Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records wereTranscribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

1856 Births There were a few places where the entries seem to have gotten
mixed up, but I wrote them as they were entered. The father or owner were on
one page with the date and child's name and sex, while on the adjoining page
were the motherís name and the race of child. Most of these had to be written
down because they were on separate cards, a lot of the wives first names are
not there, just their maiden names, microfilmed individually, and horrible
handwriting, so be kind. Vickie

Unreadable, Alfred & Nancy Madden     06/09/1856 No Name             F White
Unreadable, Charles & Sarah Eliza     09/01/1856 James P             M Black
Unreadable & Mary Ann Moore           06/15/1856 George Alfred       M White
-------------------------             08/06/1856 No Name             F Black
------------------------              08/01/1856 David               M Black
-------------------------             07/29/1856 Joseph              M Black
-------------------------             04/03/1856 Margaret Maker?     F
---, Eliza                            02/09/1856 Dick                M Mulato
---, Mariah                           10/03/1856 Henry               M Mulato
---, Harriett                         12/01/1856 John M              M Black
Abell, Edward & Eliza                 02/17/1856 Rosey               F Mulato
Abell, Peter &Elizabeth Tucker        04/14/1856 Melvia              F White
Abell, Robert W & Susan Ellen Spalding 09/30/1856 Mary C Abell       F White
Adams, James & Nancy                  12/15/1856 John                M Black
Ames, James C & T Z Grooe             05/13/1856 James Carson        M White
Ames, Orson & Elizabeth Cain          05/13/1856 James Olsen         M White
Arnett, M                             04/20/1856 James-Dead          M Black
Averitt, Harvey & Sarah A Gartin      11/03/1856 Betty R Averitt     F White
Averitt, William                      04/20/1856 James T-Dead        M Black
Ballard, George E                     08/26/1856 No Name             M Black
Ballard, W P & Lit                    11/10/1856 No Name             F Mulato
Ballard, W T & Martha Ford            01/14/1856 E Maney E           F White
Beaven, James & Mary E Smith          09/08/1856 Thomas A            M White
Beaven, B L                           03/27/1856 Margarite           F Black
Beaven, Thomas A & Martha             05/25/1856 Bell                F Black
Beaven, William & Cintha Ann Rupell   09/26/1856 Margarett E Beaven  F White
Beckitt, Henry T & Mary J Green       03/19/1856 Henry T Bickett     M White
Beckitt, William & Margaret C Huntly  09/18/1856 John H Beckitt      M White
Beeler, Christopher & Betsy           05/15/1856 Frank               F Mulato
Beldon, John D & Malisa Edward        04/26/1856 No Name             M White
Bell, James & Martha Jane Jarboe      03/27/1856 Margaret Bell-Slave F Black
Berry, N F & Josephine Boucher        06/01/1856 Samuel B Berry      M White
Blair, David & Elizabeth Dant         05/10/1856 Neapolian Blair     M White
Boarman, James M & Mary C Clement     08/01/1856 William H Boarman   M White
Book?, Alfred & Lantes                04/15/1856 No Name-Slave       M Black
Bosley, G J & Mary J Gastin           10/22/1856 Harriett A Bosley   F White
Bottomly, John (of Yorkshire England) & Marinda M West 
                                      12/28/1856 Otis H Bottomly     F White
Bracken, William C & Mary H Champion  08/06/1856 Elizabeth C Bracken F White
Bracken, William C & Mary H Champion  08/06/1856 unreadable          M White
Brady, Martha Ann                     03/25/1856 William             M White
Brewer, John G & Sarah Minor          02/24/1856 Bernel? Brewer      M White
Brown, G D & Doratha Thomas           03/28/1856 Davy W Brown        M White
Brown, John W                         05/23/1856 William             M Black
Brownfeild, Robert & Nancy Morris     03/15/1856 Thomas Brownfeild   M White
Bryant, Benjamin & Alothane Spalding  09/11/1856 Mary F Bryant       F White
Buckler, Wilson & ? Jarboe            03/19/1856 Ellen Buckler       F White
Buckler, Melvin & Jolina Alvey        02/07/1856 Ann Josephine       F White
Buckner, William                      07/11/1856 Jim                 M Black
Cabell, John & Martha Beldon          01/28/1856 James H Cabell      M White
Carlene, B & Treacy Ann               12/08/1856 Harriett Ann        F Mulato
Carrico, Richard T & Rose Midern Musgrove 
                                      03/01/1856 Julia Francis       F White
Carter, Joseph H & ? Payne            04/1856 John                   M White
Castello, M & Mary C Roads            11/27/1856 Ann Charlotte       F White
Cayhart, Henry & Sarah M McCubbin     09/08/1856 William H Cayhart   M White
Chandler, B M & Elizabeth Simpson     05/08/1856 Bettie R Chandler   F White
Chandler, John B & Anbella            05/01/1856 No Name             F Mulato
Chandler, John B & Elizabeth Biggers  07/17/1856 Edward G P          M White
Charles, M ? & ? Hamilton             03/02/1856 William Andrew      M White
Cissell, Sarah & Elizabeth            06/01/1856 Sarah L-Dead        F Black
Clark, N N & Delila Ponett            01/11/1856 Susan M Clark       F White
Clasky, James & Ann W Withson         05/20/1856 Joseph Clasky       M White
Cock, John & Lucinda Locke            08/18/1856 Charles W Cock      M White
Cooper, John A & Mary Ann Ball        11/10/1856 No Name             M White
Cox, William F & Sally Hughes         12/28/1856 Elizabeth Cox       F White
Crisp, Madison & Mary Jane Russell    04/24/1856 Margaret Ellen      F White
Cruz, J B & Sarah Mullins             10/12/1856 Susan F Cruz        F White
Cruz, Richard E & Sarah Elizabeth Sparrow 
                                      12/25/1856 Henry n Cruz        M White
Daviss, B & Elizabeth P Russell       02/06/1856 No Name             F White
Daviss, Beras & Nancy Ruey            02/06/1856 Elizabeth M         F White
Dawson, Hillory & Mary Y Hagan        03/11/1856 Thomas J Dawson     M White
Doody, Morris & Eliza Jane Montgomery 10/09/1856 Mary W Doolly       F White
Dorey, Jane                           10/08/1856 Henry               M Black
Dunn, George & Dicy Scanland          07/24/1856 Emma A Dunn         F White
Eames, Joseph & Elizabeth Vaughn      01/19/1856 John A Eames        M White
Edelin, John F & Harriet E Yates      12/1856 James E Edelin         M White
Elau, James & ? Jarboe                08/09/1856 Lesa A              F White
Elliott, Ben & Mary Ann Payne         04/18/1856 Olivia Jane Elliott F White
England, William B & Mary  D Fogle    09/02/1856 Annie B             F White
Ferrill, E C & Lucinda Lancaster      11/20/1856 John S              M White
Flanagan, B J & Susan Howard          04/16/1856 Mary Ann            F White
Fleece, William E & Mary L Vancleave  05/01/1856 Anna Fleece         F White
Fogle, John A                         04/01/1856 Kate                F Mulato
French, John & ? Higans               12/10/1856 John                M White
French, Richard & ? Morris            09/12/1856 Nancy E             F White
Fry, John D & Louisa Green            04/05/1856 Francis E Fry       M White
Fry, John D & Louisa Green            04/05/1856 James E Fry         M White
Gardner, Camona & ? Bullock           07/30/1856 Charles M Gardner   M White
Gartin, George                        09/09/1856 Charley             M Black
Gartin, George H                      09/30/1856 Jule                F Black
Gartin, Uriah & Sallie                08/15/1856 Benny               M Black
Gartin, Uriah & Eliza Jane Elder      10/11/1856 Samuel H Garton     M White
Gartin, Unir & Tanya G Skaulland?     06/01/1856 Mariah Garton       F White
Gault, Peter S & Elizabeth Harp       11/06/1856 No Name             M White
Goode, Julius A & Elizabeth McCarty   03/28/1856 Joseph T Goode      M White
Graig, William & Mary A Moore         06/11/1856 James R Craig       M White
Grant, John M & Ann Melissa Newton    03/06/1856 Mary Bell           F White
Graves, E A & Merique Athen           01/30/1856 Charles P Graves    M White
Graves, J & Miss Grano                11/12/1856 Cinthia Alice       F White
Green, Wimsatt & Isabel McKenzie      03/12/1856 Richard             M White
Greenwell, Charles & Sarah Johnston   02/26/1856 John Marion         M White
Greenwell, Robert & Ann               07/10/1856 Moses               M Mulato
Hagan, John & Mary Ann                03/09/1856 Sarah               F Black
Hall, Robert & Mary Ann Hamilton      03/02/1856 Milla               F White
Hall, Stephan & ? Morris              03/1856 Charles Hall           M White
Hamilton, Charles A & Harriett        11/29/1856 Henry               M Black
Hamilton, John & Sarah Right          09/1856 Ambee Hamilton         ? White
Hamilton, Marrins B J & Eliza Hamilton 02/15/1856 William Thomas     M White
Hamilton, Richard &  unknown Z        11/25/1856 James E             M White
Hamilton, William F & Mary            01/01/1856 Malinda             F Black
Hanchen, Samuel & Mary J West         08/17/1856 Richard H Hanchen   M White
Hardesty, G W & Mary Ann Russell      10/03/1856 Francis             M White
Hardesty, J M & Sarah Davis           11/26/1856 Eliza Ann           F White
Hart, James B (Ireland) & Emerline Miles  
                                      09/23/1856 Margaret Hart       F White
Haulker, Gellen & Rachel              09/06/1856 Louis G             M Black
Hawkins, Samuel                       02/07/1856 Harriett A          F Black
Hawkins, William H & Catherine        08/12/1856 Almira              F Mulato
Hill, C S                             10/25/1856 Sarah Jane          F Black
Hill, E S & Alathire Spalding         06/03/0856 Susan Hill          F White
Hinsly, James                         12/14/1856 Margaret            F Black
Holland, James L & Francis A Elder    09/24/1856 Nancy J Holland     F White
Hughes, George G & Mary Railey        04/19/1856 James Hughes        M White
Hughes, George W & Elizabeth Ann Russell 
                                      06/07/1856 Robert              M White
Hughes, Thomas & Elizabeth Clark      07/28/1856 Mary M Hughes       F White
Jarboe, James A & Jane                11/04/1856 No Name             M Black
Jarboe, James W & Eliza               02/10/1856 John L Jarboe       M White
Jarboe, John B & Dartha Raley         04/13/1856 William H Jarboe    M White
Jarboe, Ralph & Martha Dant           02/26/1856 Isabel              F White
Johnson, Henry & Mary E Hayes         12/21/1856 Henry W Johnson     M White
Johnson, Patrick L & Catherine        05/03/1856 Charity-Dead        F Black
Johnson, Patrick L & Catherine        05/03/1856 Charles B-Dead      M Black
Johnson, T L & ? Carrico              04/21/1856 Sarah A             F White
Keaton, Joseph                        05/20/1856 James               M Black
Kelley, James & Mary Jane Hamilton    12/31/1856 Thomas S Kelley     M White
Kelley, John T & ? Ray                02/20/1856 John J              M White
Kennet, Sam                           12/14/1856 No Name-Dead        M Black
Kirk, Samuel & Sharlotta              03/15/1856 George W            M Black
Knott, James & Mary Henton            02/13/1856 Mifs Nancy          F White
Knott, W                                    1856 Jane                F Black
Knott, W                                    1856 Mary                F Black
Knott, William W & Cindy E Peterson   08/30/1856 William M H         M White
Lampkins, George & Antha Tharp        05/02/1856 Mary E              F White
Lancaster, H /owner                   07/17/1856 Mary                F Black
Lankford, Wilson N & Rachel Spices    07/30/1856 Mary F Lankford     F White
Lee, Ellen                            02/14/1856 Mary R              F Mulato
Lee, John D & Elizabeth A Mills       10/30/1856 No Name             M White
Livers, Samuel  & Lidy Ann Brady      02/06/1856 George W Livers     M White
Logan, James                          12/05/1856 Charley             M Black
Logan, Robert & Betty                 12/15/1856 Sarah               F Black
Luckett, George W & Isabell           07/24/1856 No Name             M Black
Luckett, John M & Mary C Elder        07/30/1856 William F Luckett   M White
Luckett, M & Eliza                    06/10/1856 William             M Black
Luckett, M H & Catherine Shercliff    10/08/1856 Catherine A Lockett F White
Lyons, George W                       08/30/1856 Ann Mary            F Black
Lyons, James H & Elizabeth Thompson   09/20/1856 Mary Ellen          F White



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