Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records were Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

These are the 1855 Marion County, Kentucky Births. This information was
taken from microfilm. I am sure there are misspellings as the writing was
practically invisible in some places,  I wrote them as they appeared to me.

PARENTS OR OWNERS                        D/O/B      CHILD’S NAME  SEX RACE

Unreadable, Benjamin & Jane Peak        06/02/1855 George Wesley     M White
Abell, W B & Sarah Ann Newton           05/18/1855 Ann Eliza         F White
Abell, Richard A & Cynthia Tucker       07/15/1856 Thomas            M White
Alvey, Alex & Nancy ---                 08/01/1855 Eliza B Alvey     F White
Ball, James & Servant                   06/17/1855 James Abraham     M Black
Ballard, F P & Savilla Copell           04/01/1855 James U           M White
Ballard, William P & Elizabeth Riggs    06/03/1855 Robert H          M White
Ballard, William P & Servant            04/10/1855 John              M Black
Banks, R Thomas Esq. & Elizabeth Green  04/29/1855 Samuel            M White
Baxter, William                         06/20/1855 No Name           M Black
Beaven, Ignatius & Margaret Warren      04/27/1855 Elizabeth A Beaven 
                                                                     F White
Bickett, I & Rosella Lancaster          09/28/1855 John Henry        M White
Blair, Uriah & Surbant                  12/10/1855 Nancy             F Mulato
Book?, J L & Mary Graves                08/01/1855 John Book?        M White
Brooks, Matilda                         09/03/1855 F F Brooks        M White
Brothers, James & Mahala Greenwell      07/06/1855 Jane              F White
Brown, John & Francis June Mattingly    07/30/1855 Edward C          M White
Browning, Thomas & Ann Carrico          05/16/1855 Thomas Browning   M White
Buckman, William & Mary M Thorncliff    06/08/1855 Mary E Buckman    F White
Byers, Robert & Sarah Brownfeild        11/14/1855 Josephine         F White
Castes, N N & Lucy Ann Haggard          05/01/1855 John Wales        M White
Canary?, William & America Anna Lake 
Cissel, -- & Sarah Coppadge             02/02/1855 - G Cissel        M White
Cissel, M Z & Henrietta                 06/10/1855 Amanda Gay        F White
Chandler, E G & Mary A Gastin           01/06/1855 Sallie B Chandler F White
Chandler, M                             03/18/1855 No Name           M Black
Clark, Joseph & Agnes                   12/09/1855 Metellus          M Black
Clark, Thomas P & Rosella Mattingly     09/29/1855 John              M White
Clarks, Thomas B & Nancy Dant           07/16/1855 Ann Madona        F White
Chelf, Franklin & Delila Dickens        06/15/1855 H E Chelf         M White
Colwelt, James B & Sarah J Crawford     11/27/1855 Catherine Williamson 
                                                                     F White
Cooper, William & Mary E Robertson      03/26/1855 Mary Jane Cooper 
                                                                     F White
Coppage, Feilding H & Sarah Kemper      08/07/1855 Sarah E Coppage   F White
Coppage, Uriah & Margaret Mann          11/01/1855 Margaret Coppage  F White
Craig, William & America Anna Lake      06/12/1855 James R           M White
Crain, A H & Louisa Lucas               11/07/1855 Sylvester Crane   M White
Crain, Thomas & Margaret Skaggs         09/13/1855 John Crain        M White
Crisp, William M & Laura Ann Williams   11/16/1855 Sarah C Crisp     F White
Daniels, John & Mary E C Berry          08/27/1855 Richard           M White
Downs, Augustin & Cordelia Beaven       09/28/1855 Elizabeth         F White
Edmonds, William & Mary Jane Scantley   06/13/1855 William Henry     M White
Edwards, Edward & Margaret ---          01/11/1855 Frances Edwards   F White
Flanagan, B J & Mary Jane Russell       01/10/1855 Amanda C Flanagan F White
Funk, Joseph & M F Rihnhart             02/22/1855 C Funk            F White
Graham, William F & Ruth Ward           11/15/1855 Mary E Graham     F White
Hagan, A A & Mary                       10/29/1855 Nancy-Slave       F Black
Hagan, Edmond                           12/15/1855 James Henry       M
Hagan, James & Susan Collins            02/20/1855 James Hagan       M White
Hall, Robert & Charlotte                09/09/1856 Treacy            F Black
Hamilton, B P & McDillen Hibston        08/01/1855 George T Hamilton M White
Hamilton, Charles A & Mary M Turner     05/24/1855 Ann Hamilton      F White
Hamilton, C S & Mary Francis            06/22/1855 Regina-Slave      F Black
Hamilton, C S & Harriett Hamilton       06/22/1855 Mary              F White
Hamilton, William & Rosey Hamilton      10/09/1855 Ann-Slave         F Black
Hawkins, William H & Ann                10/29/1855 Susan Mary-Slave  F Black
Hayes, Edmond                           08/09/1855 Felix             M Black
Hunt, Reuben & Marium H Ship            06/16/1855 Melvina Jane Hunt F White
Hunter?, Stephen & Martha Harp          08/10/1855 James A Hunter?   M White
Isaacs, James E & Artinsea              09/18/1855 William L Isaacs  M White
Isaac, William & Marion Coon?           12/05/1855 James A Isaac     M White
Jarboe, William S & Nancy Miles         12/20/1855 John              M White
Johnson, B S & Harriett Wheatley        06/21/1855 Sarah Alice       F White
Johnson, C S & Mary                     06/21/1855 Catherine-Slave   F Black
Kirk, James Sr                          03/15/1855 George W-Slave    M Black
Lancaster, D & Black Woman              10/18/1855 Melvina           F Black
Lancaster, John                         02/10/1855 Delphenia         F Black
Lancaster, John & Elizabeth Rhodes      08/10/1855 Henry             M White
Lancaster, Raphul & Catherine Goodson   11/30/1855 John              M White
Lancaster, William & Melvina            03/04/1855 Williams          M Black
Lurch, ?, Emily Lanson                  09/03/1855 P Lurch           M White
Marry, Bagley & Amanda S Hamilton       03/05/1856 James-Slave       M Black
Martin, Ann                             12/16/1855 Elizabeth A Martin F White
Mattingly, A & Mary Mattingly           06/10/1855 Julia Ann Mattingly F White
Mattingly, Albin &  Sarah Jane Rhodes   05/20/1855 Malinda Mattingly F White
Mattingly, Augustin & L Mattingly       04/27/1855 Thomas W Mattingly M White
Mattingly, Henry C & Charlotte                1855 No Name           M Black
Mattingly, John B & Ann Hamilton        06/28/1856 Calab Clement-Slave 
                                                                     M Black
Mattingly, John R & Francis Warren      08/25/1855 Sarah Ann         F White
McCallister, J P & J M Fowler           08/16/1855 Mary Ann          F White
McCarty, ? & Sim Harp                   10/20/1855 Frances McCarty   F White
McCullum, James W & Dillen Ballard      02/15/1855 Elizabeth         F White
McElroy, John M & Lucy                  07/1855 Amanda-Slave         F Black
Medley, Wilford & May                   09/15/1855 Isabella          F Black
Medley, William H & Mary Medley         08/19/1855 Susy              F Black
Mercer, Felix & July                    02/1855 Susan                F Black
Mercer, Felix & Lucy                    06/28/1855 No Name           M Black
Mills, Augustin                         09/10/1855 No Name           F Black
Mills, Joseph & Nancy Peterson          07/13/1855 Nancy Jane        F White
Mills, William D & Caroline Payne       05/10/1855 Sarah Ann         F White
Newton, Joseph & Mary A Mattingly       02/02/1855 Harriett Amanda Newton 
                                                                     F White
No names listed                         11/01/1855 Polly Delancy-Dead F Black
No names listed                         06/12/1855 No Name           F Black
O’Daniel, Walton & Susan Wheatley       12/23/1855 Annie V O’Daniel  F White
O’Bryan, John & Elizabeth Carrico       08/14/1855 Gabriella         F Black
Owens, Thomas & Polina Charlston White  03/25/1855 Martha Ellen Owens F White
Parsons, Garnet                         10/22/1855 Henry-Died        M Mulato
Peterson, Cary A & Ann Mattingly        07/25/1855 Edmond C Peterson M White
Petersons, Peter & Nancy Buckler        06/20/1855 Sarah             F White
Phillips, F & Francis Penwick           02/05/1855 Buford S Phillips M White
Phillips, Milton F & Rebecca Yowell     01/04/1855 Susan M Phillips  F White
Porter, Mary & Sarah C O’Bryan          10/09/1855 Mary              F White
Purdy, M Y & Martha Matlight?           02/15/1855 Harry Purdy       M White
Rakes, Renley & Lucy Rakes              02/18/1855 Mary Rakes        F White
Read, ---& Caroline ----                11/14/1855 Nancy L Read      F White
Rhodes, Benedict & Catherine            09/03/1855 Simon             M Black
Riggs, Henry &  Elizabeth Mattingly     05/06/1855 Elizabeth A Riggs F White
Riggs, William R & Bethany Ballard      06/05/1855 Mary Louisa       F White
Riley, John A & Susan R Crawford        02/25/1855 Sarah A Riley     F White
Rose, Milton H & Martha Lucinda Baxter  05/17/1855 Lizzie Mary Rose  F White
Russell, William & Elizabeth            05/31/1855 Ellen             F Black
Smith, Ben & Lucy Wathen                11/09/1855 T N Smith         M White
Smith, James C & Elizabeth O’Bryan      08/13/1855 Ann Elizabeth     F White
Smith, James R & Josephine Senonartz    03/20/1855 John R Smith      M White
Smith, W H & Marion O’Bryan             10/10/1855 Sara Isabell      F White
Steven Joseph & Frances Farmer          06/05/1855 Lucy Bell         F White
Survant, James & Catherine Pipes        06/09/1855 John H Survant    M White
Thompson, James M & Berilda Cooper      05/02/1855 Edmond C Thompson M White
Thompson, Sylvester & Mary E Mattingly  02/04/1855 Edmond            M White
Vancleave, Edward & Bethna Greenwell    12/24/1855 Mary              F White
Wade, Greenberry & Mary Ann Stayton     01/20/1855 Mary G            F White
Ward, Joseph & Mary ---                 06/04/1855 Amanda Bell Ward  F White
Warren, James & Amanda Cooper           12/13/1855 Mary E Warren     F White
Warren John & Pheby                     05/19/1855 Martha Warren     F Black
Washington?, James                      02/10/1855 No Name           F Black
Whitehouse, Isaden & Lucinda Sharp      04/08/1855 Sarah Belle       F White
Willett, Robert & Rachael Vancleave     10/10/1855 Eulia             F White
Williams, Samuel                        07/02/1855 Samuel (line through it)  
Wilson, Fleming                         06/08/1855 No Name             Black
Withsen, Norman 11/04/1855 No Name  Black



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