Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records wereTranscribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor


Malone, Cornelius & Martha Lancaster 
                                    08/20/1854 No Name             M White
Mattingly, Barton  Jr & Elizabeth Grinwell (Grdson of  Jos. Mattingly &
Hessina Hinton)                         1854 No Name               F White
Mattingly, Edward G & Julia Ann Graves (this birth was not listed but sent
to me)                            05/16/1854 D/O/death 1910 Susan Mary 
Mattingly (m-Wm Alonzo Russell, 10 children, died of TB)            F White
Mattingly, Joseph A  &  Mary Elizabeth Abell 
                   (Bro to Barton) 11/20/1854 Thomas Barton Mattingly M White
Maxwell, Letitia & Mariah             08/1854 No Name               M Black
Mays, W W & Easter                    06/1854 No Name-Dead          F Black
McAtee, Richard & Treacy Ann Spalding 
                                   01/19/1854 Felix B McAtee        M White
McCarty, James & Rachel Hayes      11/01/1854 Josefine McCarty      F White
McDaniel, Jesse & Manerva Lobb     10/15/1854 Robert McDaniel       M White
McDonald, John & Caroline B Riney  11/27/1854 Mary McDonald         F White
McElroy, Harvey & Harriett         01/21/1854 Rosannah              F Black
McElroy, Henry & Sallie            07/16/1854 No Name-Dead          M Black
McElroy, Henry & Fanny             07/16/1854 John                  M Black
McElroy, Robert L & Elizabeth Hughes 
                                   03/27/1854 James Hughes McElroy  M White
McElroy, Robert L & Laura          09/04/1854 No Name               F Black
McElroy, William E & Harriett      12/28/1854 No Name               F Black
McElroy, William E & Harriett      08/21/1854 No Name               M Black
McElroy, W P & Martha              09/01/1854 Jane                  F Black
Mercer, Felix & Rachael            09/07/1854 No Name-Dead          F Black
Merrimee, F B & Eliza Hamilton     06/15/1854 Thomas H Merrimee     M White
Mills, Absalom & Treacy Lions      01/15/1854 Martha A Mills        F White
Moore, George W & Elizabeth Livers 03/13/1854 Joseph A Moore        M White
Morris, William D & Mary F Wimsatt 06/16/1854 Sarah Ann Morris      F White
Mudd, H L & Isabella S Cass        06/09/1854 Mary Elizabeth Mudd   F White
Mudd, Charles & Pricilla C Hamilton 
                                   08/16/1854 James L Mudd          M White
Mudd, Green B & Louise Ann B Edmonson 
                                      06/1854 Mary Jane Mudd        F White
Mudd, James T & Eliza                 07/1854 No Name-Dead          M Black
Mudd, William & Elizabeth P Russell
                                      12/1854 No Name-Dead          F White
Murphy, James & Elizabeth Railey 
                                   10/09/1854 Marlin Murphy         M White
Newcomb, Isaac & Harriett Dobbs    07/25/1854 Martha A Newcomb      F White
Newcomb, Mathew & Debby Benefield  09/10/1854 M Newcomb             M White
Newton, A J & Catherine Melton     08/30/1854 Charles W L Newton    M White
Newton, John & Nancy Sparrow       12/27/1854 Eliza Jane Newton     F White
O’Donald, James W & Martina Wheatley 
                                   11/03/1854 James W O’Daniel      M White
Peak, John & Maranda               05/10/1854 George W Peak         M White
Phillips, F George & Mariah        08/01/1854 Henry William         M Mulato
Phillips, F George & Harriett            1854 Mary                  F Black
Phillips, Wilson & Margaret Andrews 
                                      06/1854 Canaasa Phillips      F White
Prewitt, Raymond & Lucy Ann        03/18/1854 Harriett              F Black
Purdy, Milton  & Mary M            08/06/1854 No Name               F White
Railey, Cornelius & Harriett Ann      10/1854 Martha Jane           F Mulato
Railey, Isham & Celia Ann Yates    04/09/1854 Frances E Railey      F White
Railey, Susan                      08/14/1854 James F Railey        M White
Railey, Sylvester & Alathire Greenwell 
                                   01/05/1854 John C Railey         M White
Ray, Peter B & Eliza               03/03/1854 Emmy                  F Black
Ray, Samuel & Maria                05/07/1854 Harriett              F Black
Ridge, Isaac & Margaret Ellen Robinson (Isaac b-09/16/1827; Margaret
                     b-09/02/1837) 10/05/1854 Sarah Anne Ridge      F White
Roberts, Frances & Rachel          05/01/1854 Lucinda Adaline       F Black
Robertson, William & Mary Ann Bland 
                                   11/12/1854 Richard G Robertson   M White
Rogers, George A & Jane Maran      01/03/1854 Rosetta Rogers        F White
Rollins, David & Elizabeth Fergusen 
                                   06/29/1854 Samuel T Rollins      M White
Ryley, John & Susan Barnes         10/15/1854 No Name-Dead          F White
Sabel, Mark & Ann                     02/1854 Cary Sabel            F Black
Sapp, Jacob & Rebecca Sapp         10/29/1854 No Name               F White
Sapp, Nathan & Elizabeth Zessils   07/12/1854 No Name               F White
Sapp, Reed & P Sapp                   07/1854 Fanny G Sapp          F White
Shadburn & Mary                    03/11/1854 Joseph                M Black
Shuck, David & Harriett               12/1854 No Name               M Black
Sims, Felix & Julia Ann Wathen     11/13/1854 Thomas H Sims         M White
Smith, Abers & Julia               03/23/1854 Elizabeth             F Black
Smith, Ambrose & Ellen M Beaven    08/17/1854 James A Smith         M White
Smith, Edward & Elizabeth A Brewer 08/04/1854 Mary M Smith          F White
Smith, Thomas & Leanette McAtee    10/07/1854 No Name-Dead          M White
Smothers, Hardin & Mary Jane Malone 
                                   10/03/1854 Ann E Smothers        F White
Smothers, Stephan & Elizabeth Sapp 10/12/1854 No Name               F White
Spalding, J B & Mary Raley         07/27/1854 Clement Spalding      M White
Spalding, G B & Elizabeth Wimsatt  03/27/1854 Jane Spalding         F White
Spalding, John & Charlotte         07/04/1854 Thomas                M Black
Spalding, J B & Isabella Lenartz   08/10/1854 Laura J Spalding      F White
Spalding, John B & Susan A Thomas        1854 J D Spalding          M White
Spalding, L A & Eliza              02/10/1854 James                 M Black
Spalding, R M & Margaret           03/01/1854 Treacy                F Black
Spalding, Samuel & Mary                       Mary Elizabeth        F Black
Spalding, Samuel & Mary Ann        05/27/1855 Thomas                M Black
Spalding, Thomas E & Ann M Clements 
                                   06/11/1854 Mary Ellen Spalding   F White
Spalding, Thomas S & Ann E Mudd    11/10/1854 Richard Spalding      M White
Spalding, Treacy & Treacy             08/1854 Maria Adaline         F Black
Spalding, William T & Jane         05/01/1854 Caroline              F Black
Survant, James & Catherine J Pipes 04/04/1854 James A Survant       M White
Suttles, Joseph & Hannah Bam       05/02/1854
Sweeney, Harvey & Nancy               12/1854 No Name-Dead          M Black
Sweeney, Thomas S & Sarah Smothers 05/06/1854 Thomas S Sweeney      M White
Thomas, B J & Margaret Ann Mills   09/12/1854 James Irvin Thomas    M White
Thomas, W T & Mandy                12/18/1854 William               M Black
Thomas, W T & Sarah F Rinehart     12/26/1854 Elizabeth M Thomas    F White
Thompson, Abell A & Sarah A Cooper 11/05/1854 No Name               F White
Thornton, Harrison P & Mary J Lamb 11/10/1854 Charles A Thornton    M White
Tucker, John H                     07/15/1854 Nancy                 F Black
Tucker, Zachariah & Gitt           02/10/1854 Mary                  F Black
Vansickle, Samuel & Emily             01/1854  No Name              F Black
Vansickle, Samuel & Emily             12/1854 No Name               F Black
Violett, St Clain & Alamicy Cano   08/20/1854 Sarah Eliza           F Black
Ward, Thomas D & Mildred O’Neil    01/15/1854 Ben F Ward            M White
Wathen, William W & Ann L Graves   11/25/1854 Mary Jane Wathen      F White
Wicken, Thomas & Louisa Jarboe     08/30/1854 Lucy Jane Wicken      F White
Wimsatt, Marcus & Elizabeth M Blanford 
                                   09/17/1854 Joseph S Wimsatt      M White
Windfield, James C & Dorinda Ann Simms 
                                   02/28/1854 Mary Ellen Windfield  F White
Yates, Benedict J & Elizabeth Marlyn 
                                   05/26/1854 Benedict J Yates      M White
Young, Alfred K & Lucinda             07/1854 Lawny                 F Black
Young, Alfred K & Margaret            06/1854 Agnas                 F Black
Yowell, Moses                      08/09/1854 Harry                 M Mulato
Yowell, Moses                      06/01/1854 Mary                  F Black



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