Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records wereTranscribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

This is the 1854 Marion County, Kentucky  Births taken from microfilm, Iím
sure there are several misspellings, I just copied them as I saw them. Some
of these entries were nearly impossible to read, not to mention written in
the old english hand writing. Vickie


Abell, Cornilius & Isabella Lee    10/30/1854 Samuel R Abell         M White
Abell, Edward & Treacy E Jarboe    12/04/1854 William E Abell        M Black
Abell, Frances & Catherine Raley   06/22/1854 Frances Abell          M White
Abell, John & Mary Ann Tungate     11/27/1854 Mary E Abell           F White
Abell, John B & Hellena            06/22/1854 No Name                F Black
Abell, Robert W & Susan Ellen Spalding 
                                   08/31/1854 John B Abell           M White
Beaven, Benedict F & Susan         07/17/1854 Austin                 M Black
Bealles, George S & Catherine Sapp 08/16/1854 Lydia C Bellew         F White
Beelers, Christopher & Mary E Houge 
                                   10/07/1854 John S Beelers         M White
Beelers, C & Betsey                   07/1854 No Name                F Mulato
Beggerly, Thomas R & Aretha Watts  11/22/1854 No Name                M White
Bell, Robert & Sarah Chandler      12/10/1854 Dicie Bell             F White
Book?, John L & Lucinda Tucker     07/31/1854 Sarah Elya Book        F White
Bradshaw, Clayborn & Lucinda       10/02/1854 Samuel Thomas          M Black
Brent, Robert & Manervy Brent      11/11/1854 No Name                F White
Carrico, Mary & Catherine          05/07/1854 Felix                  M Black
Cambron, E D & Harriett Hamilton      12/1854 No Name                F White
Caskey,  Elizabeth                 05/28/1854 George Grundy Caskey   M White
Cissel, M J  & Henrietta              05/1854 Elizabeth Ann          F Black
Cissel, M J & Malinda                 04/1854 William                M Black
Chandler, Elizabeth & Martha       07/29/1854 Martha                 F Black
Chandler, Quinton, C & Elizabeth Simpson 
                                   08/02/1854 Quinton, M Chandler    M White
Charlton, Eliza & Martha           07/15/1854 No Name                M Black
Chelf, Leroy & Elizabeth Wilson    09/23/1854 Mary Margaret Chelf    F White
Cleaver, David & Catherine Harriett 06/10/1854 Isaac                 M Black
Clemmins, Alfred & Ann Brown       06/17/1854 Sarah F Clemmins       F White
Cooper, John A & Mary Ann Ball     11/10/1854 Mary Alice Cooper      F White
Corley, Anderson & Elizabeth Alvey    11/1854 No Name-Dead           M White
Cunningham, Robert & Hannah        10/12/1854 No Name-Dead           M Black
Cushing, John J & Nancy Cole       06/30/1854 John J Cushing         M White
Daughtery, Hugh & L A Green        03/26/1854 John H Daughtery       M White
Dickens, Perry & Elizabeth Lanham  08/25/1854 Susannah Dickens       F White
Doody, Morris & Eliza Jane Montgomery 
                                   07/27/1854 Morris Doody           M White
Dorothea, Elizabeth & Pheby        05/15/1854 Martha                 F Black
Drain, Anthony H & Juliann Williams 06/27/1854 Sarah E Drain         F White
Eadlin, John T & Harriett E Yates  12/25/1854 Susan Mary Eadlin      F White
Edelin, B & Lettie                 10/10/1854 Roseman                M Black
Edmonds, B & Mary Elizabeth        12/13/1854 Mary Eliza             F Black
Edmonds, B & Jane B Bull           04/16/1854 Joseph H Edmonds       M White
Edmondson, William M & Angeline Collins 
                                   10/13/1854 Emma Edmondson         F White
Elliott, Ben & Mary Ann Payne      06/09/1854 Henry M Elliott        M White
England, William R & Mary D Fogle  11/25/1854 Sara Catherine England F White
Faulkner, Gibert & Rachael         09/15/1854 Harriett Ann J__       F Black
Fowler, Francis & Harriett         12/15/1854 Charles                M Black
Fowler, Martin & Mary A Thomas     02/05/1854 William A Fowler       M White
Gartin, Uriah Jr Jr & Susan Scanland 
                                   07/18/1854 Bettie H Gartin        F White
Gates, Isaac & Hannah                 07/1854 Cissely                F Black
Gault, Peter S & Elizabeth Harp    05/05/1854 Richard Gault          M White
Gooden, Lewis & Margaret King      12/02/1854 John B Gooden          M White
Grundy, George W & July            06/20/1854 Robert                 M Black
Grundy, George W & Hannah             05/1854 Elizabeth              F Black
Hagan, John W & Matilda Shockley   08/13/1854 Ann Hagan              F White
Hamilton, Thomas H & Ann           11/20/1854 Emily                  F Black
Hamilton, W & Ann                     10/1854 No Name                F Black
Hamilton, Walter & Rose            07/18/1854 No Name-Dead           M Black
Hardin, Stephen & Mary                03/1854 No Name                F Black
Harmon, Mitchell & Mariem Webster  02/01/1854 Mary B Harmon          F White
Harmon, Samuel & Mary Arnold       12/09/1854 John Harmon            M White
Hayden, Augustin & Harriett        10/20/1854 Martha                 F Black
Hayden, Augustin & Mary            10/17/1854 Sarah                  F Black
Hayden, William S & Barberry       06/25/1854 No Name                F Black
Hays, Harrison & Nancy McCarty     12/07/1854 Manerva A Hays         F White
Hill, C S & Bey                    04/20/1854 James                  M Black
Hogue, A A & Lucinda               11/01/1854 Leva                   F Black
Hogland, William & Sarah Cooper       11/1854 No Name                M White
Holland, James L & Frances A Elder 09/04/1854 John J Holland         M White
Ingrams, John & Minne Rosenfield   05/18/1854 Henry Clay Ingrams     M White
Jarboe, James A & Jane             04/10/1854 No Name                F Black
Kelly, James & Mary Jane Hamilton  09/10/1854 Susan M Kelly          F White
Kimbell, Elizabeth & Let           12/11/1855 Sarah Foreman          F Black
Kirk, Edward & Harriett            07/16/1854 Samuel                 M Black
Lake, Abraham & Lucinda Smith      09/04/1854 Lucinda Lake           F White
Lanham, Thomas & Ann               04/18/1854 George W Washington    M Black
Luckett, George W & Isabella       09/17/1854 Frances                M Black
Luckett, George W & Mary Rhodes    08/13/1854 Ellen Luckett          F White
Luckett, Luviea A & Mary Jane Abell 09/21/1854 Harriett E Luckett    F White
Luckett, Loyd R & Martha Mills     12/12/1854 James H Luckett        M White



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