rufus Clark     08/10/1853 Sallie F Glazebrook F White
Glazebrooks, Stephen & Wally           01/10/1853  Christina C       F Black
Goode, Juluis A & Elizabeth McCarty    08/20/1853  Maria L Goode     F White
Graves, David L & Martha Cissel        04/10/1853  J C Graves        M White
Green, A J & Louisa J Carter           10/07/1853  No Name           F White
Gribbon, John & Eliza J Murphey        08/15/1853  No Name           M White
Grundy, George W & Lucetta McElroy     08/25/1853  No Name           F White
Hagan, James & Susan Catlin            04/20/1853  Susan M Hagan     F White
Hamilton, B P & Caroline               06/01/1853  No Name           F Black
Hamilton, Charles A & Harriett         03/26/1853  Milton            M Black
Hamilton, Isham & Sarah Rite           11/20/1853  James N Hamilton  M White
Hamilton, John & Catherine Wright      09/20/1853  Martha R Hamilton F White
Hamilton, T H & Rose                   09/10/1853  No Name           F Black
Hamilton, William T & Ann              09/01/1853  No Name           F Black
Hancock, Samuel & Susan J West         10/20/1853  No Name           M White
Hardesty, James M & Mary E Bickett     01/10/1853  Ellen A Hardesty  F White
Harmon, John & Mary Holland            06/15/1853  Elizabeth C Harmon F White
Harris, Hatten? & Mary Pickerel        02/01/1853  Cincinnatus Green M White
Harrison, William B & Mary             08/01/1853  No Name           M Black
Hawkins, William H & Ann               04/17/1853  Ben               M Black
Hayden, Augustin & Harriett Haggard    11/16/1853  William H Hayden  M White
Hayes, Green R & Ann E Wilson          11/13/1853  Susan B Hayes     F White
Hendley, Alexander & Mary              07/17/1853  Mary Elizabeth    F Black
Hendley, John W & Martha Morganson     10/26/1853  John T Hendley    M White
Hill, E S & Alathire Spalding          07/03/1853  No Name           F White
Hoskins, John & Sarah M  Wise          11/10/1853  Eliza S Hoskins   M White
Howard, John                           03/04/1853  George W          M Black
Howard, John P & Matilda A Pipes       06/11/1853  John M Howard     M White
Hughes, Jermanus & Mary Railey         08/28/1853  Martha Eliza Hughes F White
Ingram, Ann                            03/10/1853  No Name           M White
Ingram, John                              04/1853  No Name           M Black
Isaacs, Godfrey & Margaret Deven             1853  Louisa Isaacs     F White
Isaacs, William & Mary Ann Coso        05/31/1853  William S Isaacs  M White
Jack, W W & Margaret O’Bryan           04/05/1853  Mary Jane Jack    F White
Jarboe, James A                           03/1853  Daniel            M Black
Jarboe, James & Ellen P Vessels        12/31/1853  Charles H Jarboe  M White
Jarboe, Lewis & Mary O Vessels         08/20/1853  Margaret E Jarboe F White
Jarboe, Robert & Mary Wooley           04/04/1853  Elizabeth J Jarboe F White
Johnson, David M & M J Mansen          11/16/1853  William G Johnson M White
Johnson, Felix R & Martha              09/27/1853  William-Dead      M Black
Johnson, Patrick L & Elizabeth Carrico 07/17/1853  William H Johnson M White
Kirk, Edward & Harriett                05/30/1853  No Name           M Black
Knott, William S & Elizabeth Selby     04/15/1853  Sarah Knott       F White
Knott, William T & Statia              11/26/1853  Thomas H          M Black
Lain, Dain & Hannah J Worby            11/18/1853  George W Lain     M White
Lancaster, Henry                       10/04/1853  Emily             F Black
Lancaster, William D & Martha          06/01/1853  No Name           F Black
Lancaster, William D & Martha          06/01/1853  No Name           F Black
Lancaster, William D & Melvina Churchwell 
                                       06/30/1853  Francis Lancaster F White
Lanham, J M & Elizabeth Russell        06/13/1853  Mary E Lanham     F White
Lanham, Peter & Mary Ann Molohon       07/25/1853  No Name-Dead      M White
Lindsey, Sarah Martha                     11/1853  No Name           M White
Livers, Henry P & Mary A Mills         11/12/1853  Ann E Livers      F White
Logan, Robert & Mary F Bates           02/24/1853  Thomas F Logan    M White
Luckett, Henry & Eliza                 11/13/1853  William Henry     M Black
Luckett, M H & Catherine Luckett       07/09/1853  James E Luckett   M White
Lynch, Edwin R & Emily Lawrence        06/02/1853  No Name           M White
Lynch, William P & Mary E Elliott      04/17/1853  Eliza P Lynch     F White
Lyons, James H & Elizabeth Thompson    12/11/1853  William H Lyins   M White 



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