Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records were Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

This is the list for 1857 Marion County, Kentucky Births.  Most of these
seem to be in pretty good shape.  Again I asked if you find any misspelling
or mistakes, please let me know.  I have had several kind persons correct me
on some of the names. Corrections are always welcome.


Abell, Edward & Treacy E Jarboe          12/24/1857 John A Abell        M W
Abell, Henry & Ann J Warland             07/27/1857 Joseph W Abell      M W
Abell, James & Harriett                  05/11/1857 Benjamin            M B
Abell, William B & Francis J Mattingly   05/01/1857 William B Abell     M W
Alfrey, Jacob & Jane Brown               04/25/1857 Mary F Alvey        F W
Armstrong, Thomas & Harriett Graham      05/08/1857 Sarah J Armstrong   F W
Averitt, Harvey & Sarah A Gartin         10/31/1857 Elizabeth R Averitt F W
Ballard, Charlie T & Lucretia Roberts    08/01/1857 Charles Ballard     M W
Ballard, Thomas & Berthena Grennell      11/14/1857 Martha J Ballard    F W
Beaven, Benedict F & Mary                03/20/1857 Charles             M B
Beavin, Benedict F & Susan               05/16/1857 Isaac               M B
Beaven, Leo & Harriett                   09/02/1857 Harrison            M B
Beaven, Leo & Harriett                   09/02/1857 Martha              F B
Bell, James & Rosey                      10/23/1857 Rachael             F B
Blair, John & Emily Morris               07/05/1857 Elizabeth Blair     F W
Bowman, William & Sarah Ann Cooper       05/03/1857 Elizabeth P Bowman  F W
Bradford, Henry W & Harriett             10/17/1857 Roxyann             F B
Brown, John W & Martha                   09/30/1857 Martha              F B
Buckner, William & Nancy Jarboe          05/01/1857 Marcus Buckner      M W
Bullock, Thomas & Martha O’Bryan         08/23/1857 Aplona Bullock      F W
Butcher, Jacob & Mary Bird               02/11/1857 John Butcher        M W
Carter, Henry H & Lucy J Haggard         11/12/1857 Henry H Carter      M W
Carter, Henry H & Charida                11/15/1857 Eliza               F B
Cissell, Constatine & Scynthia Cambron   04/09/1857 Thomas W Cecil      M W
Chelf, Franklin & Delila Dicken          07/04/1857 James F Chelf       M W
Clark, Joseph & Nancy                    04/19/1857 James               M M
Clayton, Robert & Amanda Fiseyat         03/16/1857 Mary Eliza Clayton  F W
Colgan, D S & Mary C Penick              06/28/1857 William W Colgan    M W
Colwelt, James B & Sarah J Crawford      12/13/1857 Samuel N Colwelt    M W
Couch, Richard & Melissa Roberts         04/15/1857 Henry Couch-Dead    M W
Daugherty, John R & Mary E Marples       06/15/1857 Eveline Daugherty   F W
Dempsey, D S & Susan Overstreet          03/04/1857 Lucy Dempsey        F W
Dunn, George & Elizabeth Coppedge        09/22/1857 Sarah E Dunn        F W
Dunn, George & Sarah                     09/21/1857 Margaret            F B
Edmonds, Elizabeth & Harriett            04/16/1857 Joseph              M M
Edwards, Thomas D & J Beswick            09/08/1857 John S Edwards      M W
Elder, George & Mary W Taylor            09/06/1857 John S Elder        M W
Foreman, T W & Martha                    11/15/1857 Josephine           F B
Fowler, Thomas & Margaret A Coffer       06/27/1857 Mary E Fowler       F W
Gartin, Stephan & Nancy Thoyton          05/28/1857 Mary Ann Gastin     F W
Gartin, Uriah & Julia                    06/20/1857 Thomas              M B
Gartin, Uriah & Easter                   03/15/1857 Mary                F M
Gartin, Uriah & Mary                     08/15/1857 No Name-Dead        M M
Gartin, Uriah & Emily                    06/21/1857 William             M B
Glazebrooks, Stephan & Nelly             12/18/1857 Nathan              M M
Gootie, Joseph & Rosen Feilds            06/13/1857 Joseph T Goodie     M W
Green, Benjamin & Eveline Blair          06/03/1857 Mary B Green        F W
Greenwell, Charles & Sarah Johnston      10/10/1857 Charles H Geenwell  M W
Grundy, George & Julia                   05/20/1857 Ellen               F B
Hagan, John S & Susan M Spalding         06/30/1857 No Name-Dead        M W
Hamilton, William & Margaret E Tucker    11/05/1857 Wallace Hamilton    M W
Hamilton, William W & Ellen McAtee       02/02/1857 James W Hamilton    M W
Hardin, Augustin & Mary                  08/26/1857 Sintha              F B
Hardin, Stephen & Charlotte Cleaver      05/09/1857 Susan A Hardin      F W
Hawkins, William H & Ann                 04/01/1857 Elizabeth           F M
Hickey, Patrick & Lucinda Moore          09/20/1857 Victory Hickey      F W
Hicks, Thomas & Martha Garnett           02/08/1857 Darous Jane Hicks   F W
Hill, C S & Margaret                     01/15/1857 Ada                 F B
Hill, Franklin & Treacy                  01/15/1857 Harriett            F B
Hill, Franklin & Rose                    12/01/1857 Mary                F B
Hill, Robert G & Helen                   06/25/1857 Jerry               M B
Hogue, A A & Mary                        02/13/1857 Elizabeth-Dead      F M
Hogue, A A & Lucinda                     12/20/1857 Emily-Dead          F B
Hughes, James & Jane                     01/29/1857 James               M B
Jarboe, Ralph & Cordelia Shocking        06/11/1857 Benjamin F Jarboe   F W
Kennett, Moses & Margaret J Withrow      03/01/1857 Sarah C Kennett     F W
Lake, Abraham & Lucinda Smith            04/21/1857 Rebecca A Lake      F W
Lancaster, Henry & Nancy                 09/20/1857 William             M M
Lancaster, Henry & Martha                08/20/1857 John                M B
Lancaster, John & Louisa                 07/08/1857 Charles             M B
Lancaster, John & Marie                  09/15/1857 Nana                F B
Lankford, James H & Ann Catherine Brown  02/08/1857 James L Lankford    M W
Lee, Albert  & Mary Abell                05/16/1857 James R Lee         M W
Logan, James & Nancy Sanausky            07/07/1857 Esther S Logan      F W
Luckett, Luviea A & Mary Jane Abell      02/09/1857 Susan J Luckett     F W
Lynch, Leonidus W & Chinesa E Bannister  04/07/1857 Sarah T Lynch       F W
Lyons, Henry & Harriett                  03/17/1857 William             M M
Madden, Charles & Sarah A Stanfield      08/23/1857 Rebecca E Madden    F W
Mattingly, Alias & Mary Jarboe           03/03/1857 Sarah J Mattingly   F W
Mays, W W & Easter                       09/01/1857 Robert              M B
McElroy, Harvey & Mary Ann               03/15/1857 Oscar-Dead          M B
McElroy, William & Sarah                 09/25/1857 John                M B
Mercer, Felix & July                     08/19/1857 Stephan             M M
Miller, Jacob M & Susan E McAfee         05/27/1857 G M Miller          M W
Mills, James H & Mary A Kennett          04/09/1857 Benedict Mills      M W
Mills, Joseph & Martha Jane Ewing        08/10/1857 Mary L Myers        F W
Mouser, Marion & Sophia Flanagan         04/08/1857 Johnathan Mouser    M W
Mudd, A S & Eliza                        11/01/1857 Helen               F B
Mudd, Elizabeth & Mary                   06/11/1857 George              M B
Nally, James H & Marian Brown            08/04/1857 George N Nally      M W
Newcomb, James M & Elizabeth Holt        08/07/1857 Mary E Newcomb      F W
Noble, L H & Ann A Hogue                 08/12/1857 Daniel E Noble      M W
O’Neal, Benedict & Amanda                11/17/1857 Catherine           F B
Pearce, Isaac & Christa                  09/11/1857 Harriett            F B
Pearce, Robert & Sarah Brownfeild        02/06/1857 William C Pearce    M W
Penick, B N & Liney                      04/02/1857 Thomas              M B
Penick, B N & Ellen?                     05/10/1857 Joseph              M B
Phillips, George & Emily                 06/10/1857 Gary Hood           M B
Phillips, George & Maria                 11/20/1857 July                F B
Phillips, George & Martha                04/20/1857 Ellen               F B
Pike, B N & Linda?                       03/13/1857 John-Dead           M M
Raley, Cornelius & Mary                  09/10/1857 William-Dead        M B
Raney, Edward & Susan                    10/01/1857 Albert              M B
Ray, Peter B & Elizabeth                 09/13/1857 Ann                 F M
Ray, Peter B & Eliza                     12/05/1857 Albin               M B
Roberts, Francis & Catherine Rapier      12/13/1857 William L Roberts   M W
Roberts, Francis & Rachael               09/15/1857 Anderson            M B
Rollins, John C & Nancy                  11/20/1857 Ellen               F M
Rose, William P & Louisa                 07/10/1857 Thomas              M B
Rountree, R H & Becca                    02/17/1857 John                M B
Rupell, Joseph & Harriett                12/20/1857 Mary                F B
Ryans, John & Mary Lee                   09/23/1857 Sarah E Ryans       F W
Sapp, Bennett B & & Rebecca Leak?        09/24/1857 Elizabeth E Sapp    F W
Sharp, Thomas G & Martha E Purdy         03/02/1857 Henry T Sharp       M W
Shipp, James & Clainford Haglan          04/20/1857 William R Shipp     M W
Smith, Edward & Lydiann Phillips         12/13/1857 Henry E Smith       M W
Smith, Henry & Ann Biggers               06/29/1857 Eli Smith           M W
Smock, Albert & Nancy Spalding           08/27/1857 Robert Smock        M W
Spalding, Benedict & Caroline Brewer     09/04/1857 Mary Spalding       F W
Spalding, John & Mary E Roberts          05/20/1857 Benedict A Spalding M W
Spalding, Samuel & Isabella Lancaster    06/20/1857 Charles C Spalding  M W
Spalding, Samuel & Mary A                09/18/1857 George              M B
Spalding, William & Mary Catherine McAtee 12/16/1857 William Spalding   M W
Spears, Joel & Francis P Crews           04/30/1857 W A E Spears        M W
Stanfield, Samuel & Sarah A Barnes       08/26/1857 Nancy A Stanfield   F W
Swan, Samuel & Easter                    06/20/1857 Richard             M B
Taylor, Hendley & Luvica                 09/30/1857 No Name-Dead        M M
Taylor, Hendley & Louisa                 09/30/1857 John                M B
Thomas, Mark & Ann L Abell               06/04/1587 Matilda Thomas      F W
Tucker, Zachariah & Ann                  04/01/1857 James-Dead          M B
Vancleave, Edward & Raphael Vancleave    12/08/1857 Henry Vancleave     M W
Vaughn, John Z & Mary Ann Gregory        07/14/1857 Mary S Vaughn       F W
Violet, St Clair & Mary J                07/18/1857 Henry               M B
Vowell, James & Elizabeth                02/27/1857 Emily               F B
Warren, James & Amanda Cooper            10/15/1857 Elizabeth L Warren  F W
Warren, John & Teresa                    12/32/1857 Lucy                F B
Wathen, Richard & Mary Sophia Abell      10/20/1857 Martin A Wathen     M W
Wayne, Benjamin & Marian Doode           05/21/1857 Julia Wayne         F W
Weatherton, W H & Ann Mulin              11/13/1857 Catherine Weatherton F W
Wimsatt, Robert & Harriett               06/12/1857 William             M B
Wimsatt, Robert & Mary                   12/13/1857 David               M B
Young, Alfred K & Caroline               02/13/1857 Mary                F M
Young, James & Betsey                    02/03/1857 John                M M
Yowell, James & Rodiann Tucker           02/24/1857 H P Yowell          M W



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